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  • Intridea joins team Mobomo | Intridea Blog @mobomoapps

    joins team Mobomo

    intridea.com 16 Jun '15, 6pm

    I'm thrilled to announce that Mobomo has acquired Intridea. Our teams are a perfect fit of complementary skills: Mobomo focuses on Rails web development and mobile expertise, especially in the government space. Mobomo is the team behind NASA.gov, the official Navy mobile apps, and USA...

  • Taming the Async w/ #Angularjs Promises #javascript

    Angular & Promises: Taming the Async

    intridea.com 26 May '15, 3pm

    Async (aka asynchronous) JavaScript refers to the execution of more than one piece of code at the same time. This is great because it prevents your application from freezing up when certain code takes a long time to execute, but it can also cause issues in your code if you are expecti...

  • The Ionic CLI | Intridea Blog #angularjs #css #javascript

    The Ionic CLI

    intridea.com 19 May '15, 3pm

    With the release of Ionic 1.0 , we’ve reached a new level in building hybrid mobile applications via web technologies. While Ionic is probably more well known for its CSS components and JavaScript/AngularJS extensions , I’d like to highlight a few tools that have really improved my ab...

  • "Reduce Your AngularJS Code and Improve its Readability Using ECMAScript 6" #javascript

    Reduce Your AngularJS Code and Improve its Readability Using ECMAScript 6

    intridea.com 28 Apr '15, 8am

    This function uses two of the new features of ECMAScript 6, namely block-scoped bindings, and arrow, or lambda functions. The handleSuccess and handleError functions above are declared using the let keyword, which restricts them to only being accessible by code in the same block; in t...

  • With creds for shaping the rap industry, you'd think Tidal would reflect that same Jay-Z innovation. #ux #ui #design

    Tidal: Misses the Boat

    intridea.com 07 Apr '15, 3pm

    With "The ruler’s back” kicking off one of Jay-Z's greatest albums to date and the recent (re)launch of his streaming service Tidal, my hopes of a Jay-Z disruption were extremely high. With claims to revolutionize streaming and pay artists what they deserve, Tidal depicted the utopian...

  • Extending AngularJS's $log

    Extending AngularJS's $log

    intridea.com 12 May '15, 2pm

    Have you ever been working with a particularly complicated web application and found that the output you were getting back from $log was difficult to wade through? Perhaps it's a complex XML response (because you're working with a SOAP API), or it's a particularly dense JSON response....

  • An Introduction to Front-End Developer Tools

    intridea.com 05 Feb '15, 4pm

    Finally, as a front-end developer, you need some way to inspect the generated HTML markup, CSS styles, and JavaScript that make up any web page you’re working on. The standard for modern web developers are the Chrome DevTools, and CodeSchool has a great course covering what you can ac...

  • From jQuery to AngularJS | Intridea Blog #jquery #angularjs #tutorial

    From jQuery to AngularJS

    intridea.com 11 Dec '14, 4pm

    Working on a project recently, I went through a process where I converted jQuery-style selectors and DOM manipulation to “The Angular Way”, and I thought I’d share my results. This is one part of AngularJS I feel every web designer should become familiar with, as it shows how much eas...


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