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  • Dwolla, An Alternative Payment Processor

    intridea.com 22 Jan '15, 4pm

    At Intridea, we enjoy helping our customers create secure and functional marketplaces. From investigating and research to testing out the product, finding the best payment solution for our client is top priority. Recently when looking for a replacement ACH payment processor we had an ...

  • Dear Maggie Series: Kiddos

    intridea.com 20 Jan '15, 3pm

    As a parent, working from home is such a blessing! Getting to send them off to school, attend midday field trips, and being home when they return is a privilege I'll never take for granted. The only struggle though, is balancing work and family time when the kids are on vacation. I al...

  • Goodbye Google Glass by @since1968

    Goodbye Google Glass

    intridea.com 16 Jan '15, 8pm

    Looking dorky and non-utilitarian. Photo by Teresa Bouza, Americas DataFest Google Glass failed not because it was dorky (it was), but because it sucked. Utility drives fashion, and had people found Glass useful enough they would have worn it regardless of how they looked. The best an...

  • Polymer Features You May Have Missed

    intridea.com 06 Jan '15, 4pm

    This article originally appeared on the Divshot blog. Divshot is a developer-focused platform for deploying modern front-end applications. It was also started with Intridea's support by Michael Bleigh! There's so much new ground to cover with Web Components and Polymer that oftentimes...

  • From jQuery to AngularJS | Intridea Blog #jquery #angularjs #tutorial

    From jQuery to AngularJS

    intridea.com 11 Dec '14, 4pm

    Working on a project recently, I went through a process where I converted jQuery-style selectors and DOM manipulation to “The Angular Way”, and I thought I’d share my results. This is one part of AngularJS I feel every web designer should become familiar with, as it shows how much eas...

  • Dear Maggie Series: Health + Happiness

    intridea.com 18 Dec '14, 8pm

    When it comes to the winter season, I am all the more grateful I get to skip the commute and work from home! Nothing beats waking up to snow, and knowing you don’t have to leave your cozy house to get work done. There’s just one thing - it seems there’s a direct correlation with the i...

  • What do Bob Ross and Git trees have in common? #git #bestpractice

    Happy (git) Trees

    intridea.com 04 Dec '14, 4pm

    We all know Bob Ross (above) and his fascination with "Happy Little Trees" (or maybe that's my fascination). In any case, we can all take some advice from Bob and keep our Git trees happy. If you took a look at your current project's git tree (through a tool maybe like Gitx ) I bet it...

  • DISTRIBUTED: 6 Steps to a More Transparent Business

    intridea.com 03 Dec '14, 7pm

    In this day and age, transparency is a necessity for every business—distributed or not. When more than 1,700 chief executive officers were surveyed for an IBM Global CEO Study, the majority agreed that openness and transparency are key to a company’s success. Transparency breeds trust...


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