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  • A protégé? MT @PaulaManley17: A young Durian! Love minister of Chance, love the #chancemovie http…

    The Minister of Chance Movie, Episode 1 by Dan Freeman

    kickstarter.com 25 Oct '14, 6pm

    Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter We know that making a succesful full-scale fantasy feature is insanely difficult! We think we can do it because: It's a great script. Thousands of people across the World have fallen in love with the story. It works financ...

  • I just backed Life On Bitcoin - A Documentary Film on @Kickstarter

    Life On Bitcoin - A Documentary Film by Beccy & Austin

    kickstarter.com 10 Jun '13, 11am

    Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter One major risk is the possibility of an effort by the United States government to make bitcoin illegal or severely limit it. In the event there is a major executive or legislative action against bitcoin, we may be unable t...

  • Unique French&peruvian sneakers using fair trade in the world ---> @Piola_shoes

    Project Piola by Joshua Rudd — Kickstarter

    kickstarter.com 14 Mar '13, 1pm

    Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Our supply chain could face some delays dealing with the production. The raw material that we use is organic and located in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest...as you can imagine it tends to rain occasionally and flood t...

  • One week to make @WarStoriesAntho a reality. Back the Kickstarter and tell a friend! #military

    War Stories: Modern Military Science Fiction by Andrew Liptak

    kickstarter.com 07 Nov '13, 11am

    Our cover art is by the fantastic, Hugo Award winning artist Galen Dara, who's worked for such places as Fireside Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Geek Love and Apex's own Glitter and Mayhem anthology. She'll also be contributing some additional, interior artwork. War Stories isn't an a...

  • YOU MUST SEE THIS! Awesome South American Shoes with Cool Tribal Colors!

    INKKAS - Colorful Handmade South American Sneakers! by Inkkas

    kickstarter.com 19 Nov '13, 5am

    5. Quality craftsmanship lasts longer and creates less waste. Chances are that the shoes you are wearing are mass-manufactured in factories that purposefully make low-quality products that wear out quickly, so you need to buy new products every few months. This is part of an extremely...

  • Bamboobee Bicycle by Sunny (AhSun) Chuah

    kickstarter.com 30 Mar '13, 3am

    Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter At our current stage, we have accumulated enough knowledge and expertise such that Bamboobee bicycles are no longer a home-made beginner product. It is a product backed up with research, 3 years of testing, in-house techno...

  • The Ultimate "Designer Handbag" for Fashion Conscious Women by Esin Akan

    kickstarter.com 03 Jul '13, 1am

    Esin Akan bags are light, made with top quality, scratch free leather and can accommodate all work essentials such as laptop, Ipad, iphone, a gym kit all in an organised way. The size of the bags are carefully engineered for petite women. They are cavernous but do not look too big on ...

  • 8 Days Left - So thankful to all that have helped to support our first responders. #Military

    Hero Music Video/Promo Fund by Amy Weber

    kickstarter.com 10 Jun '13, 1am

    You've always supported me in whatever endeavor I decided to take on, and now I need your help more than ever! I'm making a music video to honor our men and women in uniform and first responders- Can you imagine a life without them? Can you imagine going to the Emergency room to find ...