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A next generation virtual machine VM for Ruby, uses best VM and dynamic language implementation research and technology of last 30 years; core libraries are ...

Link: rubini.us

  • Introducing Rubinius X

    rubini.us 15 Oct '13, 3pm

    Today, I'm announcing the Rubinius X project. Please read about the details at the website. Here's why I started the project. Ruby is a dying language. Business is over its dalliance with Ruby. No major startup is lauding their use of Ruby and existing businesses are migrating away or...

  • @daddye still not sure what you're asking so let's go with no. Here's some links:

    Bytecode Compiler

    rubini.us 18 Jun '14, 5pm

    This topic has missing or partial documentation. Please help us improve it. See How-To - Write Documentation The Rubinius bytecode compiler converts Ruby source code to bytecode that the virtual machine can execute. It uses a series of sequential stages to transform the input into a f...

  • Guides - Migrating from MRI to

    rubini.us 15 Feb '14, 4am

    Guides - Migrating from MRI to Rubinius This guide will assist you to migrate your Ruby or Ruby on Rails application from MRI (Matz's Ruby Implementation) to Rubinius. This guide assumes that you are familiar with Ruby or Ruby on Rails, RubyGems, and Bundler. It also assumes that you ...

  • Testing Your Project with Rubinius on Travis

    rubini.us 03 Dec '13, 8pm

    Testing Your Project with Rubinius on Travis Brian Shirai 03 December 2013 Travis CI has been a tremendously useful tool for automating testing and has provided Ruby implementations with valuable feedback. However, it can be a trial-and-error process to find the right incantations for...

  • 2.0 Released

    rubini.us 05 Oct '13, 4am

    We are thrilled to announce the release of Rubinius 2.0. There are many exciting things to share. We'll review what Rubinius is, look at what you can expect from this release and future releases, and talk about plans for the future. Many Thanks! Rubinius 2.0 would not be possible with...

    1. Rubinius 2.0 released rubyflow.com 05 Oct '13, 11pm
    2. JRuby 1.7.5 Released jruby.org 07 Oct '13, 4pm
    3. The Once and Future rubini.us 11 Oct '13, 9pm
    4. Double Shot #1218 afreshcup.com 09 Oct '13, 10am
    5. JRuby 1.7.5 Released jruby.org 07 Oct '13, 10pm
    6. Introducing Rubinius X rubini.us 15 Oct '13, 3pm
  • Concurrent garbage collection

    rubini.us 24 Jun '13, 8pm

    Just a few days ago my work on making the Rubinius garbage collector more concurrent has landed in Rubinius master. In this post I'll describe how this work was done and what the ideas behind it and pitfalls encountered are. Hopefully after reading this post, you'll better understand ...

  • The Once and Future

    rubini.us 11 Oct '13, 9pm

    Engine Yard has posted their statement about ending sponsorship for Rubinius, which gives me the opportunity to clearly address the future of Rubinius. First of all, Engine Yard deserves great respect and admiration for their contribution to Rubinius and the entire Ruby community. I h...

    1. 2.0 Released rubini.us 05 Oct '13, 4am
    2. Rubinius X, a different kind of Ruby rubyflow.com 15 Oct '13, 4pm
  • T-Shirts and Stickers

    rubini.us 24 Feb '14, 11pm

    Rubinius T-Shirts and Stickers Shane Becker 29 April 2011 Allow Myself to Introduce Myself Hi. I'm Shane (@veganstraightedge / iamshane.com ). I'll be helping out around here now. I was recently hired by Engine Yard to be their Open Source Cheerleader. (Yes, there will be costumes at ...


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