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  • Ecto Migrations: Simple to Complex | The

    hashrocket.com 23 Feb '17, 3pm

    In this post, we've explored a range of simple to complex Ecto migrations involving both schema changes and data transformation. We looked at how you can create new tables as well as alter existing ones. We even explored in detail how you would go about massaging and migrating data in...

  • Prepping for tonights vimchi/golang meetup? Check out this post. #vim #golang

    Vim can have better tab characters for Golang | The

    hashrocket.com 21 Feb '17, 3pm

    A short tutorial showing how to display beautiful tabs for a beautiful language: Golang. Dillon Hafer will be speaking more about how to write Go in Vim tonight at Hashrocket's VimChi meetup . Tabs characters can be distracting in vim I have a problem. That problem is: Whenever I open...

  • True Parallel processing for Ruby tests with Flatware | The

    hashrocket.com 01 Feb '17, 5am

    12 minutes to 3 minutes. 20 minutes to 8 minutes. These are a couple of success stories for Flatware . These are test suite times that Flatware reduces by running your tests over multiple processors. True Parallel processing for Ruby tests 12 minutes to 3 minutes. 20 minutes to 8 minu...

  • Pair programming questions | The

    hashrocket.com 24 Jan '17, 7pm

    I received an email recently from a programmer who had just read Pairing in practice and had some questions. I try to answer them as best I can below. The questions have been edited for clarity Do you at Hashrocket pair as a strict practice, or is it just for training new developers? ...

  • Integration Testing Phoenix With Wallaby | The

    hashrocket.com 05 Jan '17, 2pm

    Integration tests are used for behavior description and feature delivery. From the test-writer's perspective, they are often seen as a capstone, or, to the outside-in school, an initial 10,000-foot description of the landscape. At Hashrocket we've been perusing the integration testing...

  • Top Tweets of 2016 with Elixir and Ecto | The

    hashrocket.com 03 Feb '17, 6pm

    - 226 - "Elixir v1.2.0 is out - https://t.co/BuULFDtrsm! New guides and official blog post coming out soon. Happy New Year!" - 167 - "Elixir v1.3.0 has been released and welcome @whatyouhide into Elixir's team: https://t.co/aw0aopnXxn" - 163 - "Plug v1.2.0-rc.0 is out! Featuring safer...

  • Pairing in Practice | The

    hashrocket.com 13 Dec '16, 3pm

    Two Keyboards, Two Mice, One Monitor. This is a little bit of what pairing looks like in practice, constant discussion, trials, rollbacks, re-thinks all looking for a best solution. An all-day coding marathon every day that reduces unwelcome pauses in momentum. Agreements Agreements a...

  • Introducing bdubs.vim | The

    hashrocket.com 15 Dec '16, 4pm

    I'm excited to announce my latest edition to our Hashrocket toolbelt, bdubs.vim . For years, our dotmatrix setup has included a Vim plugin called bufonly.vim . This plugin is not exactly essential, but definitely a very handy addition to our Vim workflow. It allows us to delete all th...

    1. m rubygems.org 14 Dec '16, 4pm


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