• Kimmie Cumming's University Education Fund

    indiegogo.com 16 Jul '14, 6am

    This campaign is set up to raise money for Kimmie's university education at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan.

  • Help Coinpunk Keep Bitcoin on the iPhone - the only Bitcoin wallet Apple can't ban needs your support!

    Help Coinpunk Keep Bitcoin on the iPhone

    indiegogo.com 23 Jan '14, 5pm

    Coinpunk is decent right now, but we want to make it even better . We have a lot of great design (see a preview here ), performance, stability, UX and feature improvements we want to add. We want to make standalone/browser store versions, integrated support for cold wallets (with a be...

  • #Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Dark Wallet

    indiegogo.com 31 Oct '13, 10am

    live frugally and share a common ideal of investing in common infrastructure. Dark Wallet 's funds will after 45 days be transmitted to a multisignature Bitcoin address, publicly viewable on the blockchain, for the coming months of project administration. Administration will be public...

  • Bitcoin Dark Wallet

    indiegogo.com 17 Nov '13, 12am

    Dark Wallet Progress and the State of the Virtual Currency (Dis)Union The Dark Wallet campaign at indiegogo has raised over sixty-five thousand USD so far in combined donations. The homepage reads $37k+, but this progress bar does not account for our bitcoin donations at coinbase (an ...


    indiegogo.com 28 Dec '13, 12pm

    This campaign was started to help Jocelyn Suarez, a 23 year old nurse and poet who was hospitalized after being diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome on the 30th of November. SJS is a rare and life-threatening disorder in which your skin and mucous membranes react severely to a medi...

  • Fundraising for S377A Constitutional Challenge

    indiegogo.com 18 Apr '13, 5am

    We are fast approaching our initial target of US$50,000 in just 12 hours since our launch thanks to your overwhelming support! This speaks of the depth and breadth of feeling on this issue, which is heartening and most encouraging to the team. And especially to Gary and Kenneth. But t...

  • Remittance: a feature film about migrant workers in Singapore

    indiegogo.com 16 Aug '13, 12am

    Remittance is the term for money sent home when working overseas – something that tens of millions of people do every month all around the world. The film is about a Filipina woman who comes to Singapore to work as a maid for an expatriate family. It is not an easy life – she leaves h...

  • Pauv

    indiegogo.com 04 Sep '13, 5pm

    Pauv: An open source and P2P Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin was born back in 2008 as an alternative to the traditional financial system that has drove us to the economic crisis generated by the banks. But now, we seem to have forgotten that it was born as a response to the extreme centraliz...