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  • The Business Strategy Behind Adidas' 'Star Wars' Limited-Edition Sneakers

    inc.com 31 Jul '15, 5pm

    The specialty sneaker market isn't quite as intense as it once was many years ago, but they still remain a force in the fashion market. The trend is heating up again, though, as sneakerheads and Star Wars fans start to rejoice while rocking their very own pair of R2-D2 sneakers. On We...

  • Why Money Is Pouring Into Space Travel and Bitcoin

    inc.com 20 Jul '15, 6pm

    Two of the most controversial industries for startups todays are also experiencing some of the most significant venture capital investment growth, according to a new study by Redpoint Ventures. The study, which was produced by Redpoint partner Tomasz Tunguz and which was the subject o...

  • Jane Birkin Asks Hermes to Take Her Name off Croc Handbag

    inc.com 29 Jul '15, 3pm

    British singer Jane Birkin has asked Hermes to take her name off the crocodile-skin versions of the iconic Birkin handbag, after being contacted by animal rights group PETA over "cruel" slaughtering practices. A PETA video from June shows several reptiles at a Texas farm that supplies...

  • Before Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun Earned His Stripes in Improv

    inc.com 02 Dec '14, 11am

    Editor's Note: Before they were entrepreneurial stars, these founders were regular people with regular jobs. Here, we look at how those early positions helped form today's high-flying entrepreneurs. Adam Braun thinks every child should have access to a quality education . As founder o...

  • The Case for Embracing Bitcoin in the Retail Space (Infographic)

    inc.com 14 Nov '14, 2am

    Bitcoin has seen its fair share of bad press within the past year. First there was the shutdown of the illegal-goods marketplace Silk Road, then the fall of Mt. Gox and now a first-of-its-kind Bitcoin securities fraud case . Nevertheless, some experts recommend that retailers start to...

  • On Reddit AMA Peter Thiel Talks About Success, Uber, and When He'll Care About Bitcoin

    inc.com 12 Sep '14, 12am

    Venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has been on a little bit of a media tour this week (after all he does have a new book to promote). No one's complaining, though, since it's hard to get enough of what the prolific thinker has to say. On Monday he was in San Francisc...

  • Poynt CEO Osama Bedier: The Chicken-and-Egg Problem of Virtual Currency

    inc.com 04 Dec '14, 4am

    Osama Bedier explains how virtual currencies like bitcoin are a long shot: Merchants won't accept virtual currency until they received government sanctions, and governments won't issue monetary sanctions until they're widely used.

  • How the Fastest-Growing Companies Use Technology (Infographic)

    inc.com 01 Dec '14, 4am

    The CEOs on the Inc. 500, an annual ranking of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies, are as savvy as entrepreneurs come, so it's no surprise then that in our annual survey, a majority (87 percent) of them said they rely on the career network LinkedIn , or that 63 percent keep a ...