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  • 'Rack Documentation'

    rack.rubyforge.org 20 Feb '14, 6am

    provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web applications in Ruby. By wrapping HTTP requests and responses in the simplest way possible, it unifies and distills the API for web servers, web frameworks, and software in between (the so-called middleware) into a...

  • Class: Rack::Request

    rack.rubyforge.org 13 Jul '13, 1pm

    Default ports depending on scheme. Used to decide whether or not to include the port in a generated URI. FORM_DATA_MEDIA_TYPES The set of form-data media-types. Requests that do not indicate one of the media types presents in this list will not be eligible for form-data / param parsin...

  • File: SPEC ['Rack Documentation']

    rack.rubyforge.org 26 May '13, 10am

    The server or the application can store their own data in the environment, too. The keys must contain at least one dot, and should be prefixed uniquely. The prefix rack. is reserved for use with the Rack core distribution and other accepted specifications and must not be used otherwis...

  • Module: Rack::Utils

    rack.rubyforge.org 19 Apr '13, 3pm

    Parses the “Range:” header, if present, into an array of Range objects. Returns nil if the header is missing or syntactically invalid. Returns an empty array if none of the ranges are satisfiable.

  • Class: Rack::Directory

    rack.rubyforge.org 11 Jul '12, 2pm

    Rack::Directory serves entries below the root given, according to the path info of the Rack request. If a directory is found, the file’s contents will be presented in an html based index. If a file is found, the env will be passed to the specified app . If app is not specified, a Rack...

  • Class: Rack::MethodOverride

    rack.rubyforge.org 11 Jul '12, 5am

    Constants HTTP_METHODS = %w(GET HEAD PUT POST DELETE OPTIONS) METHOD_OVERRIDE_PARAM_KEY = "_method".freeze HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE_HEADER = "HTTP_X_HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE".freeze Public Class methods new (app) Public Instance methods call (env)

    1. Class: Rack::Directory rack.rubyforge.org 11 Jul '12, 2pm
  • File: README ['Rack Documentation']

    rack.rubyforge.org 04 Jul '12, 2am

    Adrian Madrid, for the LiteSpeed handler. Christoffer Sawicki, for the first Rails adapter and Rack::Deflater . Tim Fletcher, for the HTTP authentication code. Luc Heinrich for the Cookie sessions, the static file handler and bugfixes. Armin Ronacher, for the logo and racktools. Aredr...

  • 'Rack Documentation'

    rack.rubyforge.org 18 Mar '12, 2am

    Alex Beregszaszi, Alexander Kahn, Anil Wadghule, Aredridel, Ben Alpert, Dan Kubb, Daniel Roethlisberger, Matt Todd, Tom Robinson, Phil Hagelberg, S. Brent Faulkner, Bosko Milekic, Daniel Rodríguez Troitiño, Genki Takiuchi, Geoffrey Grosenbach, Julien Sanchez, Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin, Ma...

  • @sidarok I always said that the Dapper *micro ORM* is akin to rack for databases

    Rack: a Ruby Webserver Interface

    rack.rubyforge.org 12 Mar '12, 2am

    Personifi uses Rack cause we like its elegant design, speed and fast turn around time. With Rack we serve billions of requests per month. It makes our life good! —Armin Roehrl, Lead Engineer of Personifi

  • File: SPEC

    rack.rubyforge.org 29 Feb '12, 5pm

    REQUEST_METHOD : The HTTP request method, such as "GET" or "POST". This cannot ever be an empty string, and so is always required. SCRIPT_NAME : The initial portion of the request URL‘s "path" that corresponds to the application object, so that the application knows its virtual "locat...

    1. File: HAML_REFERENCE haml-lang.com 07 Mar '12, 3pm