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  • How to Build and Test Decision Tree UX

    How to Build and Test Decision Tree UX 22 Mar '17, 12am

    Not exactly. The key to this concept is the “achieving a single goal” part. For example, if you are just navigating around an app, you don’t really have a single goal. Another way of thinking about the “single goal” might be to think of it as “single state” - where all your choices an...

  • On Markup and Layout

    On Markup and Layout 21 Mar '17, 12am

    Let’s talk a bit what makes designing for the web a unique challenge. One part of the challenge is simply how to display content on a screen. It should work in a variety of resolutions and physical dimensions, should respond appropriately to a tap or a mouse click, and it should relat...

  • Are You For Real? 16 Mar '17, 12am

    Are You For Real? Melissa Xie March 16, 2017 happiness productivity Those who have Imposter Syndrome are said to be “high-achieving individuals marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.” As a someone who does consu...

  • ExMachina 2.0 - Cast Away 13 Mar '17, 12am

    The biggest change in ExMachina 2.0 is the automatic casting of values on insert . Now, instead of having to cast dates or decimals manually, you can let ExMachina do the dirty work for you. Consider this schema:

  • Evil Mode: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Emacs 17 Mar '17, 12am

    Evil Mode: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Emacs Thom Obarski March 17, 2017 emacs vim boston From the Boston Vim Meetup , Aaron Bieber talks about his recent experience using Emacs and how things looked on the other side. He shares what he found, what he missed from Vim, ...

  • Chain RSpec Matchers for Improved Test Readability 09 Mar '17, 12am

    I’ve recently journeyed back into the world of Rails development after an extended stay in more functional languages. One aspect of Ruby that always delights me is its focus on readability. With this focus, along with the ability to fold certain structures, I set out to improve a word...

  • Testing Third Party Interactions

    Testing Third Party Interactions 15 Mar '17, 12am

    When it comes to testing interactions with third-party APIs, it there are a bewildering set of approaches and tools to work with. We’ve written several articles listing various approaches as well as devoting a chapter to it in our new book Testing Rails . So how do you know which one ...

  • Whitespace

    Whitespace 14 Mar '17, 12am

    Whitespace (or White space ) is probably the most under-appreciated yet impactful part of a good design. Whitespace refers to areas that aren’t the content of the design. That’s everything from the space around the layout, margins separating pieces of content, to the spaces between li...

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