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At Pivotal Labs we partner with clients to develop software that runs the world's most innovative business platforms.

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  • Be a Pivot - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 23 Jul '14, 6pm

    “What drives me: learning new things, perfecting my craft, working with smart and amazing people, and helping my clients succeed.” —Ian, Engineering Manager “Pairing and the regular schedule are key — I get useful things done at work every day, while having time for the rest of my lif...

  • Pivotal Labs - Learn How to Scale a Software Team

    pivotallabs.com 22 Jul '14, 8pm

    On July 31th, Davis Frank, Associate Director at Pivotal Labs, will share his insights on how to successfully scale a software team. Keys areas discussed will include software culture, teamwork and pair programming. This Tech Talk will be followed by a breakout session and networking.

  • When your client wants crazy features - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 21 Jul '14, 8pm

    Sometimes our stakeholders ask for features that are counter to generally good ux and design practice. In the last six months, I’ve had clients say this to me: are not user centric: “let’s make this feature so we can can show it in sales demos. We don’t need it for the product but it ...

  • 10 steps to a successful project handoff via @pivotallabs

    10 steps to a successful project handoff - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 21 Jul '14, 3pm

    At Pivotal, we rotate developers, designers, and product managers during a project. One of the reasons we do this is that we want our clients’ to have confidence in their own ability to make decisions and follow the process without any particular Pivot by their side. Here are the top ...

  • Why Is My NTP Server Costing Me $500/Year? Part 2: Characterizing the NTP Clients - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 19 Jul '14, 5pm

    The guest VMs running under VirtualBox perform the worst (with one exception: Windows). Note that their polling intervals are clustered around the 64-second mark—the minimum allowed polling interval. The Windows VM appears to query for time but once a day. It doesn’t appear to be runn...

  • Synchronizing 1000s of Mobile Phones with RabbitMQ - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 18 Jul '14, 5pm

    Our team was recently involved in a project where potentially thousands of mobile phones were required to have their audio and video synchronized. The cornerstone of our solution was the utilization of the AMQP protocol, using RabbitMQ as the broker of choice. Why AMQP and RabbitMQ? A...

  • UIAlertController in iOS 8 - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 17 Jul '14, 3pm

    Sayonara UIAlertView and UIActionSheet , and say hello to UIAlertController . In iOS 8 Apple introduced UIAlertController to be used in place of UIAlertView and UIActionSheet . How do I do it? init(title: String!, message: String!, preferredStyle: UIAlertControllerStyle) var alert = U...

  • Product Designer (UX and/or Visual) - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 16 Jul '14, 4am

    Pivotal Labs is a recognized leader in agile software development practices. We build consumer and enterprise web and mobile applications for global clients. We are currently looking for experienced, creative designers to join our team and help us continue to innovate in the field. We...


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