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  • Why Factories? 12 Jan '18, 8pm

    Test factories exist to solve a specific problem. If your tests don’t suffer from that problem then don’t just blindly use a factory. Conversly, if you are using a factory, be wary of recreating the exact same problem that led to factories in the first place by adding to much data.

  • Designing Lucky: Rock Solid Actions & Routing 15 Jan '18, 12am

    Lucky catches bugs, returns responses quickly, and helps you write maintainable code. Lucky’s actions help you to process requests and return responses as reliably and productively as possible. To make Lucky actions rock solid, we looked at the problems we often experience while build...

  • Why you should join (or host!) a Women’s Work Jelly 08 Jan '18, 9pm

    For those unfamiliar with Jelly, it was started in NYC in 2006 by roommates Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford for people who work remotely and don’t regularly get to experience the “creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office.” Jel·ly (noun) “…a casual working ...

    1. Post 11 Jan '18, 10pm
  • Building and testing a Phoenix JSON API 14 Jan '18, 4am

    a lot has changed in Phoenix. In this post we’ll show you how to build and test the index and show actions of a JSON API with Phoenix 1.2. We’ll show you some new techniques we’ve learned since the last time. You’ll learn:

  • Using Extension Functions and Operator Overloading on SpannableStrings. 04 Jan '18, 12am

    I’m a big fan of Android development - but there’s no denying that there are some rough API’s in the Android ecosystem. I spend a non-trivial amount of time scratching my head and muttering under my breath trying to figure out what incantation I need to speak before something works th...

  • Setting up CircleCI 2.0 for Rails 03 Jan '18, 12am

    For our use case, the best choice is the Docker executor, which will compose the environment from a set of Docker images. CircleCI provide set of pre-built images that we’ll use . These cover lots of different Ruby versions, with variations for common requirements like a browser and/o...

  • What is Machine Learning? 05 Jan '18, 12am

    Machine learning seems to be everywhere these days, but a lot of the information about what it is and how it works can be somewhat opaque. On one end of the spectrum there’s the “just run this code” approach, which is great if you’re learning a new library for a familiar task, but can...

  • factory_bot 01 Jan '18, 9am

    We’re renaming factory_girl to factory_bot (and factory_girl_rails to factory_bot_rails ). All the same functionality of factory_girl, now under a different name. Initial Rollout After the rename of the gem, we rolled out version 4.8.2 of all of factory_girl, factory_girl_rails, facto...

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