Archives - 20 December 2012, Thursday

  • loaderio 20 Dec '12, 3pm

    loaderio 0.0.2 ruby api client install gem install loaderio Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors Olexander Paladiy 83 total downloads 44 for this version Owners Links Homepage Source Code Gemfile gem "loaderio", "~> 0.0.2" Versions 0.0.2 December 20, 2012 0.0.1 Decem...

  • libv8 19 Dec '12, 3am

    Distributes the V8 JavaScript engine in binary and source forms in order to support fast builds of The Ruby Racer

  • shrimp 17 Dec '12, 5pm

    shrimp 0.0.1 html to pdf with phantomjs install gem install shrimp Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors Manuel Kniep 29 total downloads 29 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "shrimp", "~> 0.0.1" Versions 0.0.1 December 17, 2012 Runtime Dependencies json >= 0 De...

  • rack-health 17 Dec '12, 7am

    Rack::Health is a health check interface for rack applications.

  • better_errors 16 Dec '12, 12pm

    Provides a better error page for Rails and other Rack apps. Includes source code inspection, a live REPL and local/instance variable inspection for all stack frames.

  • fluent-plugin-delay-inspector 14 Dec '12, 4am

    fluent-plugin-delay-inspector 0.0.1 Inspect delay of log, and emit it, or inject it into message itself with specified attribute name install gem install fluent-plugin-delay-inspector Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors TAGOMORI Satoshi 40 total downloads 40 for this version ...

  • sinatra-twitter-bootstrap 11 Dec '12, 8pm

    sinatra-twitter-bootstrap 2.2.2 Twitter Bootstrap Sinatra extension install gem install sinatra-twitter-bootstrap Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors Michal Fojtik 7 total downloads 7 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "sinatra-twitter-bootstrap", "~> 2.2.2" V...

  • goodreads 10 Dec '12, 1am

    goodreads 0.2.1 Simple wrapper for the Goodreads API install gem install goodreads Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors Dan Sosedoff 2,393 total downloads 30 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "goodreads", "~> 0.2.1" Versions 0.2.1 December 10, 2012 0.2.0 Janua...

  • archiver 09 Dec '12, 3pm

    Archiver is a simple gem to rename photos and videos depending on creation date and exif informations to archive directories in subfolders by year. It sorts out duplicate files to

  • hyperspec 04 Dec '12, 5am

    By extending minitest/spec HyperSpec provides a Ruby DSL for testing HTTP APIs from the "outside".

  • omniauth-mixi 03 Dec '12, 5am

    omniauth-mixi 1.0.0 OmniAuth strategy for mixi. install gem install omniauth-mixi Download Documentation Subscribe RSS Authors Yoichiro Tanaka 4 total downloads 4 for this version Owners Licenses N/A Links Homepage Gemfile gem "omniauth-mixi", "~> 1.0.0" Versions 1.0.0 December 3, 201...

  • templater 02 Dec '12, 8pm

    Templater has the ability to both copy files from A to B and also to render templates using ERB. Templater consists of four parts: - Actions (File copying routines, templates generation and directories creation routines). - Generators (set of rules). - Manifolds (generator suites). - ...

  • bundler 30 Nov '12, 8am

    Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, systematically and repeatably

  • kodama 28 Nov '12, 8am

    kodama 0.0.1 ruby-binlog based MySQL replication listener install gem install kodama Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Yusuke Mito 17 total downloads 17 for this version Owners Licenses N/A Links Homepage Gemfile gem "kodama", "~> 0.0.1" Versions 0.0.1 November 28, 2012 Runtime...

  • doubleshot 27 Nov '12, 8pm

    Doubleshot will download dependencies on demand, compile your Java sources and let you spend most of your time in Ruby without having to juggle two different dependency management tools, different build tools and being forced to execute your code through Rake or Maven based tools.

  • randomyoutube 25 Nov '12, 12am

    Grab a random youtube video link from any linux box. Parsable and human readable.

  • kintama 19 Nov '12, 12am

    kintama 0.1.11 It's for writing tests. install gem install kintama Download Documentation Subscribe Authors James Adam 3,178 total downloads 23 for this version Owners Licenses N/A Links Homepage Gemfile gem "kintama", "~> 0.1.11" Versions 0.1.11 November 18, 2012 0.1.10 November 18, ...

  • fluent-plugin-sndacs 17 Nov '12, 4pm

    fluent-plugin-sndacs 0.0.2 Sndacs output plugin for Fluent event collector install gem install fluent-plugin-sndacs Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Sparkle 37 total downloads 35 for this version Owners Licenses N/A Links Homepage Gemfile gem "fluent-plugin-sndacs", "~> 0.0.2"...

  • nokogirl 13 Nov '12, 1pm

    nokogirl 1.0 This rubygem does not have a description or summary. install gem install nokogirl Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Aaron Patterson, Mike Dalessio 3,331 total downloads 3,329 for this version Owners Gemfile gem "nokogirl", "~> 1.0" Versions 1.0 March 3, 2009 Runtim...

  • lograge 13 Nov '12, 10am

    lograge 0.1.0 Tame Rails' multi-line logging into a single line per request install gem install lograge Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Mathias Meyer 24,516 total downloads 25 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "lograge", "~> 0.1.0" Versions 0.1.0 November 13,...

  • ken_all 08 Nov '12, 2pm

    ken_all 0.1.6 Japanese postal code tools. install gem install ken_all Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Yamamoto Kazuhisa 96 total downloads 15 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "ken_all", "~> 0.1.6" Versions 0.1.6 November 8, 2012 0.1.5 November 8, 2012 0.1.4 ...

  • fluent-plugin-ping-message 08 Nov '12, 10am

    fluent-plugin-ping-message 0.0.5 for heartbeat monitoring of Fluentd processes install gem install fluent-plugin-ping-message Download Documentation Subscribe Authors TAGOMORI Satoshi 814 total downloads 167 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "fluent-plugin-ping-messag...

  • fluent-plugin-cassandra-cql 07 Nov '12, 6am

    fluent-plugin-cassandra-cql 0.0.1 Fluent output plugin for Cassandra via CQL version 3.0.0 install gem install fluent-plugin-cassandra-cql Download Documentation Subscribe Authors obie quelland 9 total downloads 9 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "fluent-plugin-cassa...

  • triglav-client 05 Nov '12, 9am

    triglav-client 0.0.1 A Ruby interface to Triglav API. install gem install triglav-client Download Documentation Subscribe Authors Kentaro Kuribayashi 8 total downloads 8 for this version Owners Links Homepage Gemfile gem "triglav-client", "~> 0.0.1" Versions 0.0.1 November 5, 2012 Dev...

  • activeadmin-axlsx 03 Nov '12, 12am

    This gem uses axlsx to provide excel/xlsx downloads for resources in Active Admin. Often, users are happier with excel, so why not give it to them instead of CSV?

  • minitest 02 Nov '12, 11pm

    minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking. "I had a class with Jim Weirich on testing last week and we were allowed to choose our testing frameworks. Kirk Haines and I were paired up and we cracked open the code for a few t...

  • sandy 02 Nov '12, 8pm

    Presents a simple API to consume power outage data for the Greater New York area.

  • jruby-lint 01 Nov '12, 11pm

    This utility presents hints and suggestions to give you an idea of potentially troublesome spots in your code and dependencies that keep your code from running efficiently on JRuby. Most pure Ruby code will run fine, but the two common areas that trip people up are native extensions a...

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  • vagrant-hostmaster 01 Nov '12, 10pm

    vagrant-hostmaster is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and guest VMs.

  • diametric 01 Nov '12, 7pm

    Diametric is a library for building schemas, queries, and transactions for Datomic from Ruby objects. It is also used to map Ruby objects as entities into a Datomic database.