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  • Writing Cloud Foundry sample apps for 9 frameworks - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 27 Jan '15, 11pm

    I recently had the pleasure of producing nine sample apps for Cloud Foundry, whilst embedded in the documentation team. The aim of the exercise was to produce minimal but functional apps, ready to be deployed to CF, in a variety of languages and frameworks. The process of writing thes...

  • Technical Writer - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 16 Mar '15, 5pm

    The Cloud Foundry team is looking for a great technical writer to join us in creating an awesome user experience for our Platform as a Service (PaaS). You You are a writer: you enjoy crafting prose and have a deep love of language. You count Strunk and White as two of your closest fri...

  • @spcohn @lissijean @mattbarcomb If only someone had written a blog post about this... cough cough

    Agile vs. Lean vs. Lean Agile - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 22 Jun '15, 4pm

    Agile and Lean have been around for decades. Their marriage for software development has a long history as well. Yet, there is still a lot of confusion around what the difference is between them and how they work together. I’m by no means the world’s expert on either topic, but I’m of...

  • Finding Pivotal (Designer edition). - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 07 Aug '15, 7pm

    Everyone has an Origin Story. This is mine. I discovered Agile by accident. I was a self-taught designer who’d travelled to Florida to hand off a project to the development team. My partner and I had spent the summer building this perfect product, and I was completely in love with it....

  • Robolectric 3.0 RC2 Released - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 31 Mar '15, 3am

    Ever since 2.4 was released back in November, we’ve been hard at work on Robolectric 3.0. We wanted to deliver on some big features that the community has been wanting for a long time. As of this morning, release candidate 2 should be available on Maven Central with the coordinates “o...

  • Associate Director of Product Design - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 30 Jan '15, 6pm

    Pivotal Software, Inc. (Pivotal) is an equal opportunity employer who recognizes the value of every individual in creating success for our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and communities. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, developing and promoting employees ...

  • The little green Droid's take on TDD - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 21 Feb '15, 8pm

    Test-driven development is an iterative process of writing automated tests that define a feature before development, writing code to pass the tests, and finally refactoring the code to meet project architecture standards. The concept has been an integral part of software development s...

  • Lean Startup Conference 2014 - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 09 Dec '14, 6pm

    Janice Fraser is one of America's leading experts on Lean Startup. She has advised many successful companies including Lyft and Sharethrough and provided innovation trainings for public organizations including the White House and the governments of Ireland and Korea. Janice's current ...


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