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  • The best NBA opening night sneakers from every year since 2002

    The Best NBA Opening Night Sneakers Every Year Since 2002

    complex.com 18 Oct '17, 6pm

    The opening night of each NBA season is a big to do for fans of the sport. The NBA highlights the matchups that heat up rivalries from the previous season and brings out the best players. Sneaker brands do the same and often lace their signees with eye-catching shoes. To get a better ...

  • Nike Needs to Give Cristiano Ronaldo More Sneakers

    Nike Needs to Give Cristiano Ronaldo More Sneakers

    complex.com 19 Oct '17, 3pm

    Nike still needs Ronaldo to help sell football boots; there’s no one they have with more cachet right now. Not only did he help Portugal win the European Championships last summer, but he also willed Real Madrid to winning the Champions League, too. Nike knows he’s an international su...

  • Meet the Designer of the Air Monarch, Nike's Biggest Dad Shoe

    Meet the Designer of the Air Monarch, Nike's Biggest Dad Shoe

    complex.com 16 Oct '17, 4pm

    The dad shoe trend is here in full force, whether you like it or not. When it comes to these chunky, mall-walking sneakers, there's one shoe that reigns supreme: The Nike Air Monarch. It's Nike's best-selling sneaker and has become an ironic favorite of sneakerheads in the past few ye...

  • Reebok Classics Announce Partnership with Gucci Mane On New Workout Plus EG

    complex.com 17 Oct '17, 12pm

    Gucci Mane keeps going from strength to strength... Fresh off the release of ‘Mr Davis’ album, Gucci has been announced as the official partner of the new Reebok Classic Workout Plus EG sneaker campaign. Commenting on the new partnership Gucci said “It’s really exciting to be part of ...

  • What does the industry think of the ugly sneaker trend?

    What Does the Industry Think of the Ugly Sneaker Trend?

    complex.com 11 Oct '17, 3pm

    The dad sneaker trend has creeped into the mainstream, and big chunky shoes have become all the rage as of late. When models such as the New Balance 990v4 and the Balenciaga Triple S have gained popularity, there's definitely something going on. In a recent story by High Snobiety, edi...

  • How to Win Free Tickets to ComplexCon

    How to Win Free Tickets to ComplexCon

    complex.com 10 Oct '17, 10pm

    Want to go to ComplexCon this year but are tight on cash? Don't worry, Shopify's Frenzy app has you covered. According to Shopify, "Via a dropzone event, Frenzy will be making two VIP tickets and one night's accommodation in Long Beach available for $1. Drops will take place every Tue...

  • Why Sneaker Culture Should Be Taught in Schools

    Why Sneaker Culture Should Be Taught in Schools

    complex.com 10 Oct '17, 5pm

    A half decade ago, writing about or sharing your opinions on sneakers on the Internet was in its fledgling stage. Sites such as Hypebeast , High Snobiety , Sneaker News , Nice Kicks , and Sneaker Freaker had tapped the market, but it still remained underserved. Very few people were ge...

  • Watch Offset take his daughter back-to-school shopping

    Watch Offset of Migos Take His Daughter Back-to-School Shopping

    complex.com 29 Sep '17, 3pm

    The best part of going back to school, hands down, is buying new clothes and sneakers for the upcoming school year. As you get older, you get to experience this from the other side, being the parent who has to spend the money. Offset of Migos recently connected with Hypebeast to take ...