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  • Liftoff Spinoff 24 Apr '17, 12am

    Over 4 years ago, I wrote a blog post announcing Liftoff , our tool for customizing Xcode projects with opinionated settings. About a year after that, I wrote another post announcing the 1.0 version of Liftoff, which included project generation and custom templates. Today, I’m writing...

  • Creating A Remote Development Machine 22 Apr '17, 9pm

    Recently we worked for a client that needed to block external IPs. We had a lot of back-and-forth asking to whitelist the various IPs we might be connecting from, so to make that easier I kicked off an experiment I’d been thinking about for a while. Working hypothesis Using a remote m...

  • The Bike Shirt

    The Bike Shirt 14 Apr '17, 7pm

    To celebrate thoughtbot’s fifth year recording at RailsConf, we’ve printed a small batch of t-shirts for The Bike Shed ! They feature new artwork, are available in both fitted (below left) and straight cuts (below right), and are printed by our friends at Social Imprints . Pre-orders ...

  • Automatically Collapse Generated Files in GitHub Diffs

    Automatically Collapse Generated Files in GitHub Diffs 11 Apr '17, 12am

    Not too long ago we introduced Pipe it Down , a Chrome extension to help deal with GitHub pull request diffs with lots of files. The major pain point it addresses for us is dealing with large files automatically generated by Unity. These files rarely get reviewed by a human, but we ha...

  • Getting started with Neat 2.0, a lightweight and flexible Sass grid 27 Mar '17, 6pm

    Another important distinction is that, similar to many other grid systems, Neat 2.0 columns have the gutters on exterior of the object. Basically this means that if you had a series of 12 columns in a 12 column grid, there will be gutters between each of the grid columns as well as gu...

  • Following the Path 10 Apr '17, 12am

    Sometimes you will have multiple versions of a command installed. For example psql from Homebrew and psql from . The which command is is great for finding out which one is being used. Use this info to tweak your $PATH to ensure the right one loads. You can also use the -a...

  • Canimal: How we over engineered drinking La Croix 03 Apr '17, 12am

    At the end of every year, thoughtbot sets aside two days to group together fellow thoughtbotters and build or create something. We call it Ralphapalooza since our logo is a robot named Ralph and it’s a palooza . So this year three of us got together and decided to build Canimal, a can...

  • Positioning Elements on the Web

    Positioning Elements on the Web 04 Apr '17, 12am

    Absolute positioning should not be used to layout columns of content. Because the elements are removed form the document flow, that means every time you add content to one section, you may have to adjust the sizes of other sections by hand, and it makes responsive design much more of ...

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