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  • Bugday's Integration 18 Mar '13, 7am

    we're currently on the way to clean the bugtracker. Currently Redmine has more than 3800 open issues , which is fairly to much for 13 contributors - where not every on is active on a regular base. If we divide thos issues by maybe 7 active contributors, we have more than 540 issues pe...

    1. Bugday's Integration 20 Mar '13, 8am
    2. Bugday's Integration 20 Mar '13, 4pm
  • RedmineReceivingEmails 17 Mar '13, 8pm

    rdm-mailhandler [options] --url=<Redmine URL> --key=<API key> Required: -u, --url URL of the Redmine server -k, --key Redmine API key General options: -h, --help show this help -v, --verbose show extra information -V, --version show version information and exit Issue attributes contro...

  • お、 Defect#13354 のパッチが採用された♪ ありがとうございます!

    Defect #13354: PDF export: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT 16 Mar '13, 10am

    Started GET "/issues/1932.pdf" for at 2013-03-04 21:04:45 +0200 Processing by IssuesController#show as PDF Parameters: {"id"=>"1932"} Current user: jwalker (id=30) Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 160ms Encoding::CompatibilityError (incompatible character encoding...

  • build status 15 Mar '13, 1pm

    Revision r11627 (build 1284 started on 2013-03-15T11:50:09Z) Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/trunk/DATABASE_ADAPTER/sqlite3/RUBY_VER/jruby-1.7.2 Updating file:///var/svn/redmine/trunk U app/views/my/destroy.html.erb At revision 11627 [jruby-1.7.2] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/h...

  • build status 15 Mar '13, 11am

    Revision r11626 (build 1283 started on 2013-03-15T10:56:18Z) Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/trunk/DATABASE_ADAPTER/mysql/RUBY_VER/ruby-1.9.3-p194 Updating file:///var/svn/redmine/trunk U app/views/settings/_issues.html.erb U app/views/settings/_repositories.html.erb ...

  • FrRedmineWikiFormatting 15 Mar '13, 11am

    bq. Rails est un framework complet pour développer des applications reposant sur une base de données, en conformité avec le motif Modèle-Vue-Contrôleur. Pour démarrer, vous avez seulement besoin d'une base de données et d'un serveur web. >> Rails est un framework complet pour développ...

  • Daily Status - Plugins 15 Mar '13, 11am

    redmine_daily_status ==================== About: This plugin is used for tracking the daily status update of the project. Features Update Today's Status View past days status Email send to all project members How to Install: To install the Daily Status, execute the following commands ...

    1. build status 15 Mar '13, 11am
    2. build status 15 Mar '13, 1pm
    3. Time Tracker - Plugins 14 Mar '13, 5am
    4. build status 19 Mar '13, 5am
    5. build status 19 Mar '13, 6am
    6. Charts 2 - Plugins 21 Mar '13, 8pm
  • Time Tracker - Plugins 14 Mar '13, 5am

    - Rework time tracker user interface with icons - Add 'list' action to list time trackers of other users according to a permission (another one allow to delete them) - Use the 'issue editing' page instead of the 'new timelog entry' one when stopping a time tracker. This allows to modi...

    1. Daily Status - Plugins 15 Mar '13, 11am
    2. Time 15 Mar '13, 1am
  • RusGuide 13 Mar '13, 5am

    User's Guide Changelog , Security FAQ , HowTo's Plugins , Themes

  • 2.2.3 fix and security release 12 Feb '13, 11pm

    Redmine 2.2.3 fix and security release Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 7 hours ago Redmine 2.2.3 fixes a few detects and was upgraded to Ruby on Rails 3.2.12 which fixes several vulnerabilities . You can read the Changelog and download it at Rubyforge .

  • 2.2.2 maintenance release 20 Jan '13, 9pm

    Redmine 2.2.2 maintenance release Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 4 hours ago Redmine 2.2.2 is a maintenance release that fixes a few issues (Changelog ). It's available for download at Rubyforge .

  • Feature #5196: Grouping, ordering and viewing issues list by parent tasks 25 Dec '12, 12pm

    There is new feature subtasks in trunk (from r3573 ). But there are not abilities to group or order issues by their parent tasks in project issues list. Also there is not ability to include root/parent task column in issues list. - It will be very usefull to maintain project plan and ...

  • Rest api with php 22 Dec '12, 10am

    If you are trying to use the class to write time_entries , you will get a 404 response (#9375 ). The reason for that is that the class is unable to create the correct singular form from the pluralized version of the entity name. (edit 2011-10-06: according to the website the bug was f...

  • Feature #8900: Restful Web service: generate WADL 15 Dec '12, 10pm

    1. No manaualy. Wadl generator library helps you. For example, 2. It will increase the attractiveness for java developers. 3. I do not want to use this( ) library. It supports only 1....

  • EVM - Plugins 11 Dec '12, 12pm

    This plugin generates line graphical indicators, per Project and open Versions, used in EVM (Earned-Value Management). It shows actual cost (hours reported in log time), planned value (estimated hours indicated in new issue), and earned value distributed in weeks / years. It also show...

  • Redmineのガントチャート上でチケット同士の関係を可視化するパッチ。 @marutosijp さん作。

    Feature #3436: Show relations in Gantt diagram 05 Dec '12, 1pm

    I request a feature: Please show the relations, especially the blocks and dependencies, within the gantt diagram. Attached is a related screenshot, how I would like to see the result.

  • 2.1.4 released 24 Nov '12, 12pm

    Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 4 hours ago Redmine 2.1.4 fixes 7 defects including an IE8 compatiblity issue. You can see the full list of changes in the Changelog and download this release at Rubyforge .

  • 2.1.3 and 1.4.5 released 18 Nov '12, 2pm

    Redmine 2.1.3 and 1.4.5 released Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 12 hours ago Redmine 2.1.3 (Changelog ) and Redmine 1.4.5 (Changelog ) are new maintenance releases for 2.1.x and 1.4.x series. They include several bug fixes and can be downloaded at Rubyforge . Comments Added by Tere...

  • Overview 29 Oct '12, 8am

    A shared online demo can be found at . This demo is running a recent trunk version so you can evaluate the new features that have been added recently. It's been setup to give registered users the ability to create their own projects. This means once you regist...

  • FAQ 22 Oct '12, 7am

    Make sure you're using a svn client and server >= 1.3. Redmine parse the -xml output from subversion, which is a svn 1.3 feature. Make sure that the web app is able to run the svn binary. (hint: check your path and ensure the svn binary is on it) When using a file:/// link, make sure ...

  • Redmineのガントチャートでイナズマ線を表示する、 @marutosijp さんによるパッチ。Redmine本体に取り込まれて欲しいので+1しといた。

    Feature #12122: Gantt progress line (html only) 17 Oct '12, 1pm

    Issues View all issues Summary Custom queries Documentation issues Open defects Open features Plugin issues Translation patches Feature #12122 Gantt progress line (html only) Added by Toshi MARUYAMA about 6 hours ago. Updated about 1 hour ago. Status: New Start date: Priority: Normal ...

  • 2.1.2 released 30 Sep '12, 11am

    Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 2 hours ago Redmine 2.1.2 is a maintenance release that fixes 12 defects and a XSS vulnerability discovered in Redmine 2.1.0 (Changelog ). It's available for download at Rubyforge .

  • ja_translation_r10492.diff 30 Sep '12, 7am

    Sign in Register Home Projects Help Search : Redmine Overview Download Activity Roadmap Issues News Wiki Forums Repository ja_translation_r10492.diff Go MAEDA , 2012-09-29 09:56 Download (1.83 KB) View differences inline side by side config/locales/ja.yml (working copy) 370 370 settin...

  • Redmine 2.1 is out!

    2.1.0 and 2.0.4 released 16 Sep '12, 2pm

    Redmine 2.1.0 is the new feature release and is available for download at Rubyforge . It includes major and exclusive new features as well as many improvements and fixes. Here are the highlights: Issues and workflow improvements: you can now configure required and read-only issue fiel...

  • Impasse - Plugins 07 Sep '12, 4am

    Author: Yoshitaka Kawashima Website: Code repository: Registered on: 2012-07-17 (about 1 month ago) Current version: 1.2.1 Compatible with: Redmine 1.1.x, 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 2.0.x Impasse is tes...

  • /trunk/lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb - Diff 31 Aug '12, 10pm

    Revision 8732 trunk/lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb

  • EmailConfiguration 13 Aug '12, 6am

    # Outgoing email settings production: email_delivery: delivery_method: :smtp smtp_settings: address: port: 25 domain: authentication: :login user_name: [email protected] password: redmine development: email_delivery: delivery_method: :smtp smtp_settings:...

  • Defect #11034: TLS configuration broken since 2.0 13 Aug '12, 6am

    Since upgrading to 2.0.0 (also verified today on 2.0.1, and svn trunk) the smtp configuration settings for TLS encryption is somewhat broken, as notified by [1]. If a smtp server is configured with both "tls: true" and "enable_starttls_auto: true", this error occurs when trying to sen...

  • HG clone returns “abort: HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable” on Redmine / VMWare computer 12 Aug '12, 2am

    I hope I'm posting this question in the correct place. I'm sorry if Not. so, here it goes: I'm really new with SCM systems, so I'm starting to study Mercurial on Redmine, but I'm facing a problem that I have no idea how to fix. I hope someone can point me the right direction :-) : So,...

  • Feature #5487: Allow subtasks to cross projects 10 Aug '12, 10pm

    +1 again (this one and multiple SCM repos per project are the only missing features which stops us from using Redmine). I will try to explain why (by replying to Terrence). Hi Terence, from your first phrase I can see you didn't clearly understand the true reason for this request. Thi...

    1. 2.2.0 10 Aug '12, 10pm