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I've participated and facilitated many Coding Dojo sessions since 2007 and people have been asking me this question many times that I ...

  • Danilo Sato » Blog Archive » How to Start a Successful Coding Dojo

    dtsato.com 05 Jul '13, 8pm

    People who arrive on time should be rewarded with an on-time start to get the maximum out of the coding session. Also, respect the timebox when rotating pairs and don’t let the meeting run longer than you planned. As programmers, we are all passionate about making things work, so stop...

  • Danilo Sato » Lean Lego Game

    dtsato.com 21 Apr '12, 3pm

    This was the question we had in mind when we developed the first version of the Lean Lego Game . After revolutionizing the automobile industry, Lean principles have been applied to different knowledge areas, from Manufacturing to Supply Chain Management, to Health Care and more recent...