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About EventMachine. What is EventMachine. EventMachine is an event-driven I/ O and lightweight concurrency library for Ruby. It provides event-driven I/O using  ...

Link: eventmachine.rubyforge.org

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    eventmachine.rubyforge.org 17 Oct '13, 4pm

    EventMachine.defer is used for integrating blocking operations into EventMachine's control flow. The action of defer is to take the block specified in the first parameter (the "operation") and schedule it for asynchronous execution on an internal thread pool maintained by EventMachine...

  • File: EPOLL [EventMachine]

    eventmachine.rubyforge.org 09 Mar '13, 3pm

    EventMachine now supports epoll, bringing large increases in performance and scalability to Ruby programs. Epoll(7) is a alternative mechanism for multiplexed I/O that is available in Linux 2.6 kernels. It features significantly greater performance than the standard select(2) mechanis...


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