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  • Ruby's ARGF 13 Oct '15, 12am

    Many Unix utilities accept input both in the form of filenames passed as command-line arguments and as data sent to the program’s standard input stream. If filenames are passed, the corresponding files will be read in sequence. If not, the standard input stream will be read instead. T...

  • Validating the FormKeep API 12 Oct '15, 12am

    FormKeep’s administrative interface is an Ember application that consumes a Rails-backed JSON API. We test our JSON endpoints with RSpec’s request specs . Ensuring that the client and server adhere to a common contract is important. Without test coverage, the contract is implicit and ...

  • Let's Build a Sinatra 05 Oct '15, 12am

    # nancy.rb require "rack" module Nancy class Base def initialize @routes = {} end attr_reader :routes def get(path, &handler) route("GET", path, &handler) end def post(path, &handler) route("POST", path, &handler) end def put(path, &handler) route("PUT", path, &handler) end def patch(...

  • Go, Hound, and Code Review Comments

    Go, Hound, and Code Review Comments 09 Oct '15, 12am

    Go has a vibrant ecosystem of tools for writing better code, from the standard go fmt command for automatically formatting your code and go vet for detecting incorrect constructs not caught by the compilers, to community projects like safesql for finding SQL injection points and many,...

    1. Reviewing Code - The 08 Oct '15, 7pm
  • Git to the source 07 Oct '15, 12am

    $ git show ad36d88b commit ad36d88b8eabf76e70af1f47fa9f82ac0a2959f8 Author: Ian C. Anderson <[email protected]> Date: Fri Sep 25 11:42:22 2015 -0400 Refactor to SubscriptionFulfillment class diff --git a/app/controllers/subscriptions_controller.rb b/app/controllers/subscript...

    1. the 10 most used git commands 05 Oct '15, 12pm
  • Portland: The First Six Months 08 Oct '15, 12am

    It’s been a little over six months since we announced our Portland office and I wanted to celebrate and share some things. We’ve had time to find our favorite coffee shops, food trucks, neighborhood haunts, places to grab a drink, hiking trails, streetcar lines; and we still have so m...

  • Decorating Arrays in Ember 06 Oct '15, 12am

    I’ve been working on an Ember pet project that aggregates data from Mint . It has a model named Category that has many TransactionCache s: // app/models/category.js import DS from 'ember-data'; const { attr, hasMany } = DS; export default DS.Model.extend({ transactionCaches: hasMany('...

  • Build and test a blazing fast JSON API with Phoenix, an Elixir framework 22 Sep '15, 2pm

    defmodule HelloPhoenix.ContactControllerTest do use ExUnit.Case, async: false use Plug.Test alias HelloPhoenix.Contact alias HelloPhoenix.Repo alias Ecto.Adapters.SQL setup do SQL.begin_test_transaction(Repo) on_exit fn -> SQL.rollback_test_transaction(Repo) end end test "/index retur...

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