hackaday.com Archives - 03 May 2015, Sunday

  • Decoding and Replicating Xantrex Solar Charge Wireless Data

    Decoding and Replicating Xantrex Solar Charge Wireless Data | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 03 May '15, 11am

    This is a story mostly of decoding data, but there is a happy ending that includes turning that decoding work into an open source receiver. Xantrex solar charge controllers monitor a lot of data about what is happening with your solar panels, and they stream it wirelessly but you need...

  • Hackaday Prize Entry: A Fixation On Nitrogen | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 03 May '15, 8am

    The real problem is too many people, for the limited resources on one planet. And we can’t import matter from other planets. As earth’s mass increases it’s orbit would decay towards the sun, unless it’s rotation speed was increased. The two solutions are: Reduce the population to a su...

  • Vintage Computer Festival Europa 16.0: The Hackaday Report

    Vintage Computer Festival Europa 16.0: The Hackaday Report | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 03 May '15, 5am

    The 16th annual Vintage Computer Festival Europa (VCFe) is still ongoing this weekend in Munich, and of course Hackaday had to swing by. If you’re anywhere in Germany, you’ve still got until Sunday at 16:30 to check it out. The theme for this year’s festival is “The East is Red Colorf...

  • RoomMote, a DIY Remote for Your Room Project

    RoomMote, a DIY Remote for Your Room Project | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 03 May '15, 2am

    [Rohit] wrote in to tell us about a project he has created. Like most projects, his solves a problem. Sometimes while sleeping, a mosquito will infiltrate his room. He has a mosquito repellent machine but there are 2 problems, he has to get up to turn it on/off and it smells bad when ...

  • Door Bell Used To Reset WiFi Router

    Door Bell Used To Reset WiFi Router | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 11pm

    We’ve all have had to reset our routers or modems at some point because they were acting up. The typical scenario is; unplug the device, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in and wait for it to boot back up. While not hard, this can be an annoyance, especially if accessing the router or po...

  • An Exceptionally Small UV Sensor | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 8pm

    That’s cool the sensor manages a linear response compared to ideal despite not being sensitive over anything shorter than UV-A. The title is misleading in that they did not manufacture the UV sensor, it’s an off the shelf part. Nor can you, as the project blog states, measure UV index...

  • Excruciating Quest Turns Chromebook Pixel IPS Into Exquisite Extra Monitor

    Excruciating Quest Turns Chromebook Pixel IPS Into Exquisite Extra Monitor | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 5pm

    [Shen] wanted an extra monitor at his desk, but not just any monitor. He wanted something particularly special and unquestionably refined. Like any super-power-possessing engineer he set out to scratch his hacking itch and was sucked into a multi-year extravaganza. For the love of eve...

  • Measuring Temperature On An AVR Without A Sensor | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 2pm

    There are a few AVR microcontrollers with onboard temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are neither accurate nor precise, but they do work for a few use cases. [Thomas] came up with a little bit of code that runs on all AVR microcontrollers, and is at least as accurate as the...

  • Hackaday Events: NY, LA, SF, LA

    Hackaday Events: NY, LA, SF, LA | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 11am

    We are doing a lot this spring to get people elbow-deep in hardware hacking. We have so many live events coming up that we’re going to be doing Saturday morning recaps to keep you informed. Here are the upcoming events should be planning to attend if you’re nearby. Today! NYC Hardware...

  • Bouncing A Ball With A Robot - #arduino

    Bouncing A Ball With A Robot | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 10am

    A fan of kinetic projects, [Jimmy Demello] threw together a pretty cool robot that can bounce a ball back and forth between its hand(s). Made from scraps around the house, it consists of some wood, a piece of a fishing pole, chop sticks, a single servo motor, and of course an Arduino ...

  • Hackaday Prize Entry: BS Free USB | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 8am

    What made using parallel ports so easy was that you could write/read directly to/from the port (0x3BC, 0x378, 0x278) with practically any software platform – even M$ Qbasic or Quick Basic or whatever it was. That ability ended with Windows XP (more than 10 years ago) as it doesn’t sup...

  • A Custom, Workshop Squeezebox | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 5am

    Launched over 10 years ago, the Squeezebox was one of the most popular network streaming devices sold. The idea was simple: put some MP3s on a computer, connect the Squeezebox to a LAN, and stream those tunes. Someone at Logitech had the brilliant idea that MP3s and other audio files ...

  • 3D Printed Headgear Turns You into a Sim

    3D Printed Headgear Turns You into a Sim | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 02 May '15, 2am

    Stop what you’re doing and dust off that 3D Printer, you’re going to want this headgear for your next party. [Daniel Harari] has created the perfect start of a phenomenal The Sims costume with this Bluetooth-enabled plumb bob . The iconic crystalline shape will be familiar to anyone e...

  • The BB-8 Builds Begin

    The BB-8 Builds Begin | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 11pm

    Yes, the new Star Wars film coming out in December has x-wings, dogfights through the engines of star destroyers, space battles, a dead Jar Jar, and [R2D2]. It will also have the coolest droid yet, [BB-8], the rolling sphere protagonist that will surely be sold as a remote control toy...

  • Building A Square Bicycle | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 8pm

    Imagine the forks that go to the front wheel axle, instead are attached to a vertical strut. This is while standing still. If you use vertical forks then turning the handle bars does nothing to your dynamics or balance. The strut just rotates in the vertical axis. If the forks are ang...

  • 3D Printing an Arcade Controller

    3D Printing an Arcade Controller | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 11am

    A keyboard and mouse simply can’t stand in for games originally meant to be played with a joystick and buttons. We are of course thinking of coin-op here and building your own set of arcade controls is a great project to give back some of the thrill of those classics. But these are no...

  • Tweeting From The NES Expansion Port

    Tweeting From The NES Expansion Port | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 8am

    [Trapper] is an 80’s kid, and back in the day the Nintendo Entertainment System was his jam. One fateful night, he turned over his favorite gray box, removed a small plastic guard, and revealed the mythical expansion port. What was it for? What would Nintendo do with it? The expansion...

  • Raspberry Pi and Kindle Together Again | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 5am

    We’ve seen a lot of projects recently that take advantage of the Raspberry Pi 2’s augmented abilities. With the increased processor power and double the memory, it puts a lot more utility in the user’s hands. The latest project that takes advantage of this is the Pi-nk, which combines...

  • Strong Little Robots With Gecko Technology | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 01 May '15, 2am

    If you need to build a robot to carry something, you need a bit motor, right? Not so with these tiny robots out of Stanford’s Biomimetic Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory. One of these 12g MicroTugs can drag a 600g mug of coffee across a table, or even a 12kg weight. According to the ...

  • Your Body is Your PIN with Bodyprint

    Your Body is Your PIN with Bodyprint | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 30 Apr '15, 8pm

    [Christian Holz, Senaka Buthpitiya, and Marius Knaust] are researchers at Yahoo that have created a biometric solution for those unlucky folks that always forget their smartphone PIN codes. Bodyprint is an authentication system that allows a variety of body parts to act as the passwor...

  • Massive Microsoft Machinations For Makers | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 30 Apr '15, 5pm

    The possibilities have always been endless. The reality is that closed-source tools require take away time. We have to crack them or work around them just to get on with our projects. Then we have to fear they’ll sue us, patent what we did on their equipment, or somehow lock us out of...

  • 3D Printering: Laser Cutting 3D Objects | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 30 Apr '15, 11am

    3D printing can create just about any shape imaginable, but ask anyone who has babysat a printer for several hours, and they’ll tell you 3D printing’s biggest problem: it takes forever to produce a print. The HCI lab at Potsdam University has some up with a solution to this problem us...

  • Hackaday Prize Entry: Building A Car, From Scratch, Out Of Foam

    Hackaday Prize Entry: Building A Car, From Scratch, Out Of Foam | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 30 Apr '15, 8am

    Want an impressive example of what a few people can do in a garage? How about building an electric car, from scratch, starting with a gigantic chunk of foam ? The Luka EV from [MW Motors] had a few project aims: it should be all-electric, naturally, with a top speed of 130km/h or 80mp...

  • A Simple And Inexpensive GPS Navigation Device

    A Simple And Inexpensive GPS Navigation Device | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 11pm

    There are plenty of GPS navigation units on the market today, but it’s always fun to build something yourself. That’s what [middelbeek] did with his $25 GPS device . He managed to find a few good deals on electronics components online, including and Arduino Uno, a GPS module, and a TF...

  • [Jay] turns over a new Leaf, scores batteries | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 8pm

    [Jay] got a pretty good deal on a low milage Nissan Leaf battery. Unfortunately, it came wrapped in a wrecked Nissan Leaf. There are more and more electric cars on the road each year, and that means there are more cars coming off the road as well due to accidents. Electric cars are sp...

  • Teardown: An Electronic Master Lock

    Teardown: An Electronic Master Lock | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 5pm

    [rohare] has an interesting teardown for us over on the keypicking lock picking forums . It’s a Masterlock combination lock – specifically the Masterlock 1500eXD – and yes, it’s a completely electronic lock with buttons and LEDs. Think that’s the mark of a terrible lock? You might be ...

  • Hacking a Thin Client to Gain Root Access

    Hacking a Thin Client to Gain Root Access | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 2pm

    [Roberto] recently discovered a clever way to gain root access to an HP t520 thin client computer. These computers run HP’s ThinPro operating system. The OS is based on Linux and is basically just a lightweight system designed to boot into a virtual desktop image loaded from a server....

  • Race Conditions Exploit Granted Free Money on Web Services

    Race Conditions Exploit Granted Free Money on Web Services | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 8am

    [Josip] has been playing around with race conditions on web interfaces lately, finding vulnerabilities on both Facebook and Digital Ocean. A race condition can occur when a piece of software processes multiple threads using a shared resource. For example, [Josip] discovered that he wa...

  • What can you power using a bike? Oh - just about everything, as proved by @Hackaday:

    Bike-Powered Everything | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 7am

    It’s hard to argue that bicycles aren’t super handy. They get you from point A to B in a jiffy with little effort. Since these machines are so simple and convenient, why not use them for things other than transportation ? Well, [Job] set out to do just that. [Job’s] starts with a stan...

  • Indicator for Forgetful-Minded Garage Door Users | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Apr '15, 5am

    [Gareth] had a friend who regularly forgot to close his garage door after parking his car and heading inside. Since [Gareth] was familiar with basic electronics and an overall good pal, he offered to make a device that would indicate whether the garage door was open or not . The proje...