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  • FormKeep Moves to Furious Collective 15 Nov '17, 3pm

    thoughtbot is a consulting company that designs and develops software for our clients. We’ve also invested our own time to create, improve and support products that come out of our consulting work, like Upcase , Hound , FormKeep and FormLinter . We built FormKeep to be an easy-to-use ...

  • Speed Up JavaScript Capybara Specs by Blacklisting URLs 15 Nov '17, 2pm

    With this configuration in place all requests to the listed URL s return a response with an empty body and status of 200. We could then remove the environment check from the layout. Blacklisting the URL at the request level provided the added benefit of a more thorough integration tes...

  • Writing Go in Vim 12 Nov '17, 10pm

    I recently needed to update my Vim setup for writing Go (the latest release no longer ships with its own Vim plugin ), so I thought I’d take this chance to document and share how to work productively on Go with Vim.

  • Join thoughtbot in supporting App Camp for Girls 03 Nov '17, 6pm

    Since 2013, App Camp has been working on correcting the gender imbalance in technology professions by inspiring middle school-aged girls, transgender, and gender nonconforming youth with an introduction to the app development process. They are currently working to establish camps in t...

  • Lucky, an experimental new web framework by thoughtbot 27 Oct '17, 12am

    Lucky leverages the type system and meta programming in Crystal to help you create web applications quickly, while maintaining performance and catching subtle bugs that you’d normally miss.

  • Ways I've experimented with Design Sprints to make them more sustainable. 02 Nov '17, 6pm

    Design Sprints, a five-phase process pioneered by Jake Knapp and Google Ventures , are a great way to get a team working together with a shared understanding of a problem, coming up with potential solutions, and quickly testing those ideas. We’ve found the process great for products o...

  • Host your blog under /blog on your www domain with Fastly 06 Nov '17, 12am

    It’s common to host a blog on,, or to use a self-installed blog on AWS or Heroku. If you have the option of hosting your blog on , please just do that and stop reading now. It’s much easier. But if you’re familiar with terms like SEO...

  • factory_bot 24 Oct '17, 4pm

    We’re renaming factory_girl to factory_bot (and factory_girl_rails to factory_bot_rails ). All the same functionality of factory_girl, now under a different name. Initial Rollout After the rename of the gem, we rolled out version 4.8.2 of all of factory_girl, factory_girl_rails, facto...

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