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  • Introducing Empties – Unstyled Components 02 May '16, 12am

    Announcing the latest addition to the Bourbon suite! Meet Refills’ less fashionable sibling, Empties , a new library of components that are completely – or for the most part – unstyled. The Weight of Refills A few years ago we came up with the idea for the Refills Components Library t...

  • Postgres Window Functions 28 Apr '16, 7pm

    CREATE TABLE posts ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, body varchar, created_at timestamp DEFAULT current_timestamp ); CREATE TABLE comments ( id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, post_id integer NOT NULL, body varchar, created_at timestamp DEFAULT current_timestamp ); /* make two posts */ INSERT INTO posts...

  • Accessibility Testing on Android 29 Apr '16, 12am

    Programming an accessible Android app is not technically difficult, but is often skipped in the rush of a deadline. With the right tools, skipping accessibility is a compromise you don’t have to make. Here are some ways to help your team ensure that accessibility is added and part of ...

  • Building iOS Interfaces: Subclassing Views

    Building iOS Interfaces: Subclassing Views 28 Apr '16, 12am

    , we implemented a custom button by going back and forth between Interface Builder and Swift–a process that would quickly become strenuous if repeated over and over, unless you are building a flashlight app with a single button in the UI. Putting aside the fact that repetition is no f...

  • How to Create Postgres Indexes Concurrently in ActiveRecord Migrations 25 Apr '16, 5pm

    By default, Postgres locks writes (but not reads) to a table while creating an index on it. That can result in unacceptable downtime during a production deploy. On a large table, indexing can take hours. However, Postgres has a CONCURRENTLY option for CREATE INDEX that creates the ind...

  • Have Some (Referential) Integrity with Foreign Keys 27 Apr '16, 3pm

    Referential integrity is a relational database concept that states implied relationships among data should be enforced. Referential integrity ensures that the relationship between rows in two tables will remain synchronized during all updates and deletes. Rails allows us to easily set...

  • Observables, and Callbacks and Threading, Oh My! 19 Apr '16, 5pm

    So you want to react-ify your Android app? Excellent! Welcome to the club! If you’re like me you’ll start by using several of the RxBindings libraries to turn those ugly boiler plate Android UI callbacks into sexy new Observable s. And if you’re even more like me, after a while you’ll...

  • Blocks, Procs, and Enumerable 25 Apr '16, 12am

    Blocks allow methods to take arbitrary snippets of code as arguments and run them. The pattern of passing in an anonymous function into a method is commonly used across multiple languages. JavaScript, for example, is notorious for its use of deeply nested anonymous callback functions.

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