RubyConf 2013

RubyConf is heading to the beach! Join us in Miami Beach from November 8-10 for RubyConf, the annual celebration of all things Ruby! Rubyists from around ...

Link: rubyconf.org

  • RubyConf | 2015

    rubyconf.org 17 Aug '15, 9pm

    RubyConf 2015 is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language ...

  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 28 Jul '14, 11pm

    Registration Registration includes three days of Ruby-related presentations; coffee, lunch, and an afternoon snack on conference days; and an official RubyConf 2014 t-shirt. SCHEDULE While our final schedule is not yet set, RubyConf days tend to begin around 9am or 10am and end around...

  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 17 Sep '14, 5pm

    Opportunity Scholarship RubyConf 2014 is offering a limited number of full conference registration scholarships. While they are open to anyone who would not normally attend, we specifically encourage students, women, minorities, and other under-represented groups in the technology sec...

  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 17 Nov '14, 5pm

    Harnessing other languages to make Ruby better Brendon McLean What do you do when your Ruby startup takes off and you realise that Ruby might not be best suited for everything? This talk covers our initial attempts to use Ruby as a data analytics platform, and how we ultimately ended ...

    1. Rubyconf2014 rubyconf.org 17 Nov '14, 11pm
  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 09 May '14, 10pm

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  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 16 Jul '14, 11pm

    Call For Proposals It's time for Rubyists to come share their Ruby knowledge with their peers through the RubyConf CFP. If you are interested in submitting a talk, please click 'Go For It'. There you will find details on how to submit a proposal, what we're looking for, and all you'll...

  • Rubyconf2014

    rubyconf.org 17 Nov '14, 11pm

    If you are working on a serious project, you want it to scale. The thing about scale is, you only focus on it once you really need it. I’m the CTO of an soccer social network based in Brazil. To put it mildly, soccer is big in my country. This summer, we focused our marketing on the W...

  • @BilalBudhani Ahh! Well, there are hotel costs that we've negotiated with local hotels at


    rubyconf.org 13 Jun '14, 7pm

    VENUE This year's RubyConf will be at the world-famous San Diego Convention Center , which is nestled between the city's vibrant Gaslamp Quarter and the gorgeous San Diego Bay marinas. We'll be primarily located on the second floor, in Ballroom 20 and Rooms 22-25. The easiest way to f...


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