• NEW: A #luxury weekend in and around Santa Monica, #California

    A luxury weekend in and around Santa Monica, California

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 31 Oct '16, 4pm

    As we woke up, we thought that having breakfast within walking distance to the townhouse would be feasible and a fab idea. Sadly there is only 1 eating option in the area – which we tried on the first day for breakfast. Think about the dirtiest and stickiest beach cafe – and that is s...

  • New: MY top 5 #luxury travel bloggers

    Top Luxury Travel Bloggers - the leading ladies of luxury travel

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 20 Jan '16, 1pm

    I follow and totally trust the opinions of the ladies in this list! I do agree, there’s a surge of luxury or blogs that are transitioning to luxury travel due to having had a few luxury hotel / airline stays in press trips. may sound elitist , but the intention is not to discredit tho...

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    Top 5 Winter 2016 Beauty Essentials

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 24 Jan '16, 2pm

    Baby, it is cold outside. And in the Northern Hemisphere, it took a while for the temperatures to drop, but the cold came for those who waited. Literally. Colder weather means dryer skin and extreme measures are sometimes necessary. Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Winter 2016 B...

  • NEW 2014: My year in travel - 26 trips, 53 flights and 110 nights away from home #travel #luxur…

    2014: My year in travel - 26 trips, 53 flights and 110 nights away from home

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 22 Dec '14, 12pm

    In 2014, we have been on 26 trips and took 53 flights (and I am not even counting Mr. O’s business trips, which have nothing to do with me!). We have also spent 110 nights away from our lovely bed at home. On average, we tend to go away twice a month, with some exceptions… never a dul...

  • My hOtel - an insight into luxury hotel rooms

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 26 Feb '13, 6pm

    Very comprehensive an approach, indeed. As for the espresso what a difference it makes if your around Asia or even in Spain. The ones you get in restaurants and bar are undrinkable… The name question has always been a mystery for me. A long time ago (it figures when I first stayed at ...

  • The Luxury Travel Blog Network - May 2013 Edition

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 17 May '13, 11am

    Katie Goldstein is an avid traveler whose tastes are simple: she enjoys the best. Katie works by day as a lawyer and by night as a successful writer. Katie often lends her travel expertise to prestigious outlets, which include Forbes, Fodor’s, and She Knows. She has also written about...

  • What's your top 10? My favourite 10 places around the world #travel #luxury

    My favourite 10 places around the world

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 17 Dec '12, 11am

    10 years ago, but it was when Mr. O and I started visiting as a couple that this American state became one of our favourite places in the world. We have been going back, at least once a year, for the past 7 years and it remains a firm favourite. We love San Francisco, where we try to ...

  • NEW My super fab #lux weekend in #Paris with @AvenueStory #france #luxury

    A lux weekend in Paris with @AvenueStory

    mrsoaroundtheworld.com 21 Jan '13, 11am

    I did not wake up early – I am not going to lie. And being super hungry, it was time to discover a new breakfast haunt. We tried and loved Café Malakoff on Place du Trocadero, which I have no problem in recommending. At €7.50 per person, it was perfect. From there, Miss O wanted to he...