hackaday.com Archives - 30 January 2013, Wednesday

  • Controlling a Raspberry Pi with real life redstone

    Controlling a Raspberry Pi with real life redstone

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 4pm

    We’ve seen computers built in Minecraft out of redstone, the game’s version of electricity, circuits, and digital logic. We’ve even seen a few redstone contraptions controlling real-world devices. [Angus]‘ build, though, takes things to a whole new level. He’s created a bridge between...

  • Really, really geeky wedding invitations

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 5pm

    I am not sure if the whole wedding party and family consists of electronics hackers, it would certainly result in promising offspring, but the likelihood of it is small in reality. Let’s assume most guests were surprised by the novelty-invitation and will not ask for the ATtiny’s sour...

  • Modulator box connects iPod to Tesla coil

    Modulator box connects iPod to Tesla coil

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 6pm

    This pass through audio modulator lets you playback stereo audio on two Tesla coils . But don’t fret, you can just use mono files if you only have one coil on hand. On one side there are inputs that connect to the audio source. The other side drives the Tesla coil, switching it on and...

  • MIT Media Lab’s month in Shenzhen

    MIT Media Lab’s month in Shenzhen

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 11am

    When you’ve got a month worth of blog postings it’s pretty difficult to choose one photograph that sums it all up. This one shows the tour group from MIT Media Lab in ESD garb ready for their tour of Okano SMT and Speaker Factory. It was part of a tour of Shenzhen aimed at bringing gr...

  • New post: 3d printed hexapod robot

    3d printed hexapod robot

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 8pm

    This hexapod was made almost entirely via 3d printing (translated ). The parts that you need to supply include a few fasteners to make connections, twelve servo motors, and a method of driving them. As you can see in the video after the break, all those parts come together into a litt...

  • Automated Doors for Theatre Effect

    Automated Doors for Theatre Effect

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 2pm

    For a theatre production, [Jason] needed a way to automatically open and close doors as a special effect. His solution, hosted on Github , lets him remotely control the doors, and put them into a ‘freak out’ mode for one scene in the play. Two Victor 884 motor controllers are attached...

  • Ask Hackaday: What’s an easy way to build a potentiometer for a soldering iron?

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 12pm

    What he wants to do is build an adjustable current source. To do that from an ATX supply, he needs to change the supply’s original feedback circuit so it regulates the output current rather than the voltage. If you look at the supply schematic, you will see a voltage divider connected...

  • Finding the cheapest board house

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 1pm

    I wish seeed and itead etc would allow for less than 10 quantities on the bigger/4 layer boards. I want a few 10cm x 15cm 4 layer boards (I would like 6 layers really..). I want 3 or 4 not 10. If only I could pay slightly more per board and not have 6 expensive boards sitting around t...

  • Feedback for automated water and food pet dispensers

    Feedback for automated water and food pet dispensers

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 10pm

    [Enrico] figured out a way to fully automate his pet food and water . The system is in two parts, the water trough as seen on the left, and the food dispenser whose control hardware is shown on the right. The system is even hooked up to the network so that he can make sure it didn’t b...

  • Mr. Tea is a hot plate and magnetic stirrer in the same enclosure

    hackaday.com 30 Jan '13, 3pm

    You heard us right, the stirrer is not combined with the plate, but resides on the underside of the same PSU enclosure. The plate itself is from a unit he bought at the store and cannibalized. The light switch dimmer lets him adjust the heat it puts out. When not hot, he can flip it o...