• An experimental ~20x faster Node.JS integration for Ruby/Rails/sprockets ExecJS

    jhawthorn/execjs-fastnode: A faster Node.JS integration for Ruby/Rails ExecJS

    github.com 25 Oct '16, 4pm

    I'd like to, but it will take time. The goal of this endeavour is to give users a fast ExecJS runtime without needing any additional dependencies, just a Node.js installation. However most users don't (and shouldn't have to) think about ExecJS and need it to Just Work. This is a prett...

  • Provide form_with as a new alternative to form_for/form_tag · Issue #25197 · rails/rails ·

    github.com 24 Oct '16, 12pm

    Don't set DOM id or classes on the form or the fields any more. It frequently created duplicate ids and its not used often enough to warrant being a default behavior. You can easily add the id or class if need be. Don't require HTML tags, like class and id, to be wrapped in a html: {}...

  • McFrankline/Blockchain-stuff: Blockchain and Crytocurrency Resources

    github.com 20 Oct '16, 6pm

    The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology - William Mougayar The FinTech Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors,Entrepreneurs and Visionaries - Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology...

  • Release v0.13.1rc1 · bitcoin/bitcoin ·

    github.com 17 Oct '16, 6pm

    v0.13.1rc1 e1169b0 Verified This tag was signed with a verified signature . laanwj Wladimir J. van der Laan GPG key ID: 74810B012346C9A6 Learn about signing commits v0.13.1rc1 laanwj tagged this Oct 17, 2016 · 648 commits to master since this tag 0.13.1 release candidate 1 Downloads S...

  • Wrote my first little Electron app. A simple Ruby REPL

    Hates/electron-ruby-repl: Simple Electron Ruby REPL.

    github.com 16 Oct '16, 1pm

    3 commits 1 branch 0 releases 1 contributor JavaScript 83.0% HTML 15.6% CSS 1.4% JavaScript HTML CSS Clone or download Clone with HTTPS Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. Open in Desktop Download ZIP Find file Branch: master Switch branches/tags Branches Tags master Nothi...

  • Unnest ERBProcessor to keep Sprockets out the constant scope chain by matthewd · Pull Request #398 · rails/sprockets ·

    github.com 12 Oct '16, 3pm

    First of all, awesome job. Second. This is crazy. I had no idea that nesting a class creation would yield different code. Played around with https://www.diffchecker.com/hhOcwU6P . CONSTANT = "main scope" module Sprockets CONSTANT = "sprockets scope" end module Sprockets class NestedSc...

  • muryoimpl/buoys: A Ruby on Rails breadcrumb plugin.

    github.com 18 Oct '16, 11am

    # 'crumb' is the alias of 'buoy' # ex) crumb :stories do link ' Stories' , stories_path end # link's first argument, it is used as I18n key and defalt value. # The key is searched in the scope of 'buoys.breadcrumbs'. # ex) buoy :story do |story | link :story , story_path(story) # same...

  • ちなみに Vim script はウェブアプリ書ける言語なので ruby や PHP、python 等と比較されてもいい言語ですね。 #ハイ負け負け https://t.co/Vfs58iHw42


    github.com 11 Oct '16, 9am

    Web server that can write web application in Vim script. Requirements webapi-vim Install You need to compile server. To comiple server, you need to install golang . After installing golang, type following. $ cd ~/.vim/bundle $ git clone https://github.com/mattn/webapp-vim $ cd webapp-...