Redmine: Overview

A flexible project management web application which includes a gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification. Information on theĀ ...


  • Banner - Plugins 01 Mar '15, 11pm

    Install the redmine_banner plugin into your redmine application directory: ./script/plugin install Do the migration task, such as rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production Restart any running Redmine application servers. Use bannerĀ¶ ...

  • Revision 14078 - Building ffi 1.9.7 fails in Ubuntu. 14 Mar '15, 8am

    Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 hours ago Building ffi 1.9.7 fails in Ubuntu. Files added modified copied renamed deleted

  • 3.0.0 and 2.6.2 released 20 Feb '15, 1am

    I'm pleased to announce that the new feature release Redmine 3.0.0 is available for download . This new version brings several improvements to the search engine (it's now much faster and includes new search options) and many new features: default issue status per tracker, multiple ema...

  • redmine_planning - Plugins 05 Mar '15, 2am

    Redmine plugin that makes it easier to create and update a project planning. It can move and resize issues and add/delete relations and enforce those relations in the planning. The planning chart is represented using a HTML5 canvas and heavy use of Javascript. You will thus need a rea...

  • Feature #19097: Responsive layout for mobile devices 13 Feb '15, 2am

    IMO, the main purpose of themes is adding a custom design, like colors, icons, fonts, etc. Mobile-friendlyness on the other hand, should be a core feature for any modern web application. At Planio , we've been developing such a responsive layout during the past weeks and I would like ...

  • 2.6.0, 2.5.3 and 2.4.7 released 21 Oct '14, 8pm

    The latest feature release 2.6.0 is available for download . It ships with more than 60 changes including a better PDF support (thanks to Toshi), bulk edition of workflows and the ability to give custom permissions for non member and anonymous users per project. Please note that 2.6.x...

  • Install Redmine 25x on Centos 65 complete 22 Feb '15, 3pm

    To prepare for the next section, you need to set up a connection using Putty SSH to Server running Centos, enter the IP address of the computer running Centos (probably IP on the dedicated server, on the virtual machines, on the your LAN or PC).

  • 2.6.1 released 11 Jan '15, 10am

    Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 4 hours ago Redmine 2.6.1 is a maintenance release available for download . It includes many fixes and several translations updates. You can review the list of changes in the Changelog .

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