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  • On Reddit AMA Peter Thiel Talks About Success, Uber, and When He'll Care About Bitcoin

    inc.com 12 Sep '14, 12am

    Venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has been on a little bit of a media tour this week (after all he does have a new book to promote). No one's complaining, though, since it's hard to get enough of what the prolific thinker has to say. On Monday he was in San Francisc...

  • US Agency Warns Consumers About Bitcoin Risks

    inc.com 12 Aug '14, 4pm

    Federal regulators are warning consumers about the risks of using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin . The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Monday that it will begin fielding complaints from people who rely on products such as Bitcoin and online exchanges for such currencies ...

  • 4 Business Lessons from Special Ops

    inc.com 26 Jul '14, 3pm

    This story first appeared on Women2.com . Natalie Lehr is the cofounder and director of analytics at TSC Advantage , an enterprise security company based in Washington, D.C. But before starting TSC, Natalie amassed a wealth of experience working with the U.S. government to identify an...

  • House Representatives Struggle to Understand Digital Currency

    inc.com 07 Apr '14, 10am

    When the House Committee on Small Business held its hearing last week about the benefits and risks of Bitcoin to entrepreneurs, it seemed like a lot the representatives were jumping into a rowdy conversation on the digital currency a bit late. They were, after all, even behind the Int...

  • House Arrest Not Keeping Charlie Shrem Down

    inc.com 01 Jul '14, 10pm

    You'd think it's been a rough summer for former Bitcoin Foundation vice-chairman and CEO of now-defunct virtual-currency company BitInstant, Charlie Shrem. The Bitcoin millionaire has been under house arrest in his parents' Brooklyn basement since being indicted by federal prosecutors...

  • Buying Luck With Bitcoin This Lunar New Year

    inc.com 31 Jan '14, 11am

    The annual tradition of gifting red envelopes loaded with cash on the Chinese New Year is getting a 21st Century makeover. While handing over physical banknotes or "lucky money" to friends and family has long been a tradition in Chinese culture, celebrants worldwide are increasingly u...

  • Bank of America: Bitcoin Will Be 'Serious Competitor' to Cash

    inc.com 07 Dec '13, 1am

    For the first time since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009, a major Wall Street bank has issued an opinion on the cryptocurrency--Bank of America is betting on Bitcoin's legitimacy, according to a report released today . Bank of America Merrill Lynch claims Bitco...

  • The Place Where Bitcoin Startups Are Born

    inc.com 14 Feb '14, 5pm

    Silicon Valley is betting big on virtual currency. Developers have been launching new Bitcoin projects at a rapid pace, and now a crop of incubators like 500 Startups and Boost has emerged hoping to discover the next great idea in the space. The latest to enter the fray is Plug and Pl...