• Untitled Dice: Run a Bitcoin Dice Casino on GitHub Pages


    github.com 16 May '15, 8pm

    Live demo: https://untitled-dice.github.io Untitled Dice is a bare-bones bitcoin dice casino built on top of the Moneypot.com gambling API that lets anyone run their own dice site by forking this project. Since Moneypot handles the user accounts, betting, faucet, and chat, Untitled Di...

  • dreikanter/ruby-bookmarks

    github.com 11 Apr '15, 12am

    TryRuby — online Ruby console and 15 minute interactive Ruby tutorial. Project Euler — a huge amount of programming problems to learn any language. PuzzleNode — a site for coders who enjoy to work on challenging problems, and is inspired by similar efforts such as Project Euler and th...

  • Each Bitcoin in the near future will release 1.6 tonnes of CO2


    github.com 15 Feb '15, 12pm

    A project to calculate CO2 emissions of mining bitcoin. Motivation We wanted to understand how much energy was going into the computing the hashes in bitcoin and hence how much CO2 was being produced. Assumptions Generating electricity releases 500 grams of CO2/kWhe. Based on: wikiped...

  • moneyforward/ruby-style-guide at develop

    github.com 31 Mar '15, 3pm

    nested_something : nested_something_else) : something_else # 良い例 if some_condition nested_condition ? nested_something : nested_something_else

  • Baron is a Bitcoin payment processor that anyone can deploy


    github.com 12 Nov '14, 11pm

    Baron has two issues described below when dealing with payments that happened during downtime. While these issues are hypothetically problematic, in practice it may only rarely happen because downtime is extremely rare and a user is highly unlikely to pay when they are unable to load ...

  • Please remove malicious rails-assets-angular gem · Issue #1148 · rubygems/rubygems ·

    github.com 23 Jan '15, 2am

    I am writing on behalf of http://rails-assets.org maintainers. Please remove all versions of rails-assets-angular gem from official rubygems repository. This gem is nearly the same as rails-assets-angular from http:/rails-assets.org, but includes alert("I'm in your app.") line in angu...

  • packsaddle/ruby-cron_for_github-app

    github.com 08 Mar '15, 6am

    dashboard -> YOUR APP -> resources -> scheduler -> bundle exec cron-for-github ping --slug=YOU/YOUR_REPO It works! One more thing... If you want to clear cron branches before create branch, you can do below: bundle exec cron-for-github clear --slug=YOU/YOUR_REPO && bundle exec cron-fo...

    1. Cron for GitHub rubyflow.com 09 Mar '15, 9am
  • Notejam - The same app written in PHP, Python, Ruby and more for comparison


    github.com 21 Nov '14, 12am

    Notejam is a unified sample web application (more than just "Hello World") implemented using different server-side frameworks. Currently python, php, ruby and javascript frameworks are supported.