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  • People Just Spent a Small Fortune on These Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 Shoes

    esquire.com 25 Nov '15, 8pm

    We're the first to appreciate​ a legendary basketball player, a self-proclaimed rap god, and an iconic clothing line coming together to make sneakers for a good cause. But damn. Did we expect people to spend a total of $227,552 bidding on the exclusive Jordan IV collab with Eminem and...

  • The Footwear Fix: Vans SK8-Hi Del Pato MTE Sneakers

    esquire.com 25 Nov '15, 5pm

    The Del Pato is a new style for the California-based company, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it seems familiar. With those ridged sections on the toe, it's clearly paying homage to its all-weather cousins. Luckily, the similarities run deeper than just looks. The uppers are treate...

  • The Footwear Fix: Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneakers

    esquire.com 23 Nov '15, 6pm

    And a damn fine looking release it is. "Earlier this fall we introduced our latest silhouette, the Clean 90, which is a modern update to our best selling Low Sneaker," explains creative director Max Svardh. Made in Portugal, the style sits slightly higher around the ankle, with a subt...

  • In Praise of the World's Most Collectible Watch - Rolex Daytona Watch

    esquire.com 19 Oct '15, 4pm

    Wilsdorf was an obsessive character, and fascinated by Anglo-culture. After working for a watch export business in Switzerland, he moved to London, aiming to invent a wristwatch that could compete in accuracy with the predominant pocket watches. Early designs were submitted to the Off...

  • This Rolex Is the Epitome of Simple, Successful Design

    esquire.com 18 Oct '15, 9pm

    The brand's classic Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Chronometer — released in 1956 — is possibly the most copied wristwatch model in the world, the epitome of simple, successful design. Aside from being the first timepiece to feature self-changing day and date indicators, Rolex's Day-Date (...

  • Adidas's 3D Printing Is a Sneaker Industry Game-Changer - Adidas Futurecraft 3D Printed Midsole

    esquire.com 07 Oct '15, 8pm

    And though it's only a prototype at this stage, we've got to say, we're excited about what it means for the coming months and years. The idea, Adidas says, is to get to the point where you can walk into a store, run on a treadmill for a few minutes, and leave with a bespoke, 3D-printe...

  • 10 Heritage Watches for the Modern Man - The Top Classic Watches of 2015

    esquire.com 02 Sep '15, 3pm

    Chances are you've seen a watch or two in FremStar's collection. (If you're into watches on a more-than-casual level, you might even follow him.) For the luxury watch collector—who's known by his nom d'Instagram —every piece in his vast collection tells a story, which is why he feels ...

  • How To Keep Your White Sneakers White

    esquire.com 08 Aug '15, 2pm

    ​The white sneaker is the blank canvas upon which so many stylish looks can be built, but it has one major, obvious drawback: it doesn't stay white for long. The window between "box fresh" (when, if anything, they can be a little too white) and "looking ratty" is alarmingly small, par...