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  • Test your #Sistar knowledge! 4 unexpected things you might not know about @sistarsistar

    4 unexpected things you might not know about K-pop group Sistar

    herworldplus.com 02 Jul '15, 10am

    (L-R): Dasom, Bora, Hyolyn and Soyou of Sistar. Image: Skechers Sistar might be one of the hottest girl groups in Korean pop right now, but there is more to these lithe and sexy K-Pop stars than you might thing; in fact, one of them probably knows more Judo than the average Korean ido...

  • Thanks for coming to visit us Her World Singapore!!

    5 reasons to make Fremantle your next travel destination

    herworldplus.com 02 Jul '15, 1am

    A city so rich in culture and history wouldn’t be complete without a few iconic festivals to call their own. Now in its 109th year, the Fremantle Festival is packed with exciting line-ups and happenings, one of which is the Fremantle Street Arts Festival , also one of the Australia’s ...

  • Find out the 4 best #beauty tips from a #makeup #expert

    4 best tips from a makeup expert

    herworldplus.com 01 Jul '15, 9am

    As part of his glamorous job as Estee Lauder’s director of global makeup artistry, Blair Patterson has spent the last few years travelling the world to work on looks for New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. He’s also got his finger on the pulse of makeup trends, so he can work with the b...

  • A whimsical Disney-themed wedding

    Priscilla and Zhibin's whimsical Disney-themed wedding

    herworldplus.com 01 Jul '15, 12am

    PHOTO: HER WORLD BRIDES JUNE 2015 Priscilla Teo, 28, and Zhang Zhibin, 31, had a whimsical wedding with a fairy-tale theme. She tells us: "Our fairy-tale-themed wedding featured red, pink and cream hues, as well as decor elements alluding to our favourite stories such as Beauty and th...

  • 2 #easy #tips to curl your #hair & make it last ALL DAY in #Singapore!

    2 tips you need to curl your hair & make it last all day in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 30 Jun '15, 9am

    Curling hair in humid ol’ Singapore can seem like an exercise in futility: Full and flouncy one moment, deflated and dejected the second you step out into the searing heat. Don’t let the scorching climate cramp your style. Here’s how to beat the heat and stand head over shoulders abov...

  • Get these stylish espadrilles all under $200!

    11 pairs of comfortable espadrilles flats under $200 to buy now

    herworldplus.com 29 Jun '15, 10am

    Luxury brands like Chanel and Celine have created a huge frenzy among the fashion elite with their modernized and refined versions of the jute rope soled shoes. However, I held back from jumping on this shoe wagon because I could not justify paying more than $800 for a pair of canvas ...

  • #GoldenMelody See what #JolinTsai, #JayChou & more wore to awards night!

    What Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai and more wore to the 26th Golden Melody Awards

    herworldplus.com 29 Jun '15, 10am

    It’s Taiwan’s answer to the Grammys — so it’s no surprise to see these Mandopop stars go all out to dress up for the red carpet at the 26th Golden Melody Awards. Held at the Taipei Arena on June 27, 2015, the top awards of the night went to Eason Chan and A-Mei; the stars took home th...

  • There's nothing boring about a pencil skirt: #simplyhersg #fashion #pencilskirt

    Three ways to dress up your pencil skirt

    herworldplus.com 29 Jun '15, 12am

    Pair a comfortable sweatshirt with a colour-blocked pencil skirt for an unexpected combination. Complete the look with sleek accessories and chunky-heeled sandals. - Polyester-blend sweater, $69.90, from H&M - PU leather skirt, $89.90, from Exhibit - Polyester cord and metal necklace,...

  • Getting fresh seafood and meats is as easy as going online: #simplyhersg #simplyherfood

    Order fresh produce from these online specialist grocers

    herworldplus.com 28 Jun '15, 3pm

    FOR JAPANESE NOSH Zairyo www.zairyo.sg A supplier of fresh food to Japanese restaurants in Singapore for the past decade, Zairyo expanded their business by going online last November. Flown in twice weekly, most of their Japanese produce is sourced from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market, o...

  • Read before your next colouring job: #simplyhersg #haircolour

    Dare to dye

    herworldplus.com 28 Jun '15, 6am

    To deposit colour, hair dye has to break through the hair cuticle. When the hair cuticle is damaged, the hair shaft is left open and vulnerable to damage. This can be worsened by the peroxide in many hair dye formulations, leaving tresses rough and parched.

  • Roger Vivier to open Singapore store at Takashimaya #hot #shoelover #fashion #shoeaholic

    Roger Vivier to open Singapore store at Takashimaya

    herworldplus.com 28 Jun '15, 5am

    Roger Vivier at Takashimaya. ALL PHOTOS: ROGER VIVIER It’s rare not to spot Roger Vivier shoes on the red carpet — the designer shoe brand continues to be a hot favourite with celebrities the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet and many more. This November, the namesake shoe lab...

  • Try this popular TCM remedy for dry coughs: #simplyhersg #TCM #health

    Soothe a dry cough with figs

    herworldplus.com 28 Jun '15, 12am

    WHAT IT IS: Figs grow on the ficus tree, which is a member of the mulberry family. With about 750 species of figs worldwide, they are eaten either fresh or dried. The fruit, known as wuhuaguo in Chinese, contains significant amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. The Ency...

  • These handheld vacuums can clean up just about any mess: #simplyhersg #roadtest #vacuums

    REVIEW: Four new easy-to-use handheld vacuums for your household

    herworldplus.com 27 Jun '15, 6am

    Its nozzle isn’t as slim as the crevice tools of the other vacuums, which may make it tricky accessing the nooks and crannies in the car. There’s the option of using it as an upright vacuum by attaching extension tubes and a floor nozzle ($32.90, includes extension tubes and floor noz...

  • Six quirky accessories to jazz up any outfit

    herworldplus.com 27 Jun '15, 12am

    Have a little fun with quirky accessories - they're perfect for casual Fridays and relaxing weekends. 1 Asos acrylic bag, $85, from www.asos.com 2 PU leather bag, $19.90, from New Look 3 Resin earrings, $105, from Bimba Y Lola 4 Resin bracelet, $160, from Bimba Y Lola 5 Glass stone, e...

  • 7 super cool sneakers under $200 that go with any outfit

    herworldplus.com 26 Jun '15, 5pm

    Sneakers have been trending for a couple of seasons now, and a lot of people are wondering if the sneaker trend is here to stay. 2014 was the year when the humble sneaker rose to prominence, becoming the ‘IT’ footwear item all fashionistas must have. People could get away with wearing...

  • Add this to your list of restaurants to check out! #gordonramsay #breadstreetkitchen

    Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen is officially open

    herworldplus.com 26 Jun '15, 3pm

    Towards the end of an hour-long interview, Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay lets slip something jaw-dropping and ridiculous at the same time. The 48-year-old declares he is going to retire in two years' time, when he is 50. He plans to buy a fishing boat and sail around the waters of Singa...

  • How to find out what’s causing your oily scalp problem via @herworldsg

    How to find out what’s causing your oily scalp problem |

    herworldplus.com 26 Jun '15, 10am

    No matter the event, any meeting with a hair expert in Singapore usually ends up with someone asking: “How can I deal with an oily scalp and dry hair?” It was the same situation when I met Alterna Haircare’s Global Creative Director, Michael Shaun Corby, who like me, had much to say a...

  • WATCH: This young hawker shares why she quit her MNC job to run a prawn noodle stall

    Why this Singapore woman quit her MNC job to sell prawn noodles

    herworldplus.com 26 Jun '15, 7am

    LI RUIFANG, 31 She sells hundreds of bowls of piping hot prawn noodles a day. Affectionately known to friends as hei mee soh (“prawn mee auntie” in Hokkien), this third-generation hawker serves prawn noodles at Tekka Food Centre – just look for 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles (#01-326) and ...

  • WATCH VID & SEE PICS: Stefanie Sun @Stefsunyanzi on being a celeb mum & a Twitter queen

    Stefanie Sun on being a celeb mum and a Twitter queen

    herworldplus.com 24 Jun '15, 2am

    Stefanie Sun , the cover girl of Her World July 2015 – it’s our special 55th birthday edition ! 1. How do you stay grounded in your chaotic life? “Sometimes, I find chaos very comforting. Like, there is no need for perfection. That in itself is perfect for me. But yeah, it takes a lot...

  • 4 basic steps for appreciating olive oil

    4 basic steps for appreciating olive oil

    herworldplus.com 23 Jun '15, 1pm

    Tasting tips provided by Count Francesco Miari Fulcis, owner of the Laudemio production at Fattoria Di Maiano - an olive oil estate featured as one of Trafalgar's Be My Guest experiences in Tuscany . When tasting extra virgin olive oil it's very important to take note of the following...

  • #TravelTuesday 5 affordable ways to eat like a local in Tokyo

    5 affordable ways to eat like a local in Tokyo

    herworldplus.com 23 Jun '15, 2am

    Enjoy an authentic dining experience in the Japanese capital without paying premium prices. Nicola Iseard picks up some top tips from Tyler Palma, a tour guide for Inside Japan Tours. How to eat well, like the locals do; you won't bust your budget either! Image: Kzenon/ 123RF.com With...

  • 50 Singapore-inspired dishes you must try from these 50 restaurants:

    50 Singapore dishes you must try from Singapore restaurants soon!

    herworldplus.com 23 Jun '15, 2am

    A dish that will be served during Singapore Restaurant Month is Timbre’s Laksa Marinated Crispy Barramundi. Image: Timbre Group As Singapore marks her golden jubliee this year , the city of foodies is celebrating in a big way with food. For the inaugural Singapore Restaurant Month, wh...

  • One Margarita can have up to 700 calories in it! Watch what you drink to prevent weight gain.

    Did you know that a glass of Margaritas contains up to 700 calories?

    herworldplus.com 23 Jun '15, 2am

    We all know to watch the amount of calories we have in the foods we choose. But many of us probably don’t take the same approach when it comes to alcohol. While it’s not realistic to never have a cocktail or a bottle of your favourite beer, the types of alcohol you choose to drink cou...

  • You have to witness these amazing sceneries at least once in your life!

    7 best rail journeys in the world you have to experience

    herworldplus.com 23 Jun '15, 2am

    These amazing 7 train journeys boasts fabulous to die for sceneries that you should witness at least once in your life British writer and journalist Michael Williams tells you what are the seven best rail trips in the world in his new book — The Trains Now Departed. 1. The Venice-Simp...

  • #styletips 5 easy ways for office ladies to wear a statement skirt

    5 easy ways for office ladies to wear a statement skirt

    herworldplus.com 22 Jun '15, 5am

    It may seem counterintuitive to wear a statement piece to the office, but there are ways to make it work. The statement skirt for instance, can be more versatile and work-friendly than you might think. Basically three rules apply for office skirts: The length, the silhouette and mater...

  • 3 Singapore women show off their ballgown collections worth thousands

    3 Singapore women show off their ballgown collections worth thousands

    herworldplus.com 22 Jun '15, 4am

    It may seem risky to go online and drop thousands of dollars on an evening gown, but lawyer Min-Li Tan has amassed a collection of more than 20 gowns in this fashion. With an astute eye for style and good deals, her online shopping jaunts have reaped gems such as a Zac Posen bustier g...

  • The Executive Mod Mini by This Is Ground holds all your work and entertainment essentials:

    Organise your phone, tablet, USB cords and more with this leather case

    herworldplus.com 21 Jun '15, 12am

    If you find yourself constantly fumbling with your smartphone, tablet, namecards, notebook and what have you, this sleek leather folio from This is Ground will have you well sorted out. This stylish 100 per cent leather carrying case has handy pockets to hold all your work essentials,...

  • Four super buys for super-chic peepers #simplyhersg #beauty #eyemakeup

    Update your eye makeup for just $23

    herworldplus.com 20 Jun '15, 3pm

    NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette, $17, provides six shades to cover imperfections like dark circles and brightens your skin tone. For example, use green to tone down redness caused by sunburn and purple to perk up sallowness. Apply with a finger or brush. Available at Sephora st...

  • Easy ways to get out of credit card debt

    herworldplus.com 20 Jun '15, 6am

    May*, a human resource consultant, made $2,500 a month. And she was $100,000 in debt . When the bachelorette, then 32, sought help from Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) several years ago, she had splurged on overseas trips, shopping, renovation and furnishings that resulted in the s...

  • Need a pick-me-up? Wind down with this breezy, orchid tea-infused #cocktail: #recipe

    Make this easy and delicious orchid tea-infused cocktail

    herworldplus.com 20 Jun '15, 12am

    Impress guests at your next barbecue with this breezy, tea-infused cocktail. Yum Seng cocktail Recipe courtesy of and Halia and Gardens Shop at Singapore Botanic Gardens INGREDIENTS ½ tbsp Orchid Red Tea* 50ml lemon juice 45ml Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum** 15ml grenadine*** crushed ice 3 ...