• Bitcoin's Long Year

    Long Year

    motherboard.vice.com 23 Dec '14, 1pm

    What a year it’s been for Bitcoin. Scandal! Intrigue! Long-awaited acknowledgement by the Internal Revenue Service! Bitcoinworld has never been boring, but 2014 stood out as an especially eventful period in the digital currency’s short history. The year began in January when Bitcoin p...

  • These Chilean Developers Want to Give You Bitcoin for Playing Minecraft

    These Chilean Developers Want to Give You Bitcoin for Playing Minecraft

    motherboard.vice.com 12 Dec '14, 10am

    If you’re a Minecraft player, it sounds like the deal of the century: spend your time building stuff and making virtual friends, and you can win Bitcoin, the e-currency of the modern era. Let me introduce you to Mego , a little video game company from Chile dedicated to developing app...

  • The Devout and Lucrative World of Bitcoin Fan Art

    motherboard.vice.com 10 Dec '14, 11am

    It’s really hard to visualise Bitcoin. The whole point of the cryptocurrency, after all, is that it’s entirely digital—and barely leaves a trace. Last week, Motherboard’s Kaleigh Rogers deplored the attem​pts of stock photos to represent Bitcoin, which usually rely on a selection of v...

  • Every Bitcoin Stock Photo Is The Worst

    motherboard.vice.com 03 Dec '14, 3pm

    Bitcoin is perpetually big news. Whether it’s a hacker with a B​itcoin bounty on his head or just the daily Bitcoin market price updates, there are a lot of stories and a pretty desperate need for images to go with them. Unfortunately, Bitcoin stock images are all terrible: Man in pla...

  • This startup lets you mail poop to people:

    ShitExpress's Bitcoin-for-Animal-Poop Service: The Motherboard Review

    motherboard.vice.com 03 Nov '14, 9pm

    The internet is full of new and exciting startups promising all manner of innovative solutions to our everyday problems. Unfortunately, many of these companies never manage to master the difficult engineering and/or manufacturing processes to turn their ideas into usable products. So ...

  • Why Silicon Valley (and Google) Loves Bitcoin

    motherboard.vice.com 12 Oct '14, 2pm

    It’s an open secret why Silicon Valley loves Bitcoin and it’s only a matter of time before the titans of tech start pushing around their influential weight—like Google, whose top engineers may have just let slip that they’re already in the game. The explosion of innovation and capital...

  • This is what mining bitcoin by hand looks like:

    This Is What Mining Bitcoin by Hand Looks Like

    motherboard.vice.com 30 Sep '14, 12pm

    If you can’t get your head around mining bitcoin with increasing amounts of computer power, don’t even think about doing it with just brain power. Software engineer Ken Shirriff tried exactly that, mining the cryptocurrency at a rate of 0.67 hashes per day using just a pencil, paper, ...

  • The Satoshi Nakamoto Email Hacker Says He's Negotiating with the Bitcoin Founder

    The Satoshi Nakamoto Email Hacker Says He's Negotiating with the Bitcoin Founder

    motherboard.vice.com 09 Sep '14, 3pm

    Last night, an anonymous poster published a ransom note on Pastebin , saying he or she would release the identity of Bitcoin's mysterious creator, the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto , in exchange for 25 bitcoins. The poster said he or she had learned of Nakamoto's identity by gaining a...