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    80% Smaller Rails Page Size With Rack Deflate

    schneems.com 09 Nov '17, 2pm

    Do you have 5 minutes? Do you want to decrease the “over the wire” size of your Rails app by 80%? Sure you do! I added Rack::Deflate to CodeTriage.com, the best way to get started in Open Source, and went from a page size of 85,523 bytes to 15,568 bytes (over the wire). You can verify...

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  • The Fastest Way to Generate a Heap Dump on Heroku

    schneems.com 01 May '17, 4pm

    You’ve got an app with runaway memory use, what do you do hotshot? What do you do? If you’ve exausted the usual suspects it might be time to take drastic steps. It might be time to take a production heap dump. I previously wrote about doing this on Heroku , but since then we’ve launch...

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  • How I lost 17,000 GitHub Auth Tokens in One Night

    schneems.com 31 Aug '17, 2am

    How on earth does someone accidentally delete 85% of their users’ GitHub tokens? I was suspicious that something might be wrong when I got an email from a service I run called CodeTriage, it’s a free web app to help find open source projects and issues to work on . While I get plenty ...

  • Sending Massive Emails Considered Harmful

    schneems.com 15 Aug '17, 3pm

    It was a quiet day in July when I got a message from SendGrid about a service I run, CodeTriage, which helps people contribute to open source projects , had gone over its limits. Calls to send out emails were all failing. The fix was easy: bump up the limits by going to the Heroku das...

  • How I Reduced my DB Server Load by 80% #ruby #rails

    How I Reduced my DB Server Load by 80%

    schneems.com 19 Jul '17, 12pm

    Database load can be a silent performance killer. I’ve been optimizing the query performance of a web app I run designed to get people involved in open source , but was seeing random spikes of query times to 15 seconds or more. While I had been seeing this behavior for some time, I on...

  • Jumping Off The Ruby Memory Cliff

    schneems.com 12 Apr '17, 2pm

    Jumping Off The Ruby Memory Cliff 12 Apr 2017 The memory use of a healthy app is like the heartbeat of a patient - regular and predictable. You should see a slow steady climb that eventually plateaus, hopefully before you hit the RAM limit on your server: Like a patient suffering from...

  • The Oldest Bug In Ruby - Why Rack::Timeout Might Hose your Server

    schneems.com 21 Feb '17, 4pm

    Most of the time this isn’t too awful. However when it goes bad it goes really bad. For example network connections such as Database connections might not be released properly. This could cause issues in your app or in your database. The exception may have happend in a place that puts...

  • Writing a Rails Feature - Blow by Blow · Schneems

    schneems.com 22 Nov '16, 4pm

    I had an idea for a new feature in Rails that I wanted to build recently but it was such a large change that I couldn’t make myself work on it. I would start, get demoralized and quit constantly, so I decided to try something new. I took notes, yes, but I also noted all my mistakes as...