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  • Format Your Elixir Code Now

    hashrocket.com 17 Oct '17, 12pm

    Whether you agree with all these points or not, the Elixir language (which is largely written in Elixir) just underwent a massive community-powered refactor to conform with its new built-in formatter. New pull requests to Elixir must satisfy the formatter to be considered for acceptan...

  • Create Quick JSON Data Dumps From PostgreSQL

    hashrocket.com 10 Oct '17, 3pm

    Second, JSON is a clean and friendly export format. By dumping our data as JSON we are not only ensuring that it is relatively human-readable, we also know that any developer regardless of their development stack will have access to a JSON parser with which they can read that data int...

  • Create and Publish Your Own Elixir Mix Archives

    hashrocket.com 04 Nov '17, 3pm

    Once you have built an archive, anyone can download and use it with mix. So, we could just push it up to Github and call it a day. But we should do our customers/users justice by versioning our software; allowing users to revert back to an old version if they so choose. So, I'd like t...

  • Today I Learned in Phoenix

    hashrocket.com 05 Sep '17, 2pm

    Elixir Phoenix Today I Learned in Phoenix by Jake Worth on September 5, 2017 The Phoenix port of Today I Learned, Tilex , is live. Today I Learned began as a Ruby on Rails application. We open-sourced the code after launch and have maintained it for over two years. Our mission: Today ...

  • A Friendly Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks

    A Friendly Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks

    hashrocket.com 22 Aug '17, 2pm

    So, let's run through an entire convolutional neural network from start to finish just to clarify things. We start with an untrained convnet in which we have determined all of the hyperparameters. We initialize the weights in the convolution and fully-connected layers with random inpu...

  • and Code Platoon

    hashrocket.com 21 Sep '17, 1pm

    by Jake Worth on September 21, 2017 Hashrocket's collaboration with Code Platoon continues this October! For the past three cohorts, Hashrocket has taught an intensive all-day workshop at the Code Platoon bootcamp. Here's a description of this unique developer training program, from t...

  • Elm by Example: Soup to Nuts

    hashrocket.com 08 Nov '17, 5pm

    module ChannelSwitcher where -- IMPORTS import Html exposing (..) import Html.Attributes exposing (..) import Html.Events exposing (..) import Html.Events.Extra exposing (..) import String import StartApp.Simple as StartApp -- MODEL type alias Model = { channels: List String , selecte...

  • Swap Two Column Values in SQL: Part 1

    hashrocket.com 21 Sep '17, 4pm

    This technique not only massages our data as requested, it shows us the dynamism of update statements in PostgreSQL. We are able to utilize case statements and subqueries to get exactly what we need out of the statement. This statement isn't flawless though. In part 2 of this post, we...


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