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Hashrocket builds solutions for iPhone, iPad and the Web. We specialize in Ruby on Rails and iOS development. We practice Agile methodologies and ...

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  • Module.prepend: a super story | The

    hashrocket.com 15 Jan '17, 8pm

    I was super excited when I first heard about the prepend feature included in the Ruby 2.0 release, but never had a chance to use it. Micah Cooper and I were working in an existing code base recently, and one of the project's requirements was to log API requests that took longer than a...

  • Integration Testing Phoenix With Wallaby | The

    hashrocket.com 05 Jan '17, 2pm

    Integration tests are used for behavior description and feature delivery. From the test-writer's perspective, they are often seen as a capstone, or, to the outside-in school, an initial 10,000-foot description of the landscape. At Hashrocket we've been perusing the integration testing...

  • Websocket Shootout: Clojure, C++, Elixir, Go, NodeJS, and Ruby | The

    hashrocket.com 04 Jan '17, 6am

    When a web application has a requirement for real time bidirectional communication, websockets are the natural choice. But what tools should be used to build a websocket server? Performance is important, but so is the development process. A performance benchmark alone is not enough. W...

  • Pairing in Practice | The

    hashrocket.com 13 Dec '16, 3pm

    Two Keyboards, Two Mice, One Monitor. This is a little bit of what pairing looks like in practice, constant discussion, trials, rollbacks, re-thinks all looking for a best solution. An all-day coding marathon every day that reduces unwelcome pauses in momentum. Agreements Agreements a...

  • The Story of Hashrocket's Pairing Setup | The

    hashrocket.com 20 Dec '16, 4pm

    The Story of Hashrocket's Pairing Setup posted on December 20, 2016 and written by Chris Erin in Community A symbolic world. The Morning The metallic train rumbles past the office windows, spreading concentrated sun briefly onto a pair of developers. "Where should we begin?", asked Jo...

  • Introducing bdubs.vim | The

    hashrocket.com 15 Dec '16, 4pm

    I'm excited to announce my latest edition to our Hashrocket toolbelt, bdubs.vim . For years, our dotmatrix setup has included a Vim plugin called bufonly.vim . This plugin is not exactly essential, but definitely a very handy addition to our Vim workflow. It allows us to delete all th...

    1. m rubygems.org 14 Dec '16, 4pm
  • Stands Up | The

    hashrocket.com 08 Dec '16, 2pm

    At Hashrocket, a vital part of our process is standing up together every day. In 2006, Jason Yip wrote a thorough overview of the Agile/Scrum meeting style known as the 'standup'. It's available here . Yip concludes the article with the accurate observation that "[i]t’s really just st...

  • Gold Master Testing | The

    hashrocket.com 29 Nov '16, 10pm

    Like any test, this one is only as good as the maintenance that supports it. It is more brittle than the usual test by its nature. Disciplined upkeep would include running all migrations on the local database and restoring a fresh production dump from time to time. Data changes should...


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