• Someone Tried to Mine Bitcoin on a 1960s Punchcard Computer

    motherboard.vice.com 26 May '15, 2pm

    It long ago stopped being profitable (or even feasible) to mine Bitcoin on consumer-level hardware. So why not try it out on a computer primarily used by forward-thinking universities—an IBM mainframe that runs on assembly punchcards from the 1960s —to see whether or not it can compet...

  • Forget diamonds, Bitcoin engagement rings are forever:

    Forget Diamonds, Bitcoin Engagement Rings Are Forever

    motherboard.vice.com 20 May '15, 6pm

    If you’re a someone who stands by his or her Bitcoin, there’s now a cryptocurrency-inspired way to seal a marriage transaction with your partner. Enter the BTC ring: It’s 3D-printed, customisable, and has a QR code that syncs the wearer up to the Bitcoin blockchain. But unlike a diamo...

  • The History of Bitcoin Until Now

    motherboard.vice.com 22 May '15, 1pm

    It’s hard to believe that Bitcoin, the digital currency that approximates cash on the internet, turned six years old in January. I started learning about Bitcoin in the summer of 2011. I first read about it in an article on Gawker about the druggie e-bazaar Silk Road , which required ...

  • Yet another sketchy Bitcoin exchange implodes:

    Yet Another Sketchy Bitcoin Exchange Implodes

    motherboard.vice.com 15 May '15, 6pm

    There’s a good reason why cryptocurrency entrepreneur Josh Garza is most often described as “embattled” in the press. Not a month after PayBase, Garza’s exchange for the cryptocurrency Paycoin, shut down unexpectedly amid allegations of scamming and fraud, another exchange associated ...

  • Hackers Tried To Hold a Darknet Market For a Bitcoin Ransom

    Hackers Tried To Hold a Darknet Market For a Bitcoin Ransom

    motherboard.vice.com 13 May '15, 5pm

    On Sunday, someone tried to hack a darknet market specialized in selling hacking tools with a distributed denial of service attack, a common and easy way to mount a cyberattack, which works by flooding a site with bogus traffic to overload it. When the administrators of TheRealDeal Ma...

  • Why Chile's first Bitcoin exchange was funded by the government:

    Why Chile’s First Bitcoin Exchange Was Funded by the Government |

    motherboard.vice.com 21 Apr '15, 8pm

    ​The first Bitcoin exchange in Chile, where citizens can buy bitcoin with pesos, launched this month with $40,000 in funding from a surprising donor: the Chilean government. SurBTC represents a huge step forward for cryptocurrency in Chile. It's not just because the exchange exists at...

  • Why Satanists Love Bitcoin

    Why Satanists Love Bitcoin

    motherboard.vice.com 01 May '15, 12pm

    The comparison between Satanism and Bitcoin is interesting because they’re both pretty misunderstood. Are you worried that associating Bitcoin with Satan could harm Bitcoin’s public perception? That’s a great question. Bitcoin is challenging the status quo—it’s for everyone. To try to...

  • Rand Paul is accepting Bitcoin donations, and that could be very bad for his campaign:

    Why Bitcoin Could Actually Be Bad for Rand Paul's Campaign

    motherboard.vice.com 07 Apr '15, 8pm

    ​Tuesday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul became the first mainstream presidential candidate to accept bitcoin donations. But if his goal is to rake in as much money as possible, he’s might be going about it all wrong. There are lots of reasons why a political candidate, especially Paul, w...