Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Jeff Kreeftmeijer; Ruby programmer, making apps at Fingertips in Amsterdam.

Link: jeffkreeftmeijer.com

  • Vim’s absolute, relative and hybrid line numbers

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 22 Nov '17, 12pm

    Although relative line numbers are helpful when moving around in normal mode, absolute line numbers are more suited for insert mode. When the buffer doesn’t have focus, it’d also be more useful to show absolute line numbers. For example, when running tests from a seperate terminal spl...

  • On the death of ifs

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 29 Apr '13, 2pm

    The video starts out by explaining that if statements like this one might be a sign of bad design, and that this piece of code will probably grow over time and become an eyesore. While I don’t think the possibility of something growing over time and becoming an eyesore sometime in the...

    1. On the death of ifs jeffkreeftmeijer.com 29 Apr '13, 3pm
  • Vim's new hybrid line number mode - Jeff Kreeftmeijer

    Vim's new hybrid line number mode

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 25 Sep '13, 12pm

    Well over a year ago, I wrote about using relative line numbers in Vim to speed up movement by displaying line numbers relative to the current line. This makes it easier to find out how many lines up or down you have to jump to get to where you want to be. Because I wanted to switch b...

  • The magical (and not harmful) rebase

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 31 Aug '13, 6pm

    About a month ago, I published a series of articles on Git , starting with @nvie ’s awesome git-flow and asking you to write better commit messages . The series ended with an article named “The mighty reflog and the amazing bisect ”. Guess what? I forgot the magical rebase . In genera...

  • Introducing #Tapir: Simple search for static sites

    Introducing Tapir: Simple search for static sites

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 09 Sep '13, 3pm

    Note: I stopped working at 80beans , so I can’t help you with any issues anymore. You can always send an e-mail to Tapir’s support e-mail address if you need help, though. Static site generators like Jekyll allow you to generate your whole website or blog as static HTML files and put ...

  • Why aren't you using git-flow? - Jeff Kreeftmeijer

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 25 Feb '12, 11am

    In January of this year, @nvie published “A successful Git branching model” , in which he explained how he keeps his Git repositories nice and tidy. In addition to that, he released git-flow ; a bunch of Git extensions to make following this model extremely easy. I’m astounded that so...

  • Detecting Bassie's red nose in Ruby using ChunkyPNG and some clever coding:

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 06 Oct '13, 5pm

    Ruby programmer, making apps at Fingertips in Amsterdam Newest: Vim's new hybrid line number mode 25 Sep 2013 Instead of having to switch between relative and absolute line numbers, Vim 7.4 comes with a "hybrid" mode to use them both at the same time. On the death of ifs 29 Apr 2013 A...

  • Using Rails test fixtures with CarrierWave

    jeffkreeftmeijer.com 09 Sep '14, 1pm

    When using CarrierWave you create an uploader, which subclasses from CarrierWave::Uploader::Base , add a field to the database that holds the upload's filename, and link it all together using a call to mount_uploader in the model. So, when uploading avatars for users, for example, you...