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Hashrocket builds solutions for iPhone, iPad and the Web. We specialize in Ruby on Rails and iOS development. We practice Agile methodologies and ...

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  • A Typical Day at

    hashrocket.com 18 May '17, 2pm

    What is a typical day like for you at Hashrocket? This is a question people ask. If you've never worked with a consultancy, what happens on the inside can be mysterious. We're consultants... does that mean we write code ? We're developers... does that mean we only take projects in lan...

  • Exploring Hashrocket's Vimbundle: Vim

    hashrocket.com 20 Apr '17, 2pm

    is a collection of settings our team shares. Spend enough time writing code with Vim on a shared machine, and you'll find that the Vim configuration file in the root directory (.vimrc ) swells to hundreds of lines, as each developer adds their own favorite settings. Vim Hashrocket cod...

  • A Module By Any Other Name: Aliases in Elixir

    hashrocket.com 18 Apr '17, 4pm

    Compiling a file with this module definition will produce a BEAM file with the name my_app.beam . Notice that the Elixir bit is not there. That's because :my_app is the fully expanded form of that atom. This is what Erlang modules look like when compiled. The Elixir bit gives us a lan...

  • Running Out Of IDs

    hashrocket.com 09 Apr '17, 11pm

    So, you are concerned about reaching 9.2 quintillion unique IDs for the records in your database? That is kind of like being concerned about reaching $9.2 quintillion in your bank account. Generally speaking, this is what you might call "a nice problem to have." In other words, runnin...

  • Ecto Migrations: Simple to Complex | The

    hashrocket.com 23 Feb '17, 3pm

    In this post, we've explored a range of simple to complex Ecto migrations involving both schema changes and data transformation. We looked at how you can create new tables as well as alter existing ones. We even explored in detail how you would go about massaging and migrating data in...

  • Prepping for tonights vimchi/golang meetup? Check out this post. #vim #golang

    Vim can have better tab characters for Golang | The

    hashrocket.com 21 Feb '17, 3pm

    A short tutorial showing how to display beautiful tabs for a beautiful language: Golang. Dillon Hafer will be speaking more about how to write Go in Vim tonight at Hashrocket's VimChi meetup . Tabs characters can be distracting in vim I have a problem. That problem is: Whenever I open...

  • Titled URL Slugs in Phoenix

    hashrocket.com 21 Mar '17, 3pm

    Surprised? The feature I want to discuss today allows you to remove or replace the title part of the slug, and still load the post. It works because the titled slug is the implied parameter for the post, but we look up the post by the slug itself , without the title. The titled slug i...

  • Integration Testing Phoenix With Wallaby | The

    hashrocket.com 05 Jan '17, 2pm

    Integration tests are used for behavior description and feature delivery. From the test-writer's perspective, they are often seen as a capstone, or, to the outside-in school, an initial 10,000-foot description of the landscape. At Hashrocket we've been perusing the integration testing...


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