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  • JulKev Tang Joanna Lee Jacqueline Loh

    Chanel bag prices to be lowered in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 24 Mar '15, 2pm

    Yes, you heard me right: Our favourite French fashion house Chanel has confirmed that it would increase prices in Europe while slashing them in Asia to reduce the growing price difference between the stores in the two regions. Chanel’s president of fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky said that w...

  • Get free shipping for your Taobao purchases from now till 29 March! #taobao #65daigou #onlineshopping

    Get free shipping from Taobao with 65daigou.com!

    herworldplus.com 18 Mar '15, 12am

    Are you addicted to online shopping on Taobao? You'll be glad to hear that shipping agent 65daigou is waiving international shipping charges from the Chinese e-commerce giant from now till 29 March. This means you'll get to splurge more on products, while saving on shipping fees! Besi...

  • Changing #hairstyle? 3 #tips on how to cut, style & maintain your #KOREAN bob #HAIRCUT!

    3 tips on how to cut, style & maintain your Korean bob haircut!

    herworldplus.com 17 Mar '15, 8am

    A "kut" above: Presenting the K-Bob! Image: www.pinterest.com/pin/500321839826244799 WHAT IS IT? Looking to lop off your locks for the next quarter of this work-year? Try the cool new Korean-style bob for maximum fabulousness and minimum fuss. Sounds good, right? Before you bust out t...

  • OH, NO. #JackieChan’s daughter calls #police to arrest #Mum. LATEST DETAILS:

    Oh no! Jackie Chan’s daughter calls police to arrest Mum |

    herworldplus.com 17 Mar '15, 8am

    The mother-daughter duo, in happier times. Sigh. Image: ST file/ Apple Da ily Boy, we didn’t see this coming. Will Jackie Chan ever stop having to fret over family? Fans of the stalwart stuntman, brace yourself for the saddest shenanigans ever, this time involving an allegedly abusive...

  • Great news! @casesg will publish a list of cancellation charges for #wedding packages.

    Hotels’ policy for wedding package cancellations to be listed online |

    herworldplus.com 17 Mar '15, 8am

    PHOTOGRAPHY VERNON WONG, ART DIRECTION & STYLING SALLY HO, STYLING ASSISTANT & TEXT MICHELLE LEE. SINGAPORE - Singapore’s consumer watchdog intends to publish online a list of cancellation charges for wedding packages at various hotels here, in a bid to urge them to be more transparen...

  • 14 places to go for Korean-style desserts in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 17 Mar '15, 1am

    Those living in the west can head to JCube's J-Avenue for some Korean desserts. Highlights include patbingsu ($6.80) with azuki beans, almond, cornflakes, rice cakes and jelly, topped with vanilla ice cream; and choco-banana ($8.80) with bananas, crushed cookie, wafer sticks and doubl...

  • 14 places to go for Korean-style desserts in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 17 Mar '15, 1am

    Those living in the west can head to JCube's J-Avenue for some Korean desserts. Highlights include patbingsu ($6.80) with azuki beans, almond, cornflakes, rice cakes and jelly, topped with vanilla ice cream; and choco-banana ($8.80) with bananas, crushed cookie, wafer sticks and doubl...

  • Love #treatment #essences! :) This one says it'll #smooth and #brighten in 2 weeks. Really?

    Try this treatment essence to brighten skin and prevent ageing

    herworldplus.com 16 Mar '15, 11am

    Treatment essence fans, here’s a new one put on your list to try. Kiehl’s is releasing a new Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence this May, and it’s said to strengthen and smoothen out skin that’s beginning to age. Amongst other hydrating ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, t...

  • Love sheet #masks? Here's how to make them work even better for the best #brightening results!

    Correct way to use face masks for the best brightening results

    herworldplus.com 16 Mar '15, 10am

    We’ve gone crazy over sheet masks in the last few years. Yes, I’m looking at you, 20-pack buyers. (All right, I admit, I’ve bought a lot more.) But the point is, sheet masks have turned into a definite must-have for us beauty junkies; whether it’s cotton, hydo-gel or bio-cellulose, we...

  • This #trick is the best way to REMOVE #BLACKHEADS for smaller #pores! Try it TONIGHT, yo:

    This trick is the best way to remove blackheads for smaller pores

    herworldplus.com 16 Mar '15, 10am

    Peel-off strips are the best beauty remedy for our obsession with pore size. What’s more, this pore-purging pleasure can be made even more effective with a neat trick involving baking soda and water – some say up to twice as many blackheads can be lopped off with this beauty hack. Int...

  • Is your skin out of sync? This new gel moisturiser might just help to calm your stressed skin.

    Try this new quick-fix gel to calm your stressed skin

    herworldplus.com 16 Mar '15, 2am

    A new moisturiser for calming stressed skin has been added to Shiseido's Ibuki line, which is targeted at women in their early 20s to early 30s. Called the Multi Solution Gel ($57, from Shiseido counters), it is made to balance skin that is troubled and dehydrated from stress, late ni...

  • Is your #blusher making your #face look fat?! How to wear it the right way:

    Are you applying blusher correctly for your face shape?

    herworldplus.com 09 Mar '15, 9am

    The big beauty conundrum: Blusher on cheekbones or apples of your cheeks? Do a cursory Google search on “how to wear blusher” and you’ll find any number of experts extolling the virtues of applying it to the apples. But is this “correct” – or are you making a complete cosmetics clown ...

  • Just "soaked off" your #gel nails? Here's how to restore your #nails to their #healthy state!

    How to keep brittle and damaged nails healthy after a gel manicure

    herworldplus.com 09 Mar '15, 7am

    Now that Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are well over, gel manicures are starting to expire, given that they only last about a maximum of about three weeks. La Perla Haute Couture Spring 15 Every gel nail lover knows how uneven and brittle nails tend to be after a “soak off”. Ju...

  • Get your nails done and support good cause

    Get your nails done and support a good cause at the same time

    herworldplus.com 09 Mar '15, 5am

    One of the latest nail salons in town, The Nail Social, at 42A Haji Lane, lets you do good while you get your monthly manicures. Started by entrepreneurs Cheryl Ou, 32, and Germaine Monteiro, 28, the salon offers single mothers and women from low-income households full-time employment...

  • 9 unexpected gelato flavours to try at Gelato World Tour 2015

    Singapore rich kid of Instagram to sell designer shoes and bags for charity

    herworldplus.com 09 Mar '15, 3am

    Kane Lim and the designer buys that he is putting up on sale soon, to raise funds for the Singapore Red Cross. All Images: The New Paper/ Choo Chwee Hua He made headlines last year with his customised Ferrari and his branded shoe collection worth at least half a million dollars. Now, ...

  • Our fashion editor Ian Lee proves #ParisFashionWeek is worth the hype!

    8 things that prove Paris Fashion Week is worth the hype

    herworldplus.com 09 Mar '15, 2am

    There was no rest for top labels and fashion insiders as the Fall Winter 2015 shows went on over the weekend. Fashion Editor Ian Lee shares the highlights...

  • Australia's leading multivitamin brand has just reached our shores! #swisse #vitamins #health

    You can now buy Swisse multivitamins in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 07 Mar '15, 12am

    Move over, Blackmores and Nature's Way. Leading Australian multivitamin brand, Swisse, has just arrived on our shores, with over 40 premium products in its repertory. We're big fans of its signature Swisse Women's Ultivite, which contains over 50 vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxid...

  • You'll love these awesome #moisturisers - they deeply hydrate skin without leaving it sticky or greasy! #beauty

    3 rich moisturisers to try (that won't make your skin feel sticky)!

    herworldplus.com 06 Mar '15, 6am

    On days where your lightweight creams and gel moisturisers are just not enough, slather on a richer moisturiser that gives the skin deep hydration without leaving it sticky or greasy. Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream, $43 (50ml) , is made with antioxidant-rich Jeju Orchid extracts from...

  • These 6 gorgeous insta-worthy #desserts will draw the oohs, ahhs and "likes" with every bite. #simplyherfood

    6 best Instagram-worthy desserts in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 05 Mar '15, 3pm

    We're all guilty of putting our meal on hold while we snap pictures of it from every possible angle. Here are six gorgeous desserts that will draw the oohs, ahhs and "likes" not only from every bite, but also on your Instagram post. This deconstructed Strawberry "Shortcake" ($12.50) c...

  • Thanks Her World Singapore for including my how to wear coloured mascara tips!...

    5 Tips on how to wear coloured mascara and best colours for Asian skin

    herworldplus.com 05 Mar '15, 10am

    #1 PURPLES, PINKS AND GREENS ARE THE BEST FOR BROWN EYES Not sure what colour to get? Ask your beauty consultant to test purple, pink and green on your eyes. Andrea says that these colours suit brown eyes the best. Try Tom Ford Beauty’s Extreme Mascara in Black Plum and Teal Intense. ...

  • DIY idea: How to make your jelly shoes candy-cute

    DIY idea: How to make your jelly shoes candy-cute

    herworldplus.com 02 Mar '15, 4am

    Customised Melissa shoes by Singapore illustrator teeteeheehee. All images: Melissa You loved these customised Melissa shoe styles by Singapore illustrator Teresa Lim (also known as teeteeheehee ) when we’d shared them on Instagram but sadly, these aren't for sale. Still, you can alwa...

  • So pretty! The #Cinderella movie-inspired makeup and accessories to buy, stat!

    So pretty! Cinderella movie-inspired makeup and accessories to buy

    herworldplus.com 02 Mar '15, 4am

    We've all seen the first teaser pic in January ; now it's time to shortlist your must-buys, as this limited edition set reaches Singapore shores this month. From the sheer glittery lip gloss to the almost ‘nude’ lippie, is it a coincidence that all of these makeup colours are so offic...

  • Is #pink too girly, and #red too bold for your lips? You need to try these #coral #lipsticks.

    5 Best coral lipsticks for Asian skin tones

    herworldplus.com 02 Mar '15, 3am

    Coral, or pinkish-orange, lipsticks add a soft flush of colour to the face and are flattering on most complexions. Mark & Estel New York Spring 15 If you find pink too boring, and red too bold, coral strikes the perfect balance. Looking to make a statement? Try deep coral, an orangey-...

  • Valentino flagship opening in Hong Kong

    herworldplus.com 01 Mar '15, 9am

    SEE PHOTOS: Valentino celebrated the opening of its largest store in Hong Kong with a star-studded bash on February 5, 2015. K-pop stars Siwon Choi of Super Junior, Tiffany Hwang of Girls' Generation, Fan Bingbing, Carina Lau, Bosco Wong, Pakho Chau, Wyman Wong and Hilary Tsui were ju...

  • This useful guide tackles your most-asked questions about choosing #homeappliances! #household #tips

    Your essential guide to choosing home appliances

    herworldplus.com 01 Mar '15, 6am

    How do you choose essential home appliances? Size, design and budget aside, we tackle the most often-asked questions. OVEN Is it better the more expensive it is? Not necessarily. Expensive makes come with more features that you might not need. It is more important to consider how you'...

  • Whipped cream with… chicken? And beer? Just some of our fav dishes at newly opened Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory!

    4 MUST-TRY dishes at Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory!

    herworldplus.com 01 Mar '15, 12am

    The chimaek culture – a portmanteau of "chi" from chicken, and maek-ju (Korean for beer) – is big here, and not just among K-fans. Because, who could say no to crispy, juicy fried chicken with ice-cold beer? Latest on the chimaek bandwagon is Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (fun fact...

  • What went down at the #HerWorldBeautyAwards2015, @dimsumdollies included! Check it out, yo:

    All the action at the Her World Beauty Awards 2015!

    herworldplus.com 27 Feb '15, 8am

    #ThrowBackThursday: The delectable Dim Sum Dollies hamming it up as samsui women! All images: Sabrina Tiong Beauty people, we take it that you’ve clicked through our complete winners’ list of the suite of serums, sunscreens and styling products that we’re loving this year. If you have...

  • #Grooms, if you can't tell the difference between a #tuxedo and #suit, this guide's for you.

    A guide to wedding attire for grooms

    herworldplus.com 27 Feb '15, 6am

    If you're set on having a formal wedding ceremony or reception in the day, the morning suit is your best bet. The six-piece ensemble comprises a morning coat (with tails), waist coat, striped or checked trousers, a shirt, a handkerchief or pocket square, and black Oxford shoes or dres...

  • We're crazy about this soft shell crab #lohei from #ThaiExpress. Try it fast - it's only available till March 5! #CNY

    One lo hei platter you MUST try before CNY ends

    herworldplus.com 27 Feb '15, 2am

    Luxe and creative platters from hotels are pricey; those from zi char stalls and casual eateries were uninspiring. An inexpensive yet good yusheng seemed an impossibility, until I tried the Soft Shell Crab Lo Hei ($22.80++) from ThaiExpress, thanks to a complimentary media voucher. Te...

  • Television sweethearts #NickyWu and #LiuShishi announce their potential #wedding date!

    Wedding for Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi possible only at end of 2015

    herworldplus.com 27 Feb '15, 1am

    Television sweethearts Nicky Wu (left) and Liu Shishi will hold their wedding at the end of the year at the earliest. -- PHOTO: WEIBO/WUQILONG BEIJING - Television sweethearts Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi, who announced their marriage in January this year , will hold their wedding at the e...