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  • Getting Started With Org Mode 16 Jan '17, 12am

    From the March 2016 Boston Emacs Meetup , Harry Schwartz demonstrates some of the nifty features of Org mode: Org mode is an outliner, markup language, task manager, calendar, contact manager, and who-knows-what-else. I use it to write documents and presentations, manage my todo list,...

  • Shell Script Suggestions for Speedy Setups 12 Jan '17, 12am

    We aim to rotate onto new projects every 2-4 months. This gives us the benefit of fresh eyes on each project every so often. Every time we rotate someone new onto a project, they bring new energy and make a positive impact on aspects that the current team have become complacent to. Ge...

  • Elm's universal pattern

    Elm's universal pattern 13 Jan '17, 10pm

    In Elm, there are a lot of data structures that wrap other values. It’s very common to want to combine values inside these wrappers. It turns out that there’s a universal pattern in Elm to do this.

  • Preloading Nested Associations with Ecto 11 Jan '17, 12am

    For the purpose of this article, assume we are building a simple blog app – our users can write blog posts and make comments on them. We’re interested in the associations, or relationships, between the models. A single blog post belongs to a user and has many comments. Any given comme...

  • Lessons Learned: Avoiding Primitives in Elm 10 Jan '17, 12am

    {-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-} module Currency where import Data.Containers (MonoZip, ozipWith) import Data.MonoTraversable (MonoFunctor, Element, omap) newtype Currency = Currency Int deriving (Eq, Ord, Show) type instance Element Currency = Int instance MonoFunctor Currency where oma...

  • Announcing Purple Train

    Announcing Purple Train 09 Jan '17, 12am

    I’ve always wanted to ship an iOS app, and I’m happy to report that this is the year that I’ve finally done it (with help from many of my coworkers, I should say!). That app is Purple Train . The problem Purple Train is an answer to a simple question: when do the next MBTA Commuter Ra...

  • Maya for Beginners 05 Jan '17, 12am

    This guide is for anyone interested in learning to use Maya. I will teach you how to make a simple cactus, and you will get a chance to become more comfortable with Maya and its various features. No prior experience necessary: you just need Maya on your computer. If you are using Maya...

  • New On Upcase: Mastering the Shell

    New On Upcase: Mastering the Shell 06 Jan '17, 12am

    Languages come and go, but a collection of shell scripts you built yourself can be useful forever. What’s more, mastering something like Z shell is one of the quickest ways to speed up your day-to-day work as a programmer. Our newest Upcase course focuses on exactly these high-leverag...

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