• Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah, A Private, Discreet and Luxurious Haven - EAT LOVE SAVOR

    eatlovesavor.com 19 Oct '15, 1pm

    A Global Best Site for Luxury, EAT LOVE SAVOR is a trusted source for luxury lifestyle inspiration with a feminine touch. An oasis where Luxury is a State of Mind, a magazine for readers with sophisticated tastes for classic, timeless style, modern elegance, and a desire for a curated...

  • Diamonds: History & Romance of the Eternal Gemstone - #luxurylifestyle #luxury

    Diamonds: History & Romance of the Eternal Gemstone

    eatlovesavor.com 31 Aug '15, 3pm

    This much-sought after gemstone dates back to ancient times, with some of the earliest references traced back 3,000 years ago to India. In the Dark Ages they were used more to ward off evil and to thwart (unsuccessfully, I might add) illness. In the Middle Ages, they were regarded mor...

  • BOOKS: "The Tailored Interior" by Greg Natale - EAT LOVE SAVOR

    eatlovesavor.com 07 Oct '15, 1am

    “Making perfection look effortless is, in my opinion, the key to good design.” Jonathan Adler Throughout his varied career award-winning interior designer, Greg Natale, has become a master at creating chic, elegant and beautiful environments which has placed him at the forefront of de...

  • The Family of Pol Roger Champagne and their Famous Friend Sir Winston Churchill #luxury

    The Family of Pol Roger Champagne and their Famous Friend Sir Winston Churchill - EAT LOVE SAVOR

    eatlovesavor.com 13 Sep '15, 10pm

    The relationship between Champagne Pol Roger and Sir Winston Churchill dates back to a providential meeting at a luncheon given by the British Ambassador to France some months aer the liberation of Paris at which was served the sumptuous 1928 vintage of Pol Roger. Attending the lunch ...

  • @maisonpacifique The House of CHANEL: Timeless Fashion - #luxurylifestyle

    The House of Chanel: Timeless Fashion. Everlasting Style.

    eatlovesavor.com 28 Aug '15, 2am

    EAT LOVE SAVOR magazine was created to elegantly honor luxury and help readers experience and enhance lifestyle to the fullest. Our goal was to bring our recognized magazine to readers, combining technology and the top experts in the industry to advance tastes and contribute new knowl...

  • Petrossian Caviar: A 90 Year Legacy #luxury

    Petrossian Caviar: A 90 Year Legacy

    eatlovesavor.com 30 Sep '15, 10pm

    As the world and its lavish indulgencies become gradually more accessible to a larger and more affluent population, the question of how we define luxury and what exactly is a luxury item becomes increasingly difficult to answer. There are however a few luxuries that leave no ambiguity...

  • Discover REUGE: The Art of Mechanical Music - #luxurylifestyle #luxury

    Music Box article, Timless Luxury Magazine

    eatlovesavor.com 23 Aug '15, 10am

    The year 1796 saw the birth of mechanical music. Charles Reuge created a musical pocket watch and began manufacturing them in 1865 in Sainte-Croix. The Reuge second generation family built a factory in 1929 where Reuge still carries out their manufacturing today. Masterfully created b...

  • The Origin and Power of Perfume - EAT LOVE SAVOR

    eatlovesavor.com 02 Sep '15, 8pm

    Our sense of smell is most powerful, a trigger for memories and emotions. While our sense of smell is subjective its power is undeniable. A strong factor on our emotions and psyche, it is speculated certain odors can create ‘imprints’ and remind us of experiences, people and places, a...