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  • Bitcoin: Bubble? Maybe. The wave of the future? Definitely. | LinkedIn

    Bitcoin: Bubble? Maybe. The Wave of the Future? Definitely.

    linkedin.com 03 Dec '13, 7pm

    Bitcoin. The world’s newest and hottest virtual currency. It has become the story du jour for a financial media hungry for stories, and its sudden surge in recent weeks, going from a price of less than $200 barely a month ago to $1200 last week, certainly attracted attention. And of c...

  • Arthur Zey

    linkedin.com 18 Jan '16, 1pm

    - Worked with strategic partners to implement Twitter’s Streaming and Metrics APIs and triage and manage inbound support needs (driving resolution efforts across numerous engineering teams, with hands-on experience with Hadoop and Mesos) - Translated long-term needs into guidance for ...

  • What We Can All Learn from G-Cloud and the Singapore Government

    What We Can All Learn from G-Cloud and the Singapore Government

    linkedin.com 12 Sep '13, 2pm

    A little over a month ago, I was in Washington, DC, meeting with the CIOs and CTOs of all government agencies in the U.S. Their prime concern was keeping the government and all of their initiatives running within the boundaries of sequestration. Sequestration has cut their employee’s ...

  • Forget Gold or Bitcoin. Cronut futures are the future.

    Forget Gold or Bitcoin: Cronut Futures Are The Future

    linkedin.com 20 Dec '13, 10pm

    I've never had a cronut, to begin with. Full disclosure: I'm pretty pissed off about this. But no matter. The cronut might be delicious, but that's incidental. There's money in cronuts, and not in the paltry, $5 over-the-counter price. Like any rare commodity, the cronut is ripe for s...

  • Check out the latest @linkedin post from our CEO @khabie - I Found a Rolex..And a Client:

    I found a Rolex… And a client |

    linkedin.com 18 Jan '14, 2am

    As my first post of 2014, I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and remind you to focus on being great. Remember, you never know when that opportunity will arise. And to welcome you to this new year, I thought I would share a great story about, well you guessed it, a watch. A...

  • LI Job Seeker Subscription

    linkedin.com 09 Aug '13, 10pm

    If you are a US veteran and looking to upgrade to a free one year job seeker subscription, please join this group to signal your interest. In the group, you will learn more about the subscription and connect with other veteran job seekers using the subscription. The manager will moder...