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  • Neat 2.0 Building the future of floated Sass grids 22 Feb '17, 12am

    As I have worked on the web, I have always been fascinated with grid systems. While I have used and contributed to quite a few libraries, they have never quite met my needs. More often than not, these libraries behave unpredictably, use things like nth-child selectors, and dump huge a...

  • How to manage your Python projects with Pipenv 20 Feb '17, 12am

    This approach works fine but sometimes it can be a juggling act, as you have to manually install or remove packages with particular versions, and remember to regularly update the requirements.txt file, in order to keep the project environment consistent. Especially when there are Pyth...

  • Balance

    Balance 21 Feb '17, 12am

    Balance is great example of how viewers give physical dimensions to non-physical things. Balance is usually described as how “heavy” elements feel to the viewer according to how elements are arranged. For displaying text, it’s best to provide a comfortable experience for the user to f...

  • Back to Basics: SOLID 19 Feb '17, 8pm

    In the above class we have a single command interface that processes commission payments for deals. At first glance the class seems simple enough, but let’s look at reasons we might want to change this class. Any change in how we calculate commissions would require a change to this cl...

  • Validation, Database Constraint, or Both? 15 Feb '17, 12am

    The validations provided by Rails are extensive. They cover presence, uniqueness, format, numericality (sic), and more. For any given constraint on your data it’s quite often possible to construct a one-line validates statement composed of the provided validators that protects your ap...

  • Emacs as a Python IDE 17 Feb '17, 12am

    From the New York Emacs Meetup , Drew Werner shows how, with a little effort, Emacs can be a powerful, multi-language IDE with code completion, documentation lookup, and more. Using Python as our language, we will show how to use the the auto-complete, epc, and jedi.el libraries to cr...

  • Android Interpolators: A Visual Guide

    Android Interpolators: A Visual Guide 16 Feb '17, 12am

    Each interpolator is applied to an identical pink dot in a vertical list. All of the dots have the exact same animation set on them except, of course, for their interpolator. As you can see in the screenshot above, the dots are all labeled with their respective Interpolator class name...

  • Form and Space on the Web

    Form and Space on the Web 14 Feb '17, 12am

    We occupy three-dimensional space. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s dangerous, but that is where we live and it influences how our brains are accustomed to interacting with the world. In fact, we’re so accustomed to it that we will subconsciously assign fake three-dimensional attrib...

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