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  • Driving a Tesla in Singapore incurs $11,000 carbon tax | News

    geek.com 10 Mar '16, 3pm

    When Elon Musk setup to develop Tesla electric vehicles he was hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of the cars we all drive. A side effect of that being we should face less tax because electric vehicles produce no emissions, at least directly. However, in Singapore driving a Tesla i...

  • Vans sneakers let you wear Nintendo nostalgia on your feet

    Vans sneakers let you wear Nintendo nostalgia on your feet | Games

    geek.com 07 May '16, 5pm

    You may have a cool Nintendo-themed hat, t-shirt, jacket, and even jeans, but do you have the sneakers to go along with that ensemble? If you don’t then you’re in luck as Vans has partnered with Nintendo to create a line of sneakers that are inspired by famous Nintendo Entertainment S...

  • DURUS robot walks naturally while wearing sneakers

    DURUS robot walks naturally while wearing sneakers | News

    geek.com 21 Jul '16, 1pm

    One of the biggest steps in realizing the sci-fi robotic future we’ve all been dreaming of (or dreading as the case may be) is getting them to walk like humans. And that’s not just because we’re a narcissistic species (though we are). There’s a lot of important developments that we ne...

  • uTorrent caught installing a Bitcoin miner | Apps and Software

    geek.com 06 Mar '15, 4pm

    If you’re a µTorrent user and you just updated to or installed the latest version, you may have gotten more than you bargained for. Your PC could be running a Bitcoin miner in the background without your knowledge. Several µTorrent forums users have reported seeing their CPU usage jum...

  • Street food

    Street food hawker serving $1.50 meals awarded Michelin star | News

    geek.com 05 Aug '16, 2pm

    If you’re not a fan of haute cuisine or fancy hotels, you may be unaware that one of the finest distinctions an establishment can get is a star from Michelin. Yes, the tire manufacturer with the terrifying mascot also holds the keys to the most indulgent food the world has to offer, a...

  • Dope becomes first feature film to accept Bitcoin

    Dope becomes first feature film to accept Bitcoin | News

    geek.com 16 Jun '15, 8pm

    No matter how much money Dope makes when it opens on Friday, June 19, it will already make its way into the history books as the first film to accept Bitcoin as payment for tickets. Open Road Films, MovieTickets.com, and GoCoin have all made a pact to work together to make the digital...

  • Bitcoin is being stolen at gunpoint in New York

    Bitcoin is being stolen at gunpoint in New York | News

    geek.com 20 Feb '15, 7pm

    Most of the Bitcoin -related crime you hear about has to do with shady internet dealings or virtual stashes of the cryptocurrency being stolen from online repositories. But a good old-fashioned stick-up? That’s a new one. Apparently there have been a spate of such crimes in New York t...

  • Singapore’s Prime Minister wrote a Sudoku solver and shared it on Facebook | Apps and Software |

    geek.com 05 May '15, 11am

    Politicians. It doesn’t matter where you live, it’s really hard to like many politicians due to their actions, inaction, views, experience, or any mix of those. However, occasionally a politician ends up surprising you in a positive way, and the Prime Minister of Singapore has done ju...