• We Asked a Neuroscientist How Bitcoin's Highs and Lows Affect the Brain - Motherboard

    We Asked a Neuroscientist How Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows Affect the Brain |

    motherboard.vice.com 26 Nov '15, 5pm

    Lit up. Image: Flickr/dierk schafer The price of a bitcoin is a fickle thing. Two years ago this week, Bitcoin reached its highest price ever : $1,242 for a single coin in US dollars, up from $12 at the beginning of 2013. Almost immediately after that peak, the price began to sink, an...

  • Play for Real Bitcoin in This 'Bomberman' Clone - Motherboard

    Play for Real Bitcoin in This 'Bomberman' Clone

    motherboard.vice.com 22 Nov '15, 9pm

    A developer on Bitcointalk has recreated the classic 2D multiplayer game Bomberman , but this time, with a twist: you can bet and play to win Bitcoin. Battlecoin pits you against other users in a multiplayer Bomberman clone. The idea behind Bomberman , which originally released in 198...

  • I Broke

    motherboard.vice.com 07 Oct '15, 4pm

    Alister Maclin can break Bitcoin on command. In an email, Maclin said he's been the one spamming the Bitcoin network over the last several days with enough force to compel a Bitcoin exchange to notify its customers that the attack was causing withdrawal issues. Of course, he added, "A...

  • Introducing Ledger, the First Bitcoin-Only Academic Journal

    motherboard.vice.com 15 Sep '15, 1pm

    Bitcoin has mesmerized academics, computer scientists and economists alike, for cutting out the PayPals and governments usually required for digital money. Finally, researchers have an official setting to nerd out in. Tuesday, the University of Pittsburgh launched the first Bitcoin-on...

  • What Is Even Happening with Bitcoin Right Now

    motherboard.vice.com 19 Aug '15, 6pm

    The part that has everyone in a tizzy is that BitcoinXT has the potential to “fork” the blockchain. Right now, BitcoinXT users and vanilla Bitcoin users live in the same coin universe, where transactions all get recorded in the same ledger. If BitcoinXT is used by 75 percent of all no...

  • How Bitcoin Could Make Distributing a Universal Basic Income Actually Possible

    How Bitcoin Could Make Distributing a Universal Basic Income Actually Possible

    motherboard.vice.com 12 Aug '15, 9am

    In today’s political climate, you might laugh at the idea of doling out basic income to everyone on Earth. But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have technological quirks that make the utopian dream easier. Or at least more efficient. There are a zillion reasons why people think universal...

  • Core Devs in ‘Civil War’ Insist We’re Not Getting The Whole Story | Motherboard

    motherboard.vice.com 20 Aug '15, 3pm

    Bitcoin has never been a boring technology. At first glance you might figure that a seemingly tiny design decision, Bitcoin’s “blocksize,” would be a departure from that. But the debate, which has been raging for years, is far from boring (we’re talking about a debate where a data sci...

  • The Mystery Behind the Biggest Bitcoin Transaction Ever Made

    motherboard.vice.com 09 Jul '15, 1pm

    On Tuesday, the biggest Bitcoin transaction ever made was loaded on to the blockchain , the publicly viewable ledger that records every instance of the cryptocurrency changing hands. It was 999 kilobytes in size, taking up an entire packet of transaction data, or “block,” and when it ...