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  • Save these #recipes for your next #barbecue party: #simplyhersg

    Six simple meat and seafood recipes for a BBQ feast

    herworldplus.com 28 Jul '15, 3pm

    1 Mix the olive oil, lemon juice, harissa and garlic cloves in a large bowl. Add the chicken wings and coat them evenly with the mixture. Chill overnight. 2 Grill the chicken wings, the meatier side down first, for 10min. Flip over and cook for another 5min. 3 To make the preserved le...

  • You'll want to check out these 16 best #SG50 #food and #dining #deals around #Singapore!

    16 best SG50 food and dining deals for every taste and budget

    herworldplus.com 27 Jul '15, 11am

    This year, to celebrate SG50, The Clifford Pier has collaborated with local F&B personality Shermay Lee to bring her specially curated menu to the restaurant for all to enjoy.The menu will include dishes from Mrs Lee Chin Koon, Mrs Leong Yee Soo and Mrs Ellice Handy, three extremely e...

  • #Travelling to places with poor #hygiene? Here are 4 #travel must-haves, for all #germophobes:

    4 must-haves when travelling to places with poor hygiene

    herworldplus.com 27 Jul '15, 7am

    More than half of the Singapore women we surveyed avoid travelling to places with poor hygiene. Here, we suggest four travel must-haves for germophobes Image: Tan Wei Te, Art direction: Alice Chua #1 IODINE PILLS These chemical tablets help to purify water by killing bacteria like gia...

  • This woman tells us what it's like to be a #lawyer in #Singapore and why she #loves her job:

    What it's like to be a successful young lawyer in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 27 Jul '15, 5am

    KOH SWEE YEN, 33 At 28, she became a partner at one of Singapore’s Big Four law firms, making her one of the youngest lawyers to do so. According to this lawyer who graduated with first class honours from the National University of Singapore, the legal world has changed. “It’s become ...

  • Make pasta and Asian noodles in 15 minutes with this noodle maker: #review #roadtest #joyoungnoodlemaker

    REVIEW: The Joyoung noodle maker makes pasta in minutes

    herworldplus.com 27 Jul '15, 12am

    JOYOUNG NOODLE MAKER $268, from Robinsons WHAT IT IS A machine that kneads dough for noodles and churns it out into strands. Just place flour and liquid (water, eggs, vegetable juice or fruit juice) into the compartment and leave them to mix (for about four minutes) before strands of ...

  • Spice up your next date with hubby with these interesting ideas: #simplyhersg #relationship

    11 unique date-night ideas in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '15, 3pm

    Embrace your inner Spiderman and head to the Singapore Sports Hub for a spot of rock climbing . Its indoor rock wall is the tallest air-conditioned sports climbing venue here and has sections for both beginner and veteran climbers. It’s a good way to stay in shape and have fun at the ...

  • Calvin Klein Shanghai launch with Kim Woo Bin

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '15, 12pm

    SEE PHOTOS: K-Drama dreamboat and Calvin Klein muse Kim Woo Bin landed in Shanghai on June 27, 2015 to grace the Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry Autumn Winter 2015 launch event. Woo Bin, who shot to fame in the Korean TV drama The Heirs, was all smiles in a suave suit as he showed off ...

  • Get the best credit card deals islandwide at your fingertips: #simplyhersg #Getdeals #creditcards #app

    Search for the best credit card deals in Singapore with this new app

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '15, 6am

    Credit card junkies will love personal finance comparison website Get.com ’s new Getdeals mobile app, which enables consumers to search for credit card offers based on their current location. There are over 2,300 credit card deals from all major banks in Singapore featured on the app,...

  • These three #waterproofmakeup items will keep you looking fresh all day! #beauty #tarte #stila #clio

    Switch to waterproof makeup

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '15, 12am

    Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Celebrated, $47 Add a tinge of pink to your complexion with a light dusting over the apples of your cheeks. Amazonian clay not only mops up excess oil for a flawless finish, it also replenishes nutrients to leave skin glowing. Clio Gelpresso Water...

  • Roast #vegetables like a chef - every time. #roastvegetables #cooking #tips

    How to roast vegetables to perfection

    herworldplus.com 25 Jul '15, 3pm

    Cut vegetables into even chunks so they cook evenly. But note that the smaller the pieces, the faster they roast - so keep an eye on them or they'll get burnt. * Avoid tossing vegetables with honey or anything with a high sugar content before roasting, or you may end up burning them. ...

  • Her 20-year marriage fell apart in a way she never would've imagined: #simplyhersg #relationship #truestory

    TRUE STORY: "My husband dumped me for another man"

    herworldplus.com 25 Jul '15, 6am

    "Nick* and I met in university, fell in love and tied the knot – our children are now young adults. I thought we had the perfect marriage, the perfect family and the perfect life – until two years ago, when I found out that Nick had been cheating on me… with another man. A RUDE SHOCK ...

  • We get experts to answer the questions you've never really dared to ask: #simplyhersg #health

    Eight things you need to know about your vagina

    herworldplus.com 25 Jul '15, 12am

    Vaginal health is an important part of our overall well-being. Here, our experts answer eight questions you've always wanted to ask - but never dared to. How do I know if my discharge is normal? “While vaginal discharge is usually colourless and not associated with itchiness or smells...

  • Here are 5 more reasons to visit newly-minted UNESCO Heritage Site: #SingaporeBotanicGardens

    Five best spots for a quiet stroll at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

    herworldplus.com 24 Jul '15, 3pm

    Mandy Lim Beitler shares more about the quieter parts of this much-loved national treasure, which has just been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marsh Garden A short distance from Tanglin Gate is an idyllic oasis surrounded by patches of verdant tropical greenery. While awas...

  • #Mandopop star #JolinTsai will perform the popular banned song at her #concert this weekend:

    Jolin Tsai to sing banned song live in Singapore

    herworldplus.com 24 Jul '15, 5am

    Sexy concert outfits are a "must" for Jolin Tsai (above). Image: Super Dome Production The song and music video for Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai's We're All Different, Yet The Same, are banned on television and radio in Singapore for their homosexual content. But fans will be able to h...

  • Real brides share some really useful tips and advice you should include in your to-do list!

    Brides' Advice: Things we forget while prepping for our wedding

    herworldplus.com 23 Jul '15, 6am

    Real brides share some really useful tips and advice PHOTO: HER WORLD BRIDES SEPT - NOV 2013 Dressing Right "If your gown is low-cut, check during the fitting, that you don't flash too much. Otherwise guests will get more than an eyeful." — Anne 27 "A big gown is grand but make sure i...

  • This space-saving porcelain milk jug and cup set stacks away as a milk 'bottle':

    Save space with this stackable milk jug and cup set

    herworldplus.com 21 Jul '15, 3pm

    Ingenious and functional, this stackable porcelain milk bottle is actually four teacups, a milk jug and a sugar bowl – it’s perfect homeware for small spaces.

  • #BigBangMadeinSG is over, but you can #relive it with these #hilarious #videos of the #boys!

    10 funniest Instagram moments at Big Bang’s Made concert in Singapore |

    herworldplus.com 20 Jul '15, 12pm

    Youngest member Seungri displayed his newfound Mandarin skills in what looked like a minute and a half-long segment during the show. During which the singer had set off screams and cheers from the crowd by saying: “I think the girls in Singapore are the prettiest! Am I right? T.O.P, a...

  • Congratulations Denise Keller on your wedding! Behind the scenes at #BanyanTreeUngasan.

    CELEBRITY BRIDE: More details on Denise Keller's Bali wedding

    herworldplus.com 15 Jul '15, 10am

    The reception The couple had an intimate ceremony and reception with 70 of their close friends and family at the Banyan Tree Ungasan . The beachfront resort conjures up images of sheer tropical luxury with its spacious villas, plush facilities and lovely wedding venues overlooking the...

  • #HongKong noodle chain Mak's #noodle finally opens its #Singapore outlet at The Centrepoint!

    Hong Kong noodle chain Mak's Noodle opens Singapore outlet

    herworldplus.com 13 Jul '15, 5am

    Chef Chan For Kam (right) heads Mak's Noodle's flagship outlet at The Centrepoint. Image: Yeo Kai Wen After a delay in getting its Hong Kong head chef's work permit approved, the famous Mak's Noodle - one of the must-eat dishes in Hong Kong on every foodie's list - has opened its firs...

  • These nifty gadgets help make office life a breeze: #simplyhersg #work #gadgets

    Four stylish, high-tech work gadgets for your office

    herworldplus.com 12 Jul '15, 6am

    We love these nifty gadgets that make office life so much better. For working the core This balance board will help you stand for longer periods at your standing desk . Its controlled see-saw motion activates your core muscles and trains your balance, while improving circulation. Loca...

  • Seafood, vegetables and rice come together in this easy-to-prepare gumbo: #simplyhersg

    An easy one-pot seafood gumbo rice recipe for dinner

    herworldplus.com 12 Jul '15, 12am

    1. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the onions and garlic, and stir-fry until golden brown. 2. Add the white wine, bell peppers, rice, and all the herbs and seasoning, and stir until well-mixed. 3. Slowly pour the chicken stock over the rice, stirring occasionally to prevent the rice from s...

  • Does hubby sound like a foghorn every night? Help him (and you) sleep better with these tips: #snoring

    Six ways to stop snoring

    herworldplus.com 11 Jul '15, 3pm

    Prevent or reduce snoring with these simple tips from Dr Kenny Pang, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at the Asia Sleep Centre at Paragon. Lose weight Increased tissue bulk in the mouth and neck of obese people narrows the airway. In addition, a large abdomen pushes up the diaphragm an...

  • Get your brows right with this easy-peasy guide! #simplyherbeauty #beauty #shapeeyebrows

    4 easy ways to shape your eyebrows

    herworldplus.com 11 Jul '15, 6am

    No time for an appointment with the pro? Shape your arcs with this easy-peasy four-step guide. 1. To groom the inner corners of your brows Hold a pencil eyeliner against the middle of the nostril so that the tip intersects the inner corner of your brow. Mark the spot with a brow penci...

  • Try these new takes on #yoga if you feel like giving your practice a boost: #exercise

    6 new yoga variations to jazz up your workout routine

    herworldplus.com 11 Jul '15, 12am

    #02-01, 104 Amoy Street, tel: 6423-9913. www.samasthah.com HOW MUCH $39 for a drop-in class; $299 for a 10-class package. WHAT IT IS A progressive class that's great for both newbies or seasoned yogis. Rope yoga, or Yoga Kurunta, as it's traditionally known, uses sturdy ropes hanging ...

  • Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. Here are 7 scalp-loving treatments to check out.

    Seven hair spa treatments for strong, shiny, healthy hair

    herworldplus.com 10 Jul '15, 3pm

    Kento Special Spa/Hair Loss Treatment $180 for 45min. Branche, #B1-33 Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road, tel: 6702-3036, www.branche.sg After a quick scalp analysis, spa technical officer and stylist Kento concluded that my slightly oily scalp showed signs of fatigue and hair thinning,...

  • This lady became a millionaire at 28!

    herworldplus.com 10 Jul '15, 10am

    Like giving up a child The truth was, it wasn’t quite the happily-ever-after that most people imagined it to be. “[The acquisition] wasn’t an easy decision,” admits Qing Ru. “I spent seven years building the company with my blood, sweat and tears. Then, I had to let it go.” After sign...

  • Flash this page at Fresh boutique at Ion to redeem a deluxe Rose Face Mask 20ml!

    Your favourite face mask turns 15 with an exciting collaboration!

    herworldplus.com 09 Jul '15, 8am

    5 things you need to know about Fresh Rose Face Mask Of course, Fresh fans can look forward to the same superbly soothing formula within each limited edition jar. If you’re new to the party, don’t fret! Now is as good a time as any to get acquainted with this cult cosmetic favourite: ...

  • 17 new skincare products for every brightening concern

    herworldplus.com 08 Jul '15, 7pm

    Rids dark spots and pigmentation Shiseido Vital-perfection White Circulator Serum (price unavailable). Reduce the look of age spots with this serum. We love how the gel formula transforms into a silky lotion when applied and leaves skin instantly glowy. Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyse...

  • 3 reasons why you should catch Sleeping Beauty On Ice

    herworldplus.com 08 Jul '15, 9am

    The fairytale-loving child in you will be excited to know that another of your favourite classics will be coming to life on ice. Sleeping Beauty On Ice comes to the Singapore Mastercard theatres on September 24, 2015. Aside from the beautiful costumes and enchanting music from Tchaiko...

  • DJs @GlennEgoman and #FlyingDutchman are now part of @onefmsg's morning show!

    Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman join ONE FM 91.3

    herworldplus.com 08 Jul '15, 2am

    Popular radio DJs Glenn Ong (left) and The Flying Dutchman have joined SPH Radio station ONE FM 91.3. Image: ONE FM The worst-kept secret in the radio industry here is out: Popular DJs Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman have joined SPH Radio station ONE FM 91.3. They had left MediaCorp...