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  • Stakes Are High for Star-Backed Bitcoin Gambling Site As Crowdsale Stumbles

    coindesk.com 23 Nov '14, 2pm

    Online gambling has long been a driving force behind the bitcoin economy, though one that remains both shrouded in secrecy and hampered by a lack of regulatory clarity. However, an attempt to launch one of the first major regulated bitcoin-powered gaming platforms is struggling to alt...

  • Could Bitcoin Tipping Replace Traditional Online Advertising?

    Could Bitcoin Tipping Replace Traditional Online Advertising?

    coindesk.com 22 Nov '14, 7pm

    Online advertising has exploded into a $40bn industry, and unfortunately for many Internet users, this increase has come with the cost of often-annoying user experiences. To be fair, online advertising has been a boon for the Internet and for content creators. The idea of a digital ca...

  • Andreas Antonopoulos @aantonop speaks of how #Bitcoin is all about #TheOtherSixBillion

    The Blockchain and the Rise of Networked Trust

    coindesk.com 22 Nov '14, 2pm

    “We are free to plant our own seeds; we don’t buy the brand nor the patent from a multinational. In order to plant, we don’t need permission. Also, we don’t ask anyone’s permission for what to do with our money!” Santiago Zaz is an organic farmer from Argentina. Back in 2013, Zaz ’s b...

  • For Bitcoin, It's the Tech – Not the Talk – That Really Matters

    coindesk.com 22 Nov '14, 4pm

    To some, the idea of money that's free of governments and banks is extremely appealing. The money system causes the wealth gap, they say. It’s the reason both the state and the financial sectors have both grown to such disproportionate size. Use a different money, and the government a...

  • Boost VC Goes 'Full Bitcoin' For Next Startup Mentor Round

    Boost VC Goes 'Full Bitcoin' For Next Startup Mentor Round - CoinDesk

    coindesk.com 22 Nov '14, 11pm

    Boost VC, the startup accelerator and immersive mentorship program co-founded by Adam Draper, will accept only bitcoin companies for its next round, known as 'Tribe 5'. Boost VC will include 20-30 bitcoin companies for its next three-month entrepreneurship course starting early 2015. ...

  • 100 Dutch Merchants to Receive Bitcoin Terminals in Giveaway

    coindesk.com 19 Nov '14, 10pm

    BitPay has teamed up with Dutch startup BitStraat to launch Amsterdam Bitcoin City, a project aiming to establish Amsterdam as the 'bitcoin capital of the world'. In order to claim this prestigious title, BitPay and BitStraat have developed special bitcoin payment terminals, which the...

  • Gavin Andresen: Bitcoin Foundation Pivot Won't Centralize Core Development

    Gavin Andresen: Bitcoin Core Development “Less Centralized Than Ever”

    coindesk.com 20 Nov '14, 10pm

    Bitcoin Foundation chief scientist Gavin Andresen has publicly voiced his support for the organisation's plan to focus solely on core development. In a new blog post , Andresen defended prior efforts to support core development and stated that the Bitcoin Foundation is just one of sev...

  • Intern – News Writer/Reporter (London)

    coindesk.com 21 Nov '14, 3pm

    CoinDesk is looking for an intern to work in a news writer/reporter/journalist position at its central London office. There is the potential of a full-time job at the end of this three-month, paid internship. We need someone to help cover the news as and when it happens, turning copy ...