• Bitcoin, still not a currency. And now crashing.

    Bitcoin, Still Not a Currency. And Now Crashing. - The Market Now

    go.bloomberg.com 11 Apr '13, 2pm

    Photographer: Susana Gonzalez The U.S. twenty-dollar bill: A widely accepted tool for everyday transactions. Last month, I wrote a post titled “Sorry, Bitcoin Isn’t a ‘Currency’ ” pointing out that whatever the merits of Bitcoin as an investment, its use as an actual currency useful f...

  • Explaining Bitcoin Without Buzzwords

    Explaining Bitcoin Without Buzzwords - Bloomberg

    go.bloomberg.com 15 Apr '13, 11pm

    Photograph by Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg After starting as a hobby among computer geeks, Bitcoin is going mainstream. Techies are trumpeting a so-called virtual currency called Bitcoin that they say could revolutionize global trade. Financial wonks are shouting from various corners of ...

  • If This Doesn't Kill Bitcoin, What Will? - The Market Now

    If This Doesn't Kill Bitcoin, What Will? - The Market Now

    go.bloomberg.com 02 Oct '13, 7pm

    The alleged operator of the Bitcoin-based online marketplace Silk Road was arrested in San Francisco yesterday on money-laundering and narcotics-trafficking charges. You can see a copy of the complaint against Ross W. Ulbricht here , and the allegations make for “Whoah!” reading. They...

  • Sorry, but Bitcoin isn't a 'currency'

    Sorry, Bitcoin Isn’t a ‘Currency’ - The Market Now

    go.bloomberg.com 21 Mar '13, 10pm

    Photographer: Stephen Hilger/Bloomberg News. Unlike Bitcoins, real currency can be used to buy stuff. The most recent permutation of the euro crisis seems to have enlivened a renewed interest in Bitcoin, the artificial “currency.” Since Monday, the value of a single Bitcoin has shot u...