• Dogecoin's first 100 days were better than Bitcoin's first 1000:

    Dogecoin's First 100 Days Were Better Than Bitcoin's First 1,000

    motherboard.vice.com 18 Mar '14, 9pm

    Today, Dogecoin is 100 days old. If the altcoin is truly headed for the moon, then it's already made some pretty decent progress. The alternative cryptocurrency, and the community around it have funded the Jamaican bobsled team's journey to Sochi’s winter games, and have also raised $...

  • How Bitcoin cyberpunk'd us all:

    How Bitcoin Cyberpunk'd Us

    motherboard.vice.com 13 Mar '14, 4pm

    And the noise makes it hard to think cogently about it, to know what to think. The same obscurity surrounds a lot of other questions of our time—think of surveillance, for instance, which is mired in a murk not only of ethics and law but of secrecy itself. Secrecy isn't categorically ...

  • Who's Willing to Go to Jail for Bitcoin? (via @motherboard)

    Who's Willing to Go to Jail for

    motherboard.vice.com 30 Jan '14, 7pm

    The libertarian streak evidenced by Shrem's YouTube video may be fading from Bitcoin's core—you won't hear any "core Bitcoiners" professing a willingness to go to jail—but the adherents still see regulation as a hindrance to innovation. While Wall Street complains that Bitcoin is unde...

  • Bitcoin Becomes a Real Job and Wall Street Is Hiring | Motherboard

    Bitcoin Becomes a Real Job and Wall Street Is Hiring

    motherboard.vice.com 03 Jan '14, 11am

    Wall Street wants in on Bitcoin. Image via YouTube A San Francisco-based hedge fund is hiring a Bitcoin execution trader, in yet another sign of how seriously Wall Street takes cryptocurrencies—or possibly that the world is ending. No word on whether or not you get paid in bitcoins. A...

  • .@ebay is embracing bitcoin—almost: via @meghanneal

    Ebay Is Embracing Bitcoin—Almost |

    motherboard.vice.com 20 Jan '14, 9pm

    12 physical Bitcoins are going for $9,000 on eBay Whenever eBay makes a move suggesting it's ready to embrace Bitcoin, ears perk up throughout cryptocurrency circles. That's because the e-commerce giant and its 124 million active users have the power to catapult Bitcoin into the mains...

  • Beyond Bitcoin: A Guide to the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies | Motherboard via @motherboard

    Beyond Bitcoin: A Guide to the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies

    motherboard.vice.com 29 Nov '13, 10am

    Consistent with its name, Litecoin is essentially Bitcoin-lite and is the second most valuable altcoin. It shares nearly all the same features except it has a shorter block rate (every 2.5 minutes versus 10) and a different proof-of-work (scrypt versus SHA2). Shorter block rates mean ...

  • Is Bitcoin a Government Conspiracy? - Motherboard (blog)

    Is Bitcoin a Government Conspiracy?

    motherboard.vice.com 25 Nov '13, 1am

    Bitcoin continues surging towards heady heights, closing in on $1000. Following growing demand in China and US validation after a convivial Senate hearing, the total transaction volume of the futuristic money has now surpassed PayPal. But bitcoin’s momentum has revived an old debate ....

  • Did one of the Silk Road's successors just commit the perfect #bitcoin scam? via @djpangburn

    Did One of the Silk Road's Successors Just Commit the Perfect Bitcoin Scam?

    motherboard.vice.com 02 Dec '13, 11am

    The hacker also let Branwen know that he'd passed this information on to the FBI (more on that below). According to Branwen, the mysterious figure also took credit for leaks related to Black Market Reloaded and Project Black Flag (itself a victim of bitcoin theft). Branwen read the re...