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Offers a service to deploy, manage support, monitor and scale rails applications.

Link: railsmachine.com

  • Article

    railsmachine.com 21 Jan '14, 1pm

    Rails Machine has a long history of helping companies scale their apps from a single virtual server to dozens of dedicated servers. We don't talk a lot about it because, well, we're nerds not marketers. We've been around since 2006 and spent a lot of time helping Rails apps of all siz...

  • Announcing Lita::Ext

    railsmachine.com 28 Apr '14, 8pm

    Like many companies, Rails Machine has a chat bot sitting in Campfire with us and we use it daily to help us with many aspects of our work. Until recently we used Hubot . Hubot has worked flawlessly for us, but as a Ruby shop it was a constant source of friction to switch to CoffeeScr...

  • Article

    railsmachine.com 08 Apr '14, 4pm

    Posted on 4/8/2014 by Kevin Lawver We read the Heartbleed vulnerability announcement last night and were as shocked as I'm sure you were. Thankfully, the vast majority of our customers' servers, and our sites and infrastructure, are completely unaffected by it since they're running Ub...

  • Article

    railsmachine.com 19 Jun '13, 1pm

    Plugger: Plugging Plugins Plucked From Rails 4 Posted on 6/19/2013 by Kevin Lawver We've known plugins were being removed in Rails 4, and I've disagreed with the decision since I first saw the deprecation warning filling my console. To me, plugins live in a place between a single file...

  • New on the blog today: MongoDB Manipulation, Mastery, and Monkey Business

    MongoDB Manipulation, Mastery and Monkey Business

    railsmachine.com 28 Aug '12, 5pm

    . I used it for a product at my last company and found it to be easy to manage and deploy and fun to develop with. We have a couple of customers here at Rails Machine that are also big fans of MongoDB and we helped one of them upgrade their replica set today from two nodes with an arb...

  • A Web Operations View of Election Day

    railsmachine.com 15 Nov '12, 9pm

    A Web Operations View of Election Day Posted by Kevin Lawver on November 15, 2012 | 0 comments Yes, I know the election was last week, but it’s taken us that long to recover from the sheer awesomeness of how well it went for our customers. No, not the outcome of the election, but thei...

  • Article

    railsmachine.com 08 Mar '13, 2pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with the asset pipeline. Ok, it's mostly hate. I applaud what it tries to do, but it takes something relatively simple - javascript and CSS - and makes it painful, mostly by making deploys take forever (even with turbo-sprockets-rails3 ). For example, I...

  • Article

    railsmachine.com 18 Dec '13, 2pm

    There are several options to backup a PostgreSQL database. The standard pg_dump command ships with PostgreSQL and is very easy to use. Another option is to create a file system level backup by directly copying the files that PostgreSQL uses to store the data in the database. It is als...


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