• 2017 Singapore ICS Cyber Security Conference Call for Papers is Open!

    securityweek.com 01 Feb '17, 3pm

    The Conference Committee is particularly interested in submissions on the following topics: ICS/SCADA cyber incidents in the APAC region, results and observations from ICS/SCADA mitigation measures, results and observations from ICS/SCADA vulnerability assessments, live attack demonst...

  • Keylogger, Bitcoin Stealer Dropped via Fake Bank Transfer Emails

    securityweek.com 30 Jan '17, 5pm

    Discovered by Cyren security researchers, the attack relies on fake bank transfer emails drop a versatile keylogger malware onto their computers. The fake emails supposedly inform the victims that they received a deposit or that they include information pertaining to other types of fi...

  • Hardware Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Informs Users of Breach

    securityweek.com 02 Jan '17, 11am

    In the meantime, the cybercriminal contacted the company and demanded 30 bitcoin. In return, he promised to stop the attack, destroy the data he had stolen, and inform KeepKey of the methods he used in the attack. The company decided not to give in to the extortion attempt and instead...

  • Cybercriminals Target Blockchain in DNS Attack

    securityweek.com 14 Oct '16, 10am

    Fortunately, Blockchain and the compromised registrar acted quickly and the DNS changes propagated only partially across the Web. The company decided to shut down its entire platform to analyze the incident, but the investigation revealed that the cybercriminals had only gained access...

  • Ad Network InMobi Settles FTC Charges Over Location Tracking

    securityweek.com 23 Jun '16, 1pm

    With best intentions to adhere to COPPA requirements, InMobi implemented a process to exclude any publisher’s site or app identified as a COPPA app from interest-based, behavioral advertising. During the investigation by FTC, InMobi discovered that there was a technical error at InMob...

  • Singapore Blocking Internet Access on Government Computers

    securityweek.com 08 Jun '16, 11am

    "We have started to separate Internet access from the work stations of a selected group of public service officers, and will do so for the rest of the public service officers progressively over a one-year period," the IDA said in a written reply to AFP queries.

  • CryptXXX Ransomware Steals Bitcoin, Private Data

    securityweek.com 21 Apr '16, 2am

    After distributing Pony between November 2014 and December 2015, this specific instance of Bedep started dropping an undocumented “private stealer” until last month. The CryptXXX ransomware’s info stealing abilities are similar to those of the private stealer. According to Proofpoint ...

  • Singapore PM Defends Government Internet Blockage

    securityweek.com 10 Jun '16, 11am

    Singapore PM Defends Government Internet Blockage VMware Patches Critical Flaw in NSX, vCNS Products Wendy's Finds More PoS Systems Hit by Malware Stolen LinkedIn Data Used in Personalized Email Attacks Trihedral Patches Flaws in SCADA Software Chrome Flaw Allowed Hackers to Run Malic...