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  • mongery 22 Oct '14, 6am

    Convert MongoDB query to Arel for PostgreSQL + JSON

  • smtpapi 18 Oct '14, 7am

    smtpapi 0.0.8 Smtpapi library for SendGrid. install gem install smtpapi Download Documentation Badge Subscribe RSS Authors Wataru Sato 1,633 total downloads 43 for this version Owners Licenses MIT Links Homepage Gemfile gem 'smtpapi', '~> 0.0.8' Versions 0.0.8 October 18, 2014 (8.5 KB...

  • dotenv 03 Oct '14, 8pm

    dotenv 1.0.0 Loads environment variables from `.env`. install gem install dotenv Download Documentation Badge Subscribe RSS Authors Brandon Keepers 2,265,018 total downloads 291 for this version Owners Licenses MIT Links Homepage Gemfile gem 'dotenv', '~> 1.0.0' Versions 1.0.0 October...

  • bootstrap-select-wrapper-rails 11 Oct '14, 5pm

    A wrapper around the bootstrap-select plugin. See:

  • ransack 03 Oct '14, 9am

    Ransack is the successor to the MetaSearch gem. It improves and expands upon MetaSearch's functionality, but does not have a 100%-compatible API.

  • round_robin_tournament 12 Oct '14, 7am

    Round Robin Tournament schedule for competitions or classroom teams

  • fukuzatsu 07 Oct '14, 7pm

    Calculates code complexity as a measure of paths through code execution. CI integration and beautiful output options.

  • viewerjs-rails 03 Oct '14, 7pm

    Viewerjs's images, stylesheets and javascript files packed here to be used with Rails

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