• Blast From The Past: Sailor Moon Partners Up With :CHOCOOLATE For An Exclusive Collection | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 03 Oct '17, 7am

    Sailor Moon, one of the biggest 90s manga series, has garnered a cult following even till today (us included). No matter what they come up with – we’re sold! Over the past years, there have been a lot of transformation brooches and attack toy wands that never made it out of Japan, and...

  • Fashion Spread: Manga Chic | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 25 Oct '17, 2pm

    A style combination of Singaporean designs and the quirkiest of Japanese labels, we put together a kick-ass fashion heroine, featuring the fiercest Japanese street style icon, Hirari Ikeda. We present you the heart and soul of Harajuku’s experimental street fashion!

  • The Most Exciting Food at The 2016 Hokkaido Fair – Starting Tomorrow | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 02 Jun '16, 3am

    Here’s one reason to head down to Isetan this weekend – the all-time favourite Hokkaido Fair is back, and happening at three Isetan Singapore outlets! Like the rest of this food-crazed island, we’re a huge fan of Japanese cuisine; whether it’s fresh sashimi as raw as your untended fee...

  • Singapore Represent! There’s a New Singlish Emoji App in Town. | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 22 Nov '16, 4am

    Blog > Tech > Singapore Represent! There’s a New Singlish Emoji App in Town. November 1, 2016 Sometimes, it’s not “shiok” enough to just say “leh” or lor” in spoken conversation. Typing it out is pretty satisfying too. Singlish vocabulary is after all colloquially unique to Singaporea...

  • Lighten Up During Your Weekends With The Upcoming Singapore Night Festival | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 11 Aug '16, 6am

    We’ve set our weekends aside for the highly-anticipated ninth instalment of the Singapore Night Festival. It usually doesn’t take more than the prospect of a night of imaginative performances and unconventional light art installations for us to get so enthusiastically involved, but wi...

  • [INFO] Jay Park #박재범 revealed in Singapore that his upcoming rap album will be called ₩orld₩ide

    Jay Park’s New Album Details Revealed | NYLON SINGAPORE

    nylon.com.sg 25 Aug '15, 8am

    Blog > Radar > Jay Park’s New Album Details Revealed August 25, 2015 We’re giving you the first scoop on Jay Park’s upcoming album, as he revealed exclusively to us in a little chat yesterday. By Angelene Wong It’s been two long weeks since we first knew Jay Park will be releasing a f...

    1. There it is finally po.st 27 Aug '15, 7pm

    nylon.com.sg 07 Mar '13, 7am

    Sitting in a small, intimate hotel room at W Hotel, Sentosa this morning and waiting for Adam was a very exciting affair. Arriving late last night in Singapore, Adam Lambert enters the room looking fresh and as handsome and stylish as ever despite having a very busy schedule touring t...


    nylon.com.sg 07 Aug '12, 3am

    Just in time for your Christmas shopping, Swedish major brand H&M will open their second store in ION Orchard. After creating complete madness when they arrived on the island last year – we can all relax and shop between the two outlets this holiday season. The shop will span across 2...