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  • (Singapore Group) 827 Yeol's Day Phone Case Set by DiDi @june007780 Ends: 9/9


    docs.google.com 28 Aug '16, 6am

    827 YEOL'S DAY PHONE CASE by DiDi According to the yearly tradition, here comes this year's goods! Due to the wide range of phone cases, it might be difficult to satisfy everyone. So we seek your understanding. Please check the phone casing chart (attached below). Phone casing - $9 ea...

  • Rails Girls Kampala Trainings

    docs.google.com 26 Aug '16, 4pm

    Rails girls Kampala gives tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. We do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable. Learn sketching, prototyping, basic programming and get introduced to ...

  • ICONOMI ICO BTT signature registration

    docs.google.com 23 Aug '16, 2pm

    ICONOMI ICO BTT signature registration Signature bounties are described here: https://medium.com/iconominet/ico-bounties-ea2922888b85#.xngcctukn To participate in BTT signature bounties simply paste your link to BTT profile here. After we check your signature we'll list you here: http...

  • EXO's 3rd Repackage Album SG group order

    docs.google.com 09 Aug '16, 12pm

    EXO's 3rd Repackage Album SG group order According to reports and news, EXO will be coming back with yet another Repackage album on August 19, 2 months after releasing EX'ACT. Albums are expected to be released on the 22 August 2016. We will not follow or be influenced by any rumors a...


    docs.google.com 29 Jul '16, 3pm

    [SINGAPORE] 9MUSES A - "MUSES DIARY" Group Order Includes: CD + 60P Booklet + 1 Random Photocard + PosterWhy order with us: Photocards! Join our group order and we will do our best to get you your photocard(s) of choice! There will be 8 different photocards (probably 2 per member). Wh...

  • Ruby Development salaries Belgium

    docs.google.com 29 Jun '16, 8am

    Ruby Development salaries Belgium Hi! We want to answer “What is the typical salary for a 'Ruby web-developper' in Belgium” to help fellow developers have a reference point of their market value. Please help us, by filling in anonymously your data.

  • [SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER] Infinity8's (@infinity8_1107) 1st Slogan

    [SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER] Infinity8's 1st Cheering Slogan

    docs.google.com 20 Jul '16, 7am

    [SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER] Infinity8's 1st Cheering Slogan Hello!The8 Singapore will be doing a Singapore Group Order for Infinity8's 1st Cheering Slogan Before filling in this form, please be aware that The8 Singapore will not be responsible for any lost mail - be it from overseas to Si...

  • Order Form - SUM Market

    docs.google.com 17 Jun '16, 1am

    DEADLINE: 8 July 2016 (Friday) 3PM SGT1. Prices stated are in SGD (S$) 2. Payment via bank transfer or iBanking only 3. Do transfer the money to POSB Savings 186-30386-5 before filling up the order form 4. Will send you confirmation email within 48 hours after we have received your or...