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  • Synchroinzation Script (Subcommands) | DaniWeb

    daniweb.com 08 Dec '12, 3am

    Synchroinzation Script (Subcommands) Don't understand how to do t he follwing subcommands. init: do an initial scan. For example synch init ~/work report: compare current state with the saved state and report on differences. For example: synch report ~/work update: create a report but...

  • ASCII Table | DaniWeb

    daniweb.com 01 Oct '12, 6pm

    ASCII Table Write a program that will print a two-column ASCII table for both lowercase and uppercase letters and the digits 0-9. Related Article: PHP form save to mysql Authored by cguan_77 in the Web Development forum, this related discussion thread currently has 5 replies and was l...