• Fabolous – Louis Vuitton Lyrics | Rap Genius

    rapgenius.com 04 Dec '12, 2am

    How it works Click the orange lyrics for explanations of Fabolous (Ft. J. Cole) – Louis Vuitton lyrics Highlight white lyrics and explain them to get Rap IQ™ (help) Tips for editing lyrics To change the lyrics associated with an explanation, move the brackets. Here’s a short video if ...

  • #Heroku's Ugly Secret: The story of how the cloud-king turned its back on #Rails #webdev #ruby

    James Somers – Heroku's Ugly Secret | Rap Genius

    rapgenius.com 14 Feb '13, 2am

    This is why the Heroku engineer's comment about requests “waiting in a queue at the dyno level” struck us as so bizarre — we were under the impression that this could never happen. The whole point of "intelligent load distribution as you scale" is that you shouldn't send requests to d...

  • Pre College Dropout Kanye West interview. | Rap Genius

    rapgenius.com 02 Nov '13, 11am

    Are you aware that people change over time? If the current Kanye was the same Kanye that you see in the video still.. well, we wouldn’t be talking about him, that’s for sure. Also, I’m pretty sure that this interview was done before his accident which caused a voice change. If you lis...