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  • "Is there a co-operative alternative to capitalism?" conference & book launch: pls?

    The Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism 06 Sep '13, 11am

    At 6.00pm there will be the launch of a new book from Ethical Consumer and New Internationalist called 'People over Capital: The Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism' where you can meet and hear from some of the chapter authors.

  • Mobile technology and activists 04 Nov '13, 3pm

    Part of a sector report on the Mobile phone & broadband industry Mobile technologies helping activists and human rights defenders By Tanya O’Carroll, Project Officer, Technology and Human Rights, Amnesty International. Imagine for a moment that we’re in the year 2018. Mobile technolog...

  • Shopping guide to Milk, from Ethical Consumer 22 Aug '13, 4pm

    has been added to a long list of organic companies which have been taken over by large multinationals. In 2010, Rachel’s Organic was bought from Deans Foods by the French dairy company Groupe Lactalis. The word ‘organic’ was subsequently dropped from the company’s name but it continue...

  • News feed from Ethical Consumer - A tar sands trade deal 01 Nov '13, 2pm

    Guest blog: Stuart Trew, trade campaigner, The Council of Canadians Why CETA could be a setback for European climate policy What does a trade deal with Canada have to do with the tar sands? More than you would imagine. And unless we get in its way, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic...

  • News feed from Ethical Consumer - Action against the badger cull continues 30 Sep '13, 12pm

    Despite mass public opposition the government began its pilot cull of badgers some weeks ago. Whilst this is very disappointing for those who fought so hard to stop it happening in the first place, they have certainly not thrown in the towel yet. Direct action Hunt saboteurs have been...

  • Badger your friends - share our campaign pages and join the fight against the cull

    Campaign to stop the badger cull 23 Aug '13, 6pm

    the humaneness of shooting badgers the monitoring of the cull and how this will ensure that the target of killing at least 70% of the badger population to reduce the disease is met but, at the same time, ensure that the culls are not detrimental to the survival of the populations of b...

  • News feed from Ethical Consumer - Media blackouts and the health risks of GM food exposed 13 Sep '13, 3pm

    One of the criticisms of Séralini's research was that the raw data was not published. Séralini refused unless EFSA released Monsanto's studies that they had used to approve NK603 maize and Roundup in the first place. In response to Séralini's demands, EFSA did release Monsanto's data ...

  • Mobile phones report from Ethical Consumer 03 Nov '13, 11am

    In the UK, 94% of us have one, and 37% of adults even say they are ‘highly addicted’ to them.1,2 By 2014 it’s predicted that 7.3 billion will be in use globally (not to mention those lurking in the back of drawers and languishing in landfill). It seems mobile phones are now as much a ...

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