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  • Bitcoin Explained In A Stunning Motion Infographic

    Bitcoin Explained In A Stunning Motion Infographic

    designtaxi.com 01 Dec '13, 3pm

    has directed and animated a gorgeous short motion infographic explaining Bitcoin, the digital currency. Using After Effects and Cinema 4D, Elms explains Bitcoin in stunning visual detail. His work was recently awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Kantar Information is Beautiful Aw...

  • Designer inverts Nike and Converse sneakers to create new footwear

    Designer Inverts Nike and Converse Sneakers To Create New Footwear

    designtaxi.com 24 Oct '13, 11am

    prevailing value of the fashion industry and explore new forms of production, Amsterdam-based designer Elisa van Joolen decided to up-cycle footwear and breathe new life into some sample stocks of branded sneakers. For her project entitled ‘Invert Footwear’, van Joolen collected sampl...

  • Converse Unveils ‘Scratch-Off Sneakers’ That Reveal True Colors Over Time

    Converse Unveils ‘Scratch-Off Sneakers’ That Reveal True Colors Over Time - DesignTAXI.com

    designtaxi.com 16 Sep '13, 7am

    Maison Martin Margiela has given classic Converse sneakers an interesting treatment, as part of the brands’ collaboration. The MMM x Converse collection features Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell shoes, completely covered in a layer of white paint—a color signature to Maison Mart...

  • Sneakers your kids can draw on everyday.

    Sneakers You Can Design And Draw On, Everyday

    designtaxi.com 14 Jun '13, 10am

    is what these easily-customizable erasable drawing sneakers are called. Due to its unique whiteboard outer coating, the owners of a pair of these cool shoes can express themselves freely in an array of color, with the special marker pens that come with the sneakers. The resulting pers...

  • A font that is composed of Nike Air Jordan sneakers

    A Font That Is Composed Of Nike Air Jordan Sneakers

    designtaxi.com 29 Jan '13, 7am

    designer Will Smith—a fan of the Nike Air Jordan—has created an illustrated typeface that is composed of the iconic sneakers themselves. Inspired by the typeface used on the Jordan Retro Card, each of these fonts is formed by the deconstructed parts of its corresponding sneakers. Alth...

  • A NSFW Handbag That Looks Like A Man’s Scrotum

    A NSFW Handbag That Looks Like A Man’s Scrotum -

    designtaxi.com 09 Dec '13, 6am

    Grayson Perry has collaborated with Andy Bates to make a handbag that looks like a man’s scrotum. Named “Scrotal Sac”, this unique bag also has a frontal appendage at its end, and was molded into a handbag using leather. The design was passed to Andy Bates, who soaked the bark-tanned ...

  • Louis Vuitton invites viewers to ‘spot the difference’ in their latest ads

    Louis Vuitton Invites Viewers To ‘Spot The Difference’ In Their Latest Ads - DesignTAXI.com

    designtaxi.com 30 Aug '12, 2am

    concept store in London, Louis Vuitton has released an interactive ad campaign that invites UK viewers to play a game of ‘spot the difference’. Featuring fashion blogger Bip Ling , the campaign involves two TV advertisements that looks identical—when actually, there are five ‘differen...

  • Apple

    Vintage Apple Sneakers From The ‘90s -

    designtaxi.com 11 Mar '13, 9am

    there were a pair of shoes to go with Apple’s clothing line from the ‘80s . The vintage Apple sneakers— probably from the company’s 1986 catalog—weren’t sold to public, and were only made available to employees. It comes in white and features the company’s iconic rainbow apple logo—tr...