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  • Module: PageObject::Accessors — Documentation for page-object (1.1.1)

    rubydoc.info 04 Feb '16, 9am

    adds five methods to help interact with a radio button group - a method to select a radio button in the group by given value/text, a method to return the values of all radio buttons in the group, a method to return if a radio button in the group is selected (will return the text of th...

  • Method: RGeo::Feature::Geometry#within? — Documentation for rgeo (0.5.2)

    rubydoc.info 04 Feb '16, 6pm

    Returns true if this geometric object is “spatially within” another_geometry. Notes Returns a boolean value. Note that this is different from the SFS specification, which stipulates an integer return value. Although implementations are free to attempt to handle another_geometry values...

  • File: README — Documentation for xcake (0.1.6)

    rubydoc.info 07 Dec '15, 9pm

    Isn't this just like liftoff or crafter? No these tools are for scafolding a whole project structure to get you started (Creating folder structure, git repo etc.). However xcake is not for this, xcake is just for generating a xcodeproject.

  • File: README — Documentation for angularjs-rails (1.4.3)

    rubydoc.info 26 Aug '15, 8am

    angularjs-rails wraps the Angular.js library for use in Rails 3.1 and above. Assets will minify automatically during production. Usage Add the following to your Gemfile: gem ' angularjs-rails ' Add the following directive to your JavaScript manifest file (application.js): //= require ...

  • File: README — Documentation for infused/dbf (master)

    rubydoc.info 11 Oct '15, 6am

    dBase supports encoding non-english characters in different formats. Unfortunately, the format used is not always set, so you may have to specify it manually. For example, you have a DBF file from Russia and you are getting bad data. Try using the 'Russion OEM' encoding:

  • “File: README — Documentation for twitter (5.14.0)”

    File: README — Documentation for twitter (5.15.0)

    rubydoc.info 07 Oct '15, 8am

    varies with the number of people the authenticated user follows on Twitter. This resource returns up to 20 friends per HTTP GET, so if the authenticated user follows 200 people, calling client.friends.take(20) would make 11 HTTP requests in version 4. In version 5, it makes just 1 HTT...

  • Module: ActiveTriples — Documentation for active-triples (0.6.0)

    rubydoc.info 23 Feb '15, 7pm

    , lib/active_triples/term.rb, lib/active_triples/list.rb, lib/active_triples/version.rb, lib/active_triples/resource.rb, lib/active_triples/reflection.rb, lib/active_triples/properties.rb, lib/active_triples/node_config.rb, lib/active_triples/configurable.rb, lib/active_triples/reposi...

  • Method: Kernel#test — Documentation for core (2.2.2)

    rubydoc.info 01 Oct '15, 1am

    Cmd Returns Meaning "A" | Time | Last access time for file1 "b" | boolean | True if file1 is a block device "c" | boolean | True if file1 is a character device "C" | Time | Last change time for file1 "d" | boolean | True if file1 exists and is a directory "e" | boolean | True if file1...


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