• PigSpotter: A criminal who

    m.tmi.me 24 Aug '13, 1pm

    PigSpotter @PigSpotter A criminal who snatched a woman's handbag from a car died after jumping off a bridge in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Friday evening, paramedics said. He smashed the window of a woman's car and stole her handbag as she was stuck in rush-hour traffic on the M1 highw...

  • ASAPOFFICIAL: Maraming Salam

    m.tmi.me 14 Oct '12, 2pm

    Maraming Salamat Singapore for making another history tonight with back to back sold out shows!!! We love you mga Kapamilyas!!! #epic #ASAPLiveinSingapore

  • TaeNyYoonYul: [FANACC] At co

    m.tmi.me 24 Dec '12, 4am

    [FANACC] At comeback show, I saw Taeyeon and Seohyun's height are same(coz Tae wore high-heeled sneakers). So I was like "You two height are same!" Taeyeon gazed at Seohyun and pretended she can't hear me. She was like "Sorry? Pardon? Sorry?" via: DC_seeoticon

  • BJLaflin: Yes!! RT @KenW

    m.tmi.me 20 Mar '13, 4pm

    Yes!! RT @KenWahl1: @BJLaflin let's push gov to donate K-9 #military dogs to @houndsandheroes for #veterans-#ServiceDogs & not kill them http://t.co/xEnF17NUnE

  • OsiidG: Celeng RT @sud

    m.tmi.me 08 Dec '14, 4pm

    OsiidG @OsiidG Celeng RT @sudjiwotedjo: Nyerah? Nih > DURIAN UCOK , tak jelas buah ini marganya Harahap, Batubara atau apa..heuheu IQ? #Tebakan http://t.co/Thkcrvtr2o 2014-12-08

  • Martakrupa: RT @DogsForThe

    m.tmi.me 15 Feb '13, 4am

    RT @DogsForTheDeaf: Have a Rolex that you no longer wear? Donate it to @DogsForTheDeaf help dogs & people

  • GordonRamsay: Can't wait

    m.tmi.me 03 Jul '13, 7am

    GordonRamsay @GordonRamsay Can't wait !!!!!! @tdy_T: Three local chefs chosen to represent Singapore in culinary contest against celebrity chef @GordonRamsay http://t.co/m8jO9pDqS3 2013-07-03 More Tweets from @GordonRamsay

  • tommyfawuy: Duri yg eksoti

    m.tmi.me 29 Oct '14, 6pm

    tommyfawuy @tommyfawuy Duri yg eksotis makanya adam tergoda..RT @hardyhermawan: Durian karena berduri "@tommyfawuy: Itu pohon duren ah @hardyhermawan: Akhirat sebelum adam, banyak pohon khuldi :) http://t.co/TMSFL2RzxX 2014-10-29