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  • Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Launches in Japan

    Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Launches in Japan

    coindesk.com 30 Oct '14, 11am

    Bitcoin exchange Kraken will launch in Japan today, aiming itself at the nation's large number of active traders and finance professionals. In its announcement, the company highlighted the strength of Kraken's security and engineering team, as well as its high trade volumes and reputa...

  • Study: Half of US Small Businesses Aren't Ready to Accept Bitcoin

    Study: Half of US Small Businesses Aren't Ready to Accept Bitcoin - CoinDesk

    coindesk.com 29 Oct '14, 9pm

    A new study suggests that consumers and businesses in the United States remain apprehensive about the prospect of using digital currency, as well as digital payment tools and platforms currently available on the market. Software research firm Software Advice surveyed roughly 400 small...

  • Argentina's Stock Exchange Hosts VCs and Finance Pros for Bitcoin Roundtable

    coindesk.com 29 Oct '14, 8pm

    The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange played host to the Argentine Venture Capital Meeting yesterday, an annual presentation and networking event meant to connect Argentina's financial markets and venture capital industries. The event was free for attendees and planned by financial social n...

  • BREAKING: @ChuckSchumer wants to spend more money caging innocent people. via @coindesk #silkroad

    US Senator: Dark Market Fight Requires More Funding

    coindesk.com 28 Oct '14, 9pm

    US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has called for a crackdown on the dark web following reports that illicit marketplaces are thriving even after the government shutdown of Silk Road. In an open letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder and published by Schumer’s office on 27th ...

  • BitPay Project Aims to Do for Networks What Bitcoin Did for Currency: BitPay took to the

    BitPay Project Decentralises Networks with Bitcoin Technology

    coindesk.com 28 Oct '14, 12pm

    BitPay took to the stage to announce an intriguing new project called Foxtrot at the San Francisco Bitcoin Developer Meetup yesterday. BitPay CEO Stephen Pair made the presentation, explaining that the open-source effort is designed as a simple, secure and decentralized communications...

  • FinCEN Rules Bitcoin Payment Processors, Exchanges are Money Transmitters

    coindesk.com 27 Oct '14, 10pm

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has released new guidance for custodial bitcoin exchanges and payment processors, ruling that such companies may be considered money services businesses under US law. In a response to twin letters submitted in late 2013, the chief US m...

  • Bitcoin Gambling Site SatoshiBet Blocks US Customers

    coindesk.com 29 Oct '14, 10pm

    Popular bitcoin gambling site SatoshiBet has announced that it will now restrict US customers from accessing its platform. In its announcement posted on Reddit, SatoshiBet cited both the uncertain future of online gambling regulation in the US and future legal problems that could resu...

  • MIT Undergrads Can Now Claim Their Free $100 in Bitcoin

    MIT Undergrads Can Now Claim Their Free $100 in Bitcoin

    coindesk.com 29 Oct '14, 4pm

    Half a million dollars-worth of bitcoin is being given away to undergraduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of a scheme to encourage use and awareness of the digital currency. From yesterday, each MIT undergrad became eligible to claim $100 in bitcoin (0.290272 ...