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  • Join @camerondaigle on a journey to help explain brain twisting, color-shifting fashion.

    The Tale of the Color-Shifting Dress - The

    hashrocket.com 27 Feb '15, 4pm

    Last night, a mysterious dress appeared on Tumblr that caused everyone on the internet to lose their minds. Then, everyone on the internet decided to colorsplain the situation. This is one of those. Friends, this is a case of where your brain is perceiving the light source. The reason...

  • Behind the Curtain: a Design Workshop Recap - The

    hashrocket.com 26 Feb '15, 2pm

    I recently led a design workshop for a client team onsite in Birmingham, Alabama. This introduction to design was an all-day event that led over 20 participants through the elements of design, from line and color to hierarchy and typography, with group activities, critiques, and inter...

    1. design dragplus.com 27 Feb '15, 9am
  • 16 Tips from the 2014 Winter Miniconf - The

    hashrocket.com 18 Dec '14, 4pm

    Time periods are frequently stored in databases for resource allocation, reservation, and logging. The typical way of storing this would be to use two columns, one for the start and one for the end of the range. While this works to some extent, the PostgreSQL range types offer a numbe...

  • Easy Star Ratings in CSS - The

    hashrocket.com 08 Jan '15, 4pm

    The next challenge is how to display selected stars. You'll note that our current stars are all yellow: this is because CSS can only look forward, not behind, so we have to use CSS rules to grey out stars AFTER our currently selected star. We have two overall states to account for:

  • A Compendium of Hooks in EmberCLI - The

    hashrocket.com 22 Dec '14, 2pm

    Below you'll find information relevant to creating addons in EmberCLI. Addons are a powerful abstraction in EmberCLI. These addons help enable the extension of Ember applications built with the framework. EmberCLI has several generators that make creating addons simple, but knowing wh...

  • Exploring the Postgres Gin index - The

    hashrocket.com 09 Oct '14, 4pm

    The requirements for this search implementation state that we should be able to search via partial matches, and search via multiple columns (e.g. first_name, last_name). More concretely, if we have the following users: “Hank Lillard” and “Lilly Adams”, an input query of “Lil” should r...

  • Introducing Komments - The

    hashrocket.com 18 Nov '14, 4pm

    I'm excited to introduce Komments, a developer-friendly commenting system. What is it? Komments is an embeddable commenting widget that supports markdown, source code highlighting, emojis and mentions. It also provides one-click authentication via social network accounts and clean, un...

  • Classical mixin inheritance in Sass - The

    hashrocket.com 27 Oct '14, 2pm

    you only ever pass one argument to a mixin: a Sass map, which defaults to (). you call a mixin named override and pass it that single argument. This essentially tells Sass that this mixin is a child of another mixin, and stores the argument map in a global store. (If the mixin isn’t t...


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