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  • Every line of code is always documented

    mislav.uniqpath.com 07 Feb '14, 4pm

    Always write commit messages as if you are explaining the change to a colleague sitting next to you who has no idea of what’s going on. Per Thoughtbot’s tips for better commit messages : Answer the following questions: Why is this change necessary? How does it address the issue? What ...

  • Ruby

    Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

    mislav.uniqpath.com 15 Feb '12, 9am

    Ohh! Fresh chapter snuck up! When You Wish Upon a Beard , drawings everywhichway.

  • The controversy of "and or unless else"

    mislav.uniqpath.com 23 Mar '12, 12pm

    Now the newbie programmer now got burned, and asks “If and and or aren’t synonyms for operators, what are they?” The professionals then, as an answer, mumble something about “precedence”, and they add “You must

  • Merge vs. rebase

    mislav.uniqpath.com 20 Feb '13, 10pm

    Merge vs. rebase By Mislav Marohnić on 20 Feb 2013 The short: git pull --rebase instead of git pull git rebase -i @{u} before git push (on “feature”) git merge master (on “master”) git merge -no-ff feature However if “feature” contains only 1 commit, avoid the merge commit: (on “maste...

  • Dear geek girls: Please come back

    mislav.uniqpath.com 27 Mar '12, 6pm

    Tara Tiger Brown in “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away” , currently the most popular article on Forbes (Information for the World’s Business Leaders indeed): Today the word [geek] is the exact opposite of its original meaning; a term once used to inflict social cruelty is now a ter...

  • Terminal control sequences

    mislav.uniqpath.com 12 Jul '13, 12pm

    Using many control keys during the day, such as Ctrl-f to page down in Vim and Ctrl-c to kill a process in terminal, and assigning some of my own to tmux, I’ve began wondering whether all the letters of the alphabet were accounted for. The answer is: yes, they are; plus even some extr...

  • Vim: revisited

    mislav.uniqpath.com 15 Mar '12, 4am

    . It’s a community maintained vim configuration project that in theory sounds nice, but once you start using it it’s not all rainbows. The current version of Janus installs harmful plugins such as Syntastic and adds tons of opinionated mappings and piles of hacks on top of one another...

  • Made in China

    mislav.uniqpath.com 18 Mar '12, 11pm

    There is a particular detail that is most interesting to me in the aftermath of Mr. Daisey and the Apple factory episode of This American Life and its subsequent retraction , and that is that even the shameless, fabricated and dramatized Apple bashing was a high point for both This Am...


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