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5 days ago ... Every so often my video editing skills improve, or I find a cool new piece of music or some event otherwise occurs that triggers another one of ...

  • Coding In My Sleep - Gogo Coin: A Bitcoin Gift Card Your Grandma Can Buy

    Gogo Coin:A Bitcoin Gift Card Your Grandma Can Buy

    codinginmysleep.com 06 Sep '14, 4pm

    Sadly, not all mementos are meant to be. San Jose was my first convention and my memento-snatching habits were not as refined as they are today. More to the point, I lacked proper storage and many of my early trinkets were stored less than ideally. Perhaps it’s still here somewhere, i...

  • Casascius Physical Bitcoins Cracked at Defcon #bitcoin

    Casascius Physical Bitcoins Cracked at Defcon - Coding In My Sleep - A Bitcoin Blog

    codinginmysleep.com 04 Aug '13, 6pm

    Every year a number of reportedly secure systems fall to the skilled hands of security researchers at Defcon. This year, Casascius’ Physical Bitcioins were on that unfortunate list. Defcon researchers Stits and Datagram tried their hand at the physical Bitcoin on Saturday afternoon an...

  • 6-8 Weeks Until Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card, says BitInstant » Coding In My Sleep

    codinginmysleep.com 20 Aug '12, 2am

    <bitinstant> We're launching our debit card in a few weeks <bitinstant> Who wants to see a pic ;-) <CodeLion> oh... <nrb-btc> ive been looking into that <Plat33> bitinstant: what brand? <bitinstant> Worlwide card <CodeLion> I thought you meant you could buy with paypal... :D <nrb-btc>...

  • Block Reward Halving Successful

    codinginmysleep.com 28 Nov '12, 3pm

    There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the block reward halving and the effect it will have on nearly every aspect of Bitcoin. The halving mechanism is a very important part of Bitcoin’s functionality, ensuring that over time the inflation rate decreases to zero and creating the h...

  • A brief plain-English analysis of some of #Bitcoin 's more common attack vectors.

    Bitcoin Attacks in Plain English

    codinginmysleep.com 06 Oct '12, 12am

    I get asked about Bitcoin a lot - mining, usage, fundamental economic principles, basic technical details etc. I spend a lot of time telling people the things they need to know about Bitcoin to participate in this grand experiment of ours and almost as much time quieting unfounded fea...

  • BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo

    codinginmysleep.com 20 Apr '13, 11pm

    [...] Looks like one has been recieved by this guy a little while ago and he made a video from it. One thing I noticed when Josh made his video was the loud noise this thing puts out. I initially assumed it was the OCZ power supply. Now with this video you can clearly tell its the Jal...

  • Bitcoin Central Licensed as Bank

    codinginmysleep.com 07 Dec '12, 12pm

    Look out MtGox , Bitcoin-Central just beat you to one hell of a punch. While this may not mean a lot to my American readers, those of you across the pond in various parts of Europe will be excited to hear that popular European Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin-Central just became the first suc...

  • Will Draconian Controls Drive Bitcoin Adoption? #bitcoin

    Will Draconian Controls Drive Bitcoin Adoption?

    codinginmysleep.com 17 Oct '12, 10pm

    At this point in the article, I feel a bit like I'm preaching to the choir, though. We've all heard this before, we all know these things and the proselytizers in the crowd already have their Bitcoin-centric responses all queued up. "Bitcoin is backed by math, not a government" or "No...