3 days ago ... Competition robot kits, solar-powered robots, electronic components, motors, and information on the field of BEAM Robotics.

  • Loving @solarbotics Ardweeny gives the #Shrimp a run for its money, nearly. A great way to get straight to breadboard.

    Ardweeny 20 Oct '12, 5pm

    We love Arduino. Those Italians know how to design an excellent microcontroller platform and share it with the world. And Mr. Kimio Kosaka's "One-Chip-Arduino " project inspired us to develop the Ardweeny ; the smallest Arduino you can solder yourself with through-hole components! And...

  • Psst...don't tell Dave but the FireFly is still on sale -the sneaky R&D team

    Psst...don't tell Dave but the FireFly is still on sale -the sneaky R&D team 14 Jul '12, 11pm

    Last week we beefed up the Ardweeny with the Multipack , and this week we’re turning out attention to the Arduino. We’ve just released the CMDR (Compact Motor Driver) Shield , which lets you bi-directionally drive two gear motors or a single stepper motor, read 6 analog sensors, and c...

  • LilyPad Arduino Main Board 09 Sep '12, 9pm

    This is LilyPad Arduino, the heart of a wearable electronics system! This main board features a ATmega168V preloaded with the Arduino bootloader, and is ready to connect to a wide variety of wearable, sewable modules! This main board runs from 2V to 5V, making it compatible with a wid...

  • SB-Firefly 02 Jun '12, 4pm

    How often do you get a kit where the battery is included!?!? This super small microcontroller is a ready to go ATtiny85 application board that is a smoothly routed, small form factor, through-hole soldering kit. Don't know how to solder? No worrie's this is a great place to start, we ...

  • @cjibo I liked the BOEbot (never had one) w/ a Basic Stamp. Now, Arduino is cheaper & easier to program @plural @raster

    39100 - Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit « Products « Solarbotics 04 Dec '11, 5pm

    The Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit is required to expand the functionality of your existing Board of Education (Boe)to the equivalent of a Boe-Bot Fill Kit. In other words, if you already have a Boe, then adding this parts kit will give you a full Boe-Bot robot. The kit includes ...

  • Motors & Accessories (Pg. 1 of 20) « Products 11 Feb '12, 11pm

    Besides our regular DC motors, we offer several series of gear motors adapted from the toy industry for use in your project. These gear motors are much better than regular toy-grade motors, and much less expensive than the industrial-grade gear motors that used to be your only other c...

  • Solarbotics » Blog Archive » Ice Cream, ArdJet and (New) Stuff

    Solarbotics » Blog Archive » Ice Cream, ArdJet and (New) Stuff 13 Jan '12, 2am

    Well, it certainly has been a busy week! Particularly for our pals over at SparkFun, who just wrapped up their third annual Free Day . This is quickly becoming a favourite spectator sport around the office, as every year we tune in to watch the available money evaporate and/or their w...

  • Fire Stuff, Light Stuff, New Stuff

    Solarbotics » Blog Archive » Fire Stuff, Light Stuff, New Stuff 07 Jan '12, 1am

    We don’t know about you, but we’re ushering in the New Year with a BANG. That’s the sound our metaphorical sledgehammer of rage made while we beat the snot out of our internal server this week, after it refused to come into 2012 in an operational status. Fortunately, our crack IT squa...

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