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A flexible project management web application which includes a gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification. Information on the ...


  • Just sorry for this message. Many thanks to all. 29 Apr '17, 3pm

    Just sorry for this message, I hope You will believe me, because I do not lie and do not earn this, I really need help. It so happened that I was in strong credits, I'm from Russia, in June examination of the daughter, and I have no money at all, I'm working, but all the money spent o...

  • Centos 7.3 Permission_denied problem 29 Apr '17, 6am

    I installed Redmine 3.3.3 into the Centos 7.3. I used MySQL as a database and Apache2 for web server. I followed many different guide during the setup process. At the end of the setup, project was reacable but I was not able to reach https://projectUrl:8080/my/account URL. Then I chec...

  • Feature #25721: Project Issues Sequence Number 28 Apr '17, 4pm

    Hello, is it possible to develop a "Project custom field" that automatically set an "Issue ID" within the Project scope? I mean something like the "#" sequence number, but that starts from "1" for each new Project and that is automatically increased on new issue on the Project.

  • Defect #24271: htmlentities warning 06 Apr '17, 9pm

    During my migration to 3.3.1, I got this warning: .../ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/htmlentities-4.3.1/lib/htmlentities/mappings/expanded.rb:465: warning: key "inodot" is duplicated and overwritten on line 466 Installing htmlentities 4.3.4 seems to resolve this message. Have not had any issues...

  • Issue Badge Plugin 21 Apr '17, 5pm

    Hi, all. I created small plugin to show the number of assigned issues with badge on top menu, and I’ve just released v0.0.5. Since this plugin has test codes with rspec, so that I hope this would be any help for someone who is interes...

  • @xpac @SparkyS04 Schau mal hier, die Pro könnte alles was du willst:

    Easy Gantt - Plugins 22 Apr '17, 10pm

    This Drag & Drop Redmine Gantt Plugin makes Planning of Tasks and Project Easy as never before! It is a must have for all Redmine users that are serious about project management. Benefits of Gantt Plugin are:¶ Easiest planning of tasks, milestones and the projects The best visualisati...

    1. Plugins 22 Apr '17, 10pm
  • Plugins 22 Apr '17, 10pm

    Redmine Mindmap plugin brings this essential and very efficient project management technique of mind mapping to every Redmine users. Mind mapping is a simple and modern way of project planning → fast, efficient, visual, intuitive and creativity supp...

    1. Easy Gantt - Plugins 22 Apr '17, 10pm
  • 3.3.3 and 3.2.6 released 09 Apr '17, 8am

    Redmine 3.3.3 and 3.2.6 are maintenance releases available for download. You can review the list of changes in the Changelog . Security: these 2 releases fix several vulnerabilities, including a stored XSS when displaying specifically crafted attachments. Thanks to Nikita and Planio f...

    1. grape 12 Apr '17, 5am

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