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  • An Illustrated History Of Kim Kardashian & Her Louis Vuitton Bags

    Kim Kardashian West Louis Vuitton Bags Trend History

    refinery29.com 20 Oct '17, 8pm

    "Don't be...fucking...rude!" a pre-Yeezy era Kim Kardashian once shouted at sister Khloé Kardashian in between swings of a purse so full it seemed to take her with it. It was the year 2008 and Kim had just added a fresh Bentley to her collection of cars. But her sisters weren't as hap...

  • The 10 Most Breathtaking Hotel Views To Wake Up To! #Luxury

    Hotels With The Best Views In World Travel Destinations

    refinery29.com 13 Sep '17, 6am

    An intoxicating view is integral to an unforgettable hotel experience. After all, a stunning visual memory leaves a much longer-lasting impression than silky-soft sheets or remarkable room service. From underwater suites to lodges in a remote forest, we're taking you on a virtual tour...

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 - Alcantara, Rachael Bell

    refinery29.com 02 May '17, 3pm

    The Surface Laptop is not a traditional personal computer. Although the basic form is the same, the materials, colors, and touch screen set it apart from the competition. Case in point: Most laptops are made using plastics and metals; the Surface Laptop has an exterior aluminum body t...

  • Louis Vuitton Has New Travel Cases For Your...Perfume?

    Louis Vuitton Perfume Leather Travel Cases

    refinery29.com 11 Sep '17, 10pm

    This new launch, which is timed with the one-year anniversary of the fragrance collection, is totally ridiculous and totally amazing. Constructed in high-quality leather, each travel case has been designed specifically to embrace the flacon, with a neat buckle in front to keep your pa...

  • This Coach collab will break the internet–& we got a first look: https://t.co/PwV5V9IdMR

    Coach Rodarte Handbags Lookbook Collection Pictures

    refinery29.com 30 Mar '17, 1pm

    No collaboration has made us equally confused and excited quite like the forthcoming pair-up between Coach and Rodarte: The news broke earlier this year with sparse details beyond the fact that it was indeed happening, and that we could expect it sometime this spring. Well, 'tis the s...

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    Most Popular Sneakers By State Best Selling Shoes 2017

    refinery29.com 19 May '17, 3pm

    The popular discourse may be that the U.S. is a country divided, but there's apparently one thing we all agree on: Converse are our favorite kicks. A new report from Polyvore breaks down the most searched-for sneaker brands by state, and the Nike-owned footwear company emerged as #1 i...

  • It's About Time Sasha Lane Scored A Fashion Campaign

    Sasha Lane American Honey Louis Vuitton Spring Campaign

    refinery29.com 03 Jan '17, 4pm

    Since his time at Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière has always found his inspiration in Hollywood. For almost a decade, Jennifer Connelly has inspired his work and starred in numerous campaigns for the designer, both at Balenciaga and now at Louis Vuitton. Ghesquière's famous, fabulous p...

  • 15 Bucket List Hotels We're (and I mean ME) Completely Obsessed With!

    Most Famous Hotels - Best Hotels Around The World

    refinery29.com 01 Oct '16, 9am

    The world has a lot of hotels, some better than others. Certain properties are 100% worth adding to your must-stay travel bucket list, whether its because they have a great location, great amenities, or a serious sense of luxury. From the Thames-adjacent Mondrian London to the iconic ...