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  • The luxury reset: Rethinking the growth strategy

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 05 Oct '16, 7am

    The economic model of meta-luxury brands is based on a number of dynamics. These may appear paradoxical, but over the long term, they become inimitable drivers of value and growth. The crux is that meta-luxury brands grow through both uncompromising commitment to excellence and limita...

  • A Louis Vuitton handbag is now cheaper to buy in London than anywhere else

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 14 Oct '16, 7am

    "The trend in luxury pricing in the UK is being driven mainly by the depression in sterling – thus making the same item more affordable in the UK market than any other major luxury market," Nick Pope, the head of fashion and luxury at Deloitte told the BBC . "People don't like paying ...

  • Louis Vuitton New Packaging - Louis Vuitton Gets Rid of Brown Packaging

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 20 Jul '16, 8am

    The new shade isn't actually all that new for the fashion house; Imperial Saffron has been incorporated into Vuitton pieces dating back to as early as 1924. However, this fresh take on the saffron packaging will feature bright cobalt blue handles and ribbons, a colour combination quit...

  • The incredible investment potential of a Chanel handbag

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 15 Jun '16, 10am

    revealed that the classic 2.55 bag has only ever increased in price since it was first released in February 1955. The style first went on sale for $220 (about £150) and will now set you back $4,900 (almost £3,500). The study confirmed that this makes a Chanel handbag a more sound inve...

  • Nicholas Ghesquière hopes to launch his own label

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 06 Jun '16, 12pm

    Nicolas Ghesquière has announced that he would love to start an eponymous label "soon". Speaking to the French talk show Le Petit Journal , the designer opened up about his hopes for the future.

  • Louis Vuitton cruise 2017

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 29 May '16, 10am

    If it's Saturday, it must be Rio… Fashion's world tour continued this weekend as Louis Vuitton brought their 2017 cruise show to Brazil. Following on from Chanel's presentation in Cuba, and ahead of the Dior and Gucci shows that take place this week at Blenheim Palace and Westminster ...

  • Louis Vuitton will present next cruise collection in Rio de Janeiro

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 11 Apr '16, 9pm

    "The setting inspired me right away," Nicolas Ghesquière announced. "Following the Bob and Dolores Hope estate designed by John Lautner in Palm Springs, California, we continue the architectural journey that is so particular to the Maison Louis Vuitton. It's about being transported in...

  • Watch the Louis Vuitton Cruise show live from Rio

    harpersbazaar.co.uk 28 May '16, 7pm

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