hackaday.com Archives - 29 January 2013, Tuesday

  • Genetic algorithms become programmers themselves

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 4pm

    [Kory] has been experimenting with genetic algorithms. Normally we’d expect his experiments to deal with tuning the variables in a control system or something, but he’s doing something much cooler. [Kory] is using genetic algorithms to write computer programs , and in the process brin...

  • Duct Tape Bagpipes

    Duct Tape Bagpipes

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 11am

    Looking to build your own instrument out of plumbing and tape? [Scott] made his own set of Membrane Bagpipes out of PVC pipes, a plastic bag, and duct tape. Bagpipes are made out of a few parts. The drones are pipes that are tuned to play a single note. They are tuned by the fixed len...

  • Messenger bag LED matrix keeps bikers safe at night

    Messenger bag LED matrix keeps bikers safe at night

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 8pm

    The design is quite simple, there’s a large flap which is attached at the top of the bag and has a couple of clips at the bottom to keep ti closed. On the inside of the flap he sewed a snap system which holds one piece of material on which all of the electronics are attached. The Lily...

  • Help hackaday buy our own 3D printer UPDATED!

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 7pm

    I have a friend who could use a specialized controller, he has one hand, if you are going that route Im sure any company that makes 3d printers would be more than happy to support you in this endeavor. just outline the plans that you have and I bet you would get one within a week. Als...

  • This man will take your picture while macing you

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 2pm

    I agree. This product has TON of potential and I am sort of surprised it isn’t out there yet. I think the on board storage is critical, and it should be hard soldered, non-volatile, and environmentally hardened, so even if the person manages to grab it and smash it, or throw it in the...

  • Breaking the MintEye CAPTCHA one more time

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 12pm

    A while back we saw the MintEye CAPTCHA system - an ‘are you human’ test that asks you to move a slider until an image is de-swirled and de-blurred – cracked wide open by exploiting the accessibility option. Later, and in a clever bit of image processing, the MintEye CAPTCHA was broke...

  • Adapting the Nexus 7 for a double DIN car dashboard opening

    Adapting the Nexus 7 for a double DIN car dashboard opening

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 6pm

    a lot of these dashboard tablet installs , [James] didn’t need any Bondo, sanding, or painting to get things to look right. Like we mentioned, the bezel is a perfect fit so his alterations are hidden behind the tablet itself. He removed the stock head unit and ordered a DIN adapter ki...

  • A look at the (now patched) security of [Kim Dotcom's] MEGA cloud storage service

    A look at the (now patched) security of [Kim Dotcom's] MEGA cloud storage service

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 10pm

    MEGA is a new, encrypted cloud storage system founded by [Kim Dotcom] of MegaUpload fame. They’re selling privacy in that the company won’t have the means to decrypt the data stored by users of its service. As with any software project, their developers are rapidly making improvements...

  • Building a velocity sensitive keyboard

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 3pm

    Cheap toy pianos don’t usually have MIDI, and getting a velocity-sensitive keyboard from something out of the toy aisle at Walmart is nearly out of the question. If you’re willing to tear one of these toy pianos apart and build your own control electronics, though, the sky is the limi...

  • Hand bind your own books

    Hand bind your own books

    hackaday.com 29 Jan '13, 1pm

    This guide will show you how to bind books by hand . The process from start to finish isn’t very difficult as long as you follow each step along the way. The final product looks great, and we can’t think of a better gift… as long as you have something meaningful on the pages. We never...