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  • My Life with NeoVim 26 Aug '16, 8pm

    Early this year, my frustrations with Vim reached a boiling point. I was frustrated by slow, synchronous Syntastic checkers that I had come to rely on. I wanted the in-editor feedback the checkers provided but many of those checkers locked up my editor for seconds at a time. I use Vim...

  • We Ungendered Our Restrooms - And You Can Too!

    We Ungendered Our Restrooms - And You Can Too! 15 Aug '16, 12am

    Hi. I’m Avi. I am a woman, and I am trans. I’ve worked as a developer in thoughtbot’s New York office for almost two years. Just over a year ago, we moved out of a WeWork and into our own newly renovated office space. The space has two restrooms, each with two stalls and one with a ur...

    1. can 13 Aug '16, 8pm
  • The Complete Guide to Optimising Web Images

    The Complete Guide to Optimising Web Images 10 Aug '16, 3pm

    Optimising images for your website can be a bit of a black art, but it’s well worth doing as the bandwidth savings can be large. It will also make a big difference to the speed at which your site loads. Why? These days many of us have access to very fast broadband (we typically have 1...

    1. Build Your Own Web Server 10 Aug '16, 6pm
  • HyperLogLogs in Redis 01 Aug '16, 12am

    A HyperLogLog is a probabilistic data structure used to count unique values — or as it’s referred to in mathematics: calculating the cardinality of a set. These values can be anything: for example, IP addresses for the visitors of a website, search terms, or email addresses. Counting ...

  • Announcing Domain Name Sanity 05 Aug '16, 12am

    As a web-adjacent developer, you deal with domain names all day long. Sometimes they’re humming along in the background and you can ignore them. Other times, adding a domain record doesn’t propagate and you don’t know why or how to fix it. To complicate matters, a secure domain is not...

  • Literate Vim 28 Jul '16, 12am

    Literate Vim Caleb Thompson July 28, 2016 vim Vim normal mode commands are made up of verbs, adverbs, and nouns. Many of them are mnemonic such as v isual, c hange, y ank and d elete. Others like ` are less obviously “go to” in context of a m ark. Some Vim plugins add additional comma...

  • How We Replaced React with Phoenix 12 Jul '16, 12am

    About a year and a half ago we built an internal tool for company-wide announcements. We had originally built the back-end in Phoenix and the front-end in React, taking advantage of Redux and Phoenix channels to deliver updates to the browser in real-time. This made for a great real-t...

  • Building and testing a Phoenix JSON API 02 Aug '16, 12am

    # This is just an example, so you don't need to save it anywhere defmodule Todos.UserViewTest do use Todos.ModelCase alias Todos.UserView test "show.json" do todo = insert(:todo) user = insert(:user, todos: [todo]) rendered_user = UserView.render("show.json", %{user: user}) assert ren...

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