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  • Gene Marks: The Fate of Bitcoin Is In The Hands of Jeff Bezos

    Gene Marks: The Fate of Bitcoins Is In The Hands of Jeff Bezos

    smallbiztrends.com 21 Mar '14, 2pm

    There’s a great deal of talk around the bitcoin virtual currency – both good and bad talk. Gene Marks, a small business expert and writer for outlets like Inc., Forbes, the New York Times and others, recently wrote about the one person he felt could “legitimize” bitcoin into the mains...

  • Bitcoin Exchanges Represent Considerable Risk

    Bitcoin Exchanges Represent Considerable Risk

    smallbiztrends.com 29 Apr '13, 8pm

    Bitcoin exchanges convert the popular digital currency into national currencies based on fluctuating rates. But the exchanges pose potential risk to users, a study finds. A recent paper by researchers at Southern Methodist and Carnegie Mellon universities (PDF) says that 45 percent of...

  • Neat story of Rails Factory's Senthil, a Ruby on Rails pioneer

    Startup Success Story of an Indian College Drop Out

    smallbiztrends.com 23 Jun '13, 5am

    In India, college drop outs are not looked upon favorably. You can try telling the stories of super heroes like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all you want, parents will go, “Um hmm, Um hmm, now go study for your IIT exams.” If you say you want to be an entrepreneur instead, you will get a...