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At Pivotal Labs we partner with clients to develop software that runs the world's most innovative business platforms.

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  • Be a Pivot - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 19 Jan '15, 8pm

    “What drives me: learning new things, perfecting my craft, working with smart and amazing people, and helping my clients succeed.” —Ian, Engineering Manager “Pairing and the regular schedule are key — I get useful things done at work every day, while having time for the rest of my lif...

  • Announcing new WatchKit testing tools in PivotalCoreKit - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 14 Jan '15, 8pm

    We’re happy today to announce an open source tool that makes writing tests for WatchKit apps possible. The WatchKit testing tools we’re releasing today are part of PivotalCoreKit , our helper library for iOS projects. Suppose you want to write a unit test for the following willActivat...

  • Check out Jackie's great post on our weekly Design Critique at @PivotalLabs

    Design Critique at Pivotal Labs - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 31 Dec '14, 4pm

    You heard about it…you’ve seen designers huddled in a room, pointing at things and placing dots on print-outs. But what are they doing in there? And why are they doing it? WHAT IS DESIGN CRITIQUE? It’s time set aside weekly for designers to present their client work and collect feedba...

  • Lean Startup Conference 2014 - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 09 Dec '14, 6pm

    Janice Fraser is one of America's leading experts on Lean Startup. She has advised many successful companies including Lyft and Sharethrough and provided innovation trainings for public organizations including the White House and the governments of Ireland and Korea. Janice's current ...

  • Data Science and the Internet of Things - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 13 Jan '15, 2pm

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, tremendous amounts of data are being generated by real world devices. Data science and machine learning techniques are extremely useful for people wishing to make sense of this data. In this video, Nitin Borwankar talks about LearnDataScience, ...

  • Types of Design - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 09 Jan '15, 11pm

    “Design” is a messy word , and describing which type of design you mean can be tricky. Sometimes it’s more helpful to describe types of design not as crisp definitions—”Visual Design looks pretty, and UX has boxes and arrows”—but instead in the spirit of Family Resemblance , i.e.: thi...

  • Product Manager - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 25 Nov '14, 3pm

    As a recognized leader in highly disciplined agile software development practices, Pivotal Labs has been building high reliability software for over 20 years. We build consumer and enterprise web and mobile applications for global clients, and have a growing practice building applicat...

  • New Key Features in Jasmine 2.1 - Pivotal Labs

    pivotallabs.com 13 Nov '14, 8pm

    For the past couple of years there have been two feature requests/rant inducers/fork justifications for Jasmine. First was support for one focused spec, or suite, via a syntax change. Second was support for beforeAll and afterAll – large, one-time test setup and teardown. If you’ve be...


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