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  • Stop Tinkering and Prioritize! - The

    hashrocket.com 08 Feb '16, 4pm

    So you're in full-scale development on your app. Congratulations! Now you have a new problem: A huge pile of upcoming features, bugs and user requests. Wise prioritization is crucial to ensure you achieve your goals. Here's the ideal flow of a new idea into your project: Idea Curation...

  • Vim Magic with Abolish.vim - The

    hashrocket.com 19 Jan '16, 3pm

    Occasionally, I discover a Vim plugin that blows my mind. Abolish.vim is just such a plugin. The creator Tim Pope describes Abolish.vim as follows: It's three superficially unrelated plugins in one that share a common theme: working with variants of a word. He's right. The features of...

  • How to get help with Vim - The

    hashrocket.com 12 Jan '16, 2pm

    We want to do a substitution throughout an entire file, but we cannot remember all the details. We try searching :help substitution to no avail. Being unsure of how else to get there, we can lean on :helpgrep . By invoking :helpgrep substitution , we get a big list of places where the...

  • Ember on S3 with CloudFront - Less Hash More Cache

    Ember on S3 with CloudFront - Less Hash More Cache - The

    hashrocket.com 28 Jan '16, 3pm

    Ember on S3 with CloudFront - Less Hash More Cache posted on January 28, 2016 and written by Micah Cooper and Taylor Mock in Ember How to host your ember application using Amazon S3 and Cloudfront and maintain your pretty URLs without having to redirect to a hashed url. We like deploy...

  • Upsert Records with PostgreSQL 9.5 - The

    hashrocket.com 14 Jan '16, 2pm

    For those not familiar with the term upsert , it is also sometimes referred to as a merge . The idea is this. Some data needs to be put in the database. If the data has an existing associated record, that record should be updated, otherwise the data should be freshly inserted as a new...

  • Solving Ara Howard's Metakoans - The

    hashrocket.com 17 Dec '15, 4pm

    'attribute' must provide getter, setter, and query to instances 'attribute' must provide getter, setter, and query to classes 'attribute' must provide getter, setter, and query to modules at module level 'attribute' must provide getter, setter, and query to modules which operate corre...

  • Introducing Metabot - The

    hashrocket.com 04 Jan '16, 3pm

    Our foray into chatbots began with Steambot. Rocketeer Josh Davey wrote a Markov Chain text generator in Clojure, then trained it on some Kafka, Russell, Aristotle, Nietzsche, and a special ingredient: Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Company (35th edition, copyright ...

  • A Peek Into The Clojure Community - The

    hashrocket.com 24 Dec '15, 3pm

    Several weeks ago, folks from a myriad of technology backgrounds including Java, Ruby, Lisp, and academia in general converged on the Philadelphia neighborhood of Society Hill which is situated just a few blocks southeast of Independence Hall and the resting place of the Liberty Bell....


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