• Singapore: The World's Richest City

    live.wsj.com 07 Mar '13, 11pm

    ... I ... and we're back to Des beest lunch break there is a nightclub in Singapore where equal fifteen thousand dollars will buy you a table and you can drop twenty six grand for a cocktail ... with a diamond in a mid endured the right is in Singapore which is nowhere in the Parisien...

  • Race for Bitcoin Intensifies

    live.wsj.com 06 Nov '13, 4pm

    ... the virtual currency bitcoin hit a record this morning trading ... volume is up ... but it's not just the price of Bitcoin that is not ... my name Bitcoin mocking his father will ... run inside now ... I wanna talk about this story when we can spend too much time given to leave th...

  • Web Money Gets Laundering Rule

    live.wsj.com 22 Mar '13, 5pm

    ... I ... fascinating story on C1 today about the way that joblessness went to the moment that will ... cease ... to ... be calling a well known in in this bicycle to people using ... policies beyond that the classic ones we think about to engage in transactions online and if the spou...

  • So You Think You Can Riverdance?

    live.wsj.com 12 Mar '13, 12pm

    I ... the thing you may not be able to upriver data on sale at a state election ... but you will be able to call ... you need to hire staff it's it's ... got somebody your teacher is ... always worth it I've that ... the fibers are cleaner now your attorney by day ... fine I know wher...

  • Need a Rolex? Try Sears

    live.wsj.com 22 Jul '13, 3pm

    ... ay ay mm mm ... when you think this year's GOP Chanel ... was Rolex ... with CEO Eddie Lampert for a change that ... in her talons few explorers Sears's luxury strategy ... I ... here's the real question I mean ... what you really ... many would buy on pullbacks from from Sears in...

  • Video - How to Overcome Handbag Decision Paralysis - WSJ.com

    live.wsj.com 08 Feb '13, 7pm

    ... I ... oh ... I'm Wendy downs but no thanks ... so much to think about that on Texas' the health and now ... some people they can commit relationships others to real estate and there are those with HDTV is better known as ... handbag decision paralysis in Israel there we held our n...

  • Video - The Most Counterfeited Products in America From Handbags to Watches and Apparel - WSJ.com

    live.wsj.com 29 Jan '13, 1am

    The U.S. economy loses $250 billion to counterfeited goods annually. MarketWatch's Rex Crum and Jim Jelter discuss the top-selling fakes. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • Focus on Funds: A Bitcoin ETF?

    live.wsj.com 18 Sep '13, 10am

    I ... he's going to class in the ground or the new new thing I'm Jack Otter and are Barron's dot com on Europe Brendan Conway who writes our focus on funds bought ... and then you're just back from the Value Investing conference ... where you heard the Winklevoss twins talk about ... ...