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  • These Are The Bags You'll Likely See Everywhere During Fashion Week

    2017 Statement Handbag Trend Lyst - Loewe, Sophie Hulme

    refinery29.com 12 Jan '17, 7pm

    When we look to invest in a designer handbag, we tend to gravitate towards styles that are most often characterized as "timeless," "classic," and "wear-everyday." (Translation: not too trendy, and probably made of black leather). But, like the shifting retail landscape, what shoppers ...

  • It's About Time Sasha Lane Scored A Fashion Campaign

    Sasha Lane American Honey Louis Vuitton Spring Campaign

    refinery29.com 03 Jan '17, 4pm

    Since his time at Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière has always found his inspiration in Hollywood. For almost a decade, Jennifer Connelly has inspired his work and starred in numerous campaigns for the designer, both at Balenciaga and now at Louis Vuitton. Ghesquière's famous, fabulous p...

  • Instagram Celebrities Singapore Geotagging Hack

    refinery29.com 14 Dec '16, 1am

    A whole lot of people have headed to Singapore for the winter, if Instagram is any indication. Social media celebrities have been tagging a suspicious number of photos with this city. So, was there an amazing deal on a flight over there that we missed? Or are people lying about their ...

  • 15 Bucket List Hotels We're (and I mean ME) Completely Obsessed With!

    Most Famous Hotels - Best Hotels Around The World

    refinery29.com 01 Oct '16, 9am

    The world has a lot of hotels, some better than others. Certain properties are 100% worth adding to your must-stay travel bucket list, whether its because they have a great location, great amenities, or a serious sense of luxury. From the Thames-adjacent Mondrian London to the iconic ...

  • Louis Vuitton - New Fall Fragrance

    refinery29.com 17 Aug '16, 12am

    Les Parfums Louis Vuitton launches September 1 on the LV site and in select Louis Vuitton stores. This propels the luxury label back into the beauty world after almost 70 years out of the game — all thanks to seven sweet scents ranging in price from $240 (100ml) to $350 (200ml). The c...

  • Here's The Most Popular Handbag Brand, According To Teens

    Michael Kors Most Popular Teen Handbag Brand Trend

    refinery29.com 15 Oct '16, 12am

    The most desirable designer bag among teens these days is one you'll frequently find on the shelves of, say, Saks Fifth Avenue, but also hanging on the racks at your local T.J. Maxx. Michael Kors ranked as the top handbag brand (by a long shot) in research firm Piper Jaffray's biannua...

  • Kendall and Kylie Collection Handbags Fall 2016

    refinery29.com 13 Jul '16, 5pm

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner first announced their namesake label's foray into premium handbags in April. Today, the inaugural drop hits shelves at Saks Fifth Avenue. As promised, this collection is meant to be a more accessible entryway into the famous siblings' style sensibilities. So, ...

  • Charles Keith Best Selling Sold Out Sneakers

    refinery29.com 07 Feb '16, 5pm

    You never want something until you can't have it. So, each week in The Sell-Out, we're getting the scoop from your favorite retailers on what's selling like crazy. Watch this space to find out what everyone's buying, sign up for wait lists, and keep tabs on restocks. There's no denyin...