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  • Color Changing Sneakers Shift Styles On Demand

    psfk.com 24 Jun '15, 6pm

    The Shift Sneaker is an LED-infused shoe that would work much like real-world game customization Jason Brick 24 june 2015 Design The Shift Sneaker is a new (conceptual) application of wearable technology that adds color options to your footwear. LEDs would be woven into the material o...

  • Driverless Cars in Singapore's Taxi Fleet and the Auto Industry

    psfk.com 26 Jun '15, 10am

    Smaller IKEA stores in the U.K., tech additions to the dictionary, and the future of driverless cars in Singapore Teo Armus 26 june 2015 Innovation PSFK editors select top news aggregated from around the web each day. Driverless cars may be coming soon to Singapore’s taxi fleet… (City...

  • The Quick Thinking Video Roundup: Must-See Tech Videos

    psfk.com 03 Jun '15, 12pm

    Burn off the calories gained from a night supplied by a pizza box-powered projector with an immersive treadmill experience or light-up dance shoes Samantha Cole 3 june 2015 Editors Pick Check out the colorful technology, tasty innovation, and immersive virtual reality in our latest mu...

  • FitCoin Rewards Workouts in Bitcoin

    FitCoin Rewards Workouts in Bitcoin

    psfk.com 30 Mar '15, 11am

    Fitness app encourages you to break a sweat for money's sake Simone Spilka 30 march 2015 Technology Has your gym trainer ever incentivized you to push yourself to run just one more mile in exchange for a food reward later? Or motivated you to do 20 extra push-ups by offering up an ice...

  • Tech Handbag Comes with In-House Gadget Charging

    Leoht Tote Handbag Comes with In-House Gadget Charging

    psfk.com 12 Feb '15, 1pm

    Leoht is a New York City-based wearable fashion tech startup that is looking to make its mark in the fashion tech realm with their first product line, a collection of stylish tech handbags for the modern user. The company’s first tech handbag is a black leather tote that houses a buil...

  • What Is Bitcoin And How Do You Get Some?

    What Is Bitcoin - An Overview & Infographic

    psfk.com 23 Jan '15, 8pm

    With so much attention surrounding the cryptocurrency, many people may be aware of the Bitcoin revolution as it took hold of the Internet a few years ago. But what is Bitcoin and how do you get your hands on some? While many may have heard about how it spread and took hold, many are s...

  • 80,000 Airline Seat Covers Reach Their Final Handbag Destination

    Airline Seat Covers Reach Their Final Handbag Destination

    psfk.com 27 Jan '15, 1pm

    When Southwest Airlines made the decision to retire over 80,000 seat covers–for one made of a new more lightweight material to conserve fuel–it soon wondered what to do with them. But instead of treating them as waste, or an easy one-off donation to a recycling center, it looked for a...

  • Miranda July

    Miranda July's Bag is Also a Kit for Life

    psfk.com 03 Oct '14, 4pm

    The bag silhouette is very classic, small and very portable. But a quick look inside and it becomes a stunning tell-all about the ups and downs of a Miranda July-kind-of-woman. Inside is a keep of honest things: a micro security blanket, homeopathic anxiety pills, statement cards and ...